Normani fans are disappointed after seeing her in ‘abuser’ Chris Brown’s music video, “WE(Warm Embrace)!

Normani made an appearance in Chris Brown’s latest music video for ‘WE (Warm Embrace)’ and fans are heated for supporting an abuser.

Normani has shown her appearance in Chris Brown's latest music video for 'WE (Warm Embrace)'. Fans of her are disappointed after seeing this.
Normani fans are backlashing after seeing her in Chris Brown's music video source: google

Normani is an American singer and dancer. Normani fans are very disappointed with her appearance in the newly released music video with Chris Brown.

More Details

On June 21, Tuesday, a new music video, ‘WE(Warm Embrace)’ was released by Chris Brown from his upcoming album Breezy. Similarly, in the video, Normani is seen dancing with him. Likewise, Chris is also very thankful to her as he posted a thankful statement in his Instagram stories.

He stated,

 “SPECIAL THANKS TO @normani for being an amazing artist and even greater person. Thanks for believing in me.”

Furthermore, singer, Normani also shared on her Instagram page with the caption thanking Brown,

“Thank you @chrisbrownofficial for trusting me. one for the fucking books. WARM EMBRACE OUT NOW.”

Similarly, in the video, Normani and Chris Brown are sharing a kissing scene in a swimming pool.

Know about people commenting on the video clips

After the clips have spread out public, more than 1 million people are viewing them. Similarly, some of them are commenting positively. However, more people and fans of Normani are so disappointed seeing her with Chris Brown. The reason for this is Chris has got involved in several controversies in the past along with domestic violence.

Likewise, some commentators are commenting about their sizzling chemistry and all that. Also, the fans of Normani are worried about her future and career. Some of the memes and trolls that the fans of Normani have tweeted or shared are below.

About Chris Brown

The hate towards Chris Brown is because of his action. As we know, there is a saying ‘Action to the reaction’. The same happened with him. Chris Brown has been involved in several controversies.


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Similarly, he has had a long list of legal issues over the years. Likewise, in June 2021, someone was blaming Chris for striking a woman. Furthermore, in the year 2009, he was arrested for physically assaulting Rihanna who is now her ex-girlfriend.

Moreover, he was proved guilty and also placed in community service and domestic violence counseling. Likewise, recently this year, according to the sources, Chris Brown was accused of raping and allegedly drugging at a party in Miami. Similarly, this incident was held in December 2020 according to the woman who was being raped.

However, he has not accepted this allegation and also stated on Instagram,

 “Whenever I’m releasing music or projects, ‘THEY’ try to pull some real bulls – – t.” He also added a cap emoji — slang for “lies.”

Moreover, he also posted texts and voice messages related to the incident on his Instagram stories. Also, he claimed that the woman was in a relationship with him after the sexual assault incident too.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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