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Athlete’s Mother

Pamela Bryant
Mother of Kobe Bryant Source: Nbafamily Wiki - Fandom

A well-known American socialite by the name of Pam Bryant, Pamela Bryant is the mother of Kobe Bryant, a famous NBA player. In 2001, she refused to let him marry the girl of his choosing, which caused a major breach between them.

Pam Bryant| Early Life, Family & Education

Pam Bryant, sometimes known as Pamela Cox Bryant, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on March 26, 1954. She was the senior daughter of Mildred Williams and John Arthur Cox II, both of Pennsylvania.

John Arthur Cox III, Pam’s younger brother, was born on December 29, 1955. Later, John III briefly participated in the NBA and was largely recognized as “Chubby Cox.

She is related to American professional basketball player John Arthur Cox IV, Chubby’s son.

Pam, who was born and reared in Pennsylvania, graduated in the early 1970s from Roxborough High School in Philadelphia.

In addition to serving in the military, her father, Arthur Cox II, mostly worked as a firefighter with the Philadelphia Fire Department. Pam, therefore, had a good upbringing because her parents gave her everything she asked for. Mildred, her mother, was a stay-at-home mom.

Pam Bryant
Pamela Bryant mother of Kobe Bryant Source: Daily Mail

A few years after Pam graduated from high school, Joseph Washington Bryant, a professional basketball player, proposed to her. No details about Pam’s higher education are available, including if she attended college.

On September 28, 2001, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, her father John Arthur Cox III, a retired lieutenant, passed away at the age of 68.

Pam Bryant’s Relationship and Marrying Joe Bryant

When Joe Bryant was playing basketball in college for the La Salle Explorers in 1974, Pam Cox and Joe Bryant grew close. Although he and Pam both grew up in Philadelphia, they didn’t get to know one another very well until after they graduated from high school.

But since his home was in a nearby neighborhood and her grandmother had lived there before, he frequently saw her when she came to visit. A little later, they met, but before that, Joe held off on making her the object of his affection.

He had liked her ever since he had first laid eyes on her and had confided in all of his pals that he would one day wed her.

He waited till he made it to the NBA because he had not yet started his professional career at that point. Before Pam and Joe got married in 1975, they had a seven-month relationship.

They have been married for 47 years, and despite this, they are still cohabiting at their home in Las Vegas, Nevada, demonstrating how deeply they are connected.

Pam has always stood behind her husband and even relocated to France and Italy while Joe was working in Europe.

Joe’s Life & Career

Bryant (born on October 19, 1954) loved basketball and participated in it all through high school for John Bartram High School.

Joe played for two collegiate seasons before going on to attend La Salle University in Philadelphia. He led the Explorers in scoring and rebounds, which helped him win multiple awards during his college career.

In 1975, he entered the NBA League with the Golden State Warriors after skipping his final two collegiate seasons. Bryant played in the NBA for almost seven years until 1982, when he left for Europe to play in the Italian and French basketball leagues.

In 1992, he finally decided to end his playing career and moved back to Pennsylvania. He has served as a coach for several professional league clubs and university teams, including the La Salle Explorers, his alma mater.

In 2015, Joe Bryant ended his coaching career. He played for the Japanese BJ League team Rising Zephyr Fukuoka during his retirement.

Kobe and Joe
Kobe Bryant and his Father Joe Bryant(Pam Bryant’s Spouse)
Source: Google

Pam Bryant’s Children

Pam and Joe Bryant had three children together: two daughters and a son. Sharia Daniella Bryant, her eldest child, was born on March 19, 1976. On July 30, 1977, the couple received a gift in the form of their second daughter.

They gave Shaya Bryant as the name of their second child. Kobe Bryant, their last child, was born on August 23, 1978. A year separated the births of each of their children.

Following her graduation from Lower Merion High School, Sharia enrolled at Temple University, where she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business in 1998.

She has two girls and a son with her husband, American businessman Jerrod Washington. In addition to being a mother, Sharia has demonstrated her abilities as a successful businesswoman.

She works as the director of sales and partnerships at SUN50 in addition to co-owning Brandyay with her husband.

Pam Bryant
Pam Bryant Children’s Source: Dreshare(Google)

Shaya Bryant, Pam’s second child, earned a degree in international business. Like her older sister, she excelled in volleyball in addition to her studies.

Michael Tabb is Shaya’s husband, and the couple has two sons and a daughter. She currently resides close to her other family members in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she mostly works as a restaurant dining and event manager.

Though Kobe was the most well-liked and prosperous of all her kids.

Kobe Bryant’s Life & Career

Kobe Bryant, a well-known NBA player, was born to Pam and Joe Bryant in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. When Kobe was six years old, his entire family relocated to Italy after spending some of his early years there.

Young Kobe frequently visited the Italian professional basketball club where his father played to see him in action. While residing in Italy, where football was most popular, he was good at football despite having begun playing basketball at the age of three.

He was still passionate about basketball, though. Arthur Cox II, his maternal grandfather, frequently mailed him NBA game tapes that he enjoyed watching.

When Kobe moved back to the United States in the early 1990s, he joined the Lower Merion High School basketball team and soon gained notoriety as a shooting guard. Without attending college, he immediately entered the NBA draft.

Although the Charlotte Hornets had selected him in the draft, he spent his whole playing career with the Los Angeles Lakers. With five NBA championship rings under his belt in 2016, he retired as a Lakers legend.

He also played in the NBA for 18 years and was twice named MVP of the Finals. He is regarded as one of the best players of all time by basketball fans all over the world because of his accomplishments.

Kobe Bryant
Professional NBA player Source:

Kobe’s Untimely Demise

Pam will always remember January 26, 2020, as the day her son and granddaughter perished in a helicopter accident. For a basketball game, Kobe was traveling to Ventura County, California, by plane.

Around thirteen passengers perished when the chopper plunged into the Calabasas mountains, including Kobe and his daughter. The LA Police reported that because of the gloomy weather, visibility was quite poor.

Nine persons passed away at the scene of the collision right away, and four more passed away while receiving medical attention in a hospital in Los Angeles.

Pam became numb after hearing the news and was unable to leave her house for several days. Their neighbors told the media that his parents were devastated by the information and were unable to face the public.

They did, however, show up for the open memorial ceremony that was conducted on February 24, 2020, in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. Pam was unable to speak at the function and was still in shock.

Pam’s Relationship with Kobe

Pam spoke out against it in 2001 when Kobe introduced Vanessa Cornejo Bryant to his mother and declared his intention to marry her.

She had believed that she wasn’t from their community and that they were too young to get married. But when Natalia, their first grandchild, was born in 2003, Kobe eventually proposed to her, and Pam suddenly softened.

Similar to how Pam enraged her son in 2013, Pam sold his sports collectibles without asking him beforehand.

She had previously received payment in advance from the New Jersey-based Goldin Auction company, but the items ultimately stayed unsold as Kobe filed a lawsuit and had his possessions removed.

kobe and pam
Kobe Bryant and his mother Pamela Bryant Source: Google

Later, Pam and her husband expressed regret for their error. Nevertheless, if the media questioned them about personal things, they frequently talked positively about one another.

But everybody is aware that Pam and Joe skipped their son’s final NBA game in 2016. Additionally, they were absent when the LA Lakers retired his NBA uniform numbers (8 and 24).

Only they can truly know how strong their relationship was at Kobe’s death, but some events have left room for rumors.

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Is Pamela Bryant still alive?

Pamela “Pam” Bryant is still alive, yes. A popular American model and actress who passed away on December 4, 2010, Pamela Jean Bryant, commonly known as Pamela Bryant, is sometimes mistaken for her.

What is the estimated Net Worth of Kobe Bryant?

Pam Bryant’s net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. However, some Internet publications specifically state it to be around $2 million.

Quick Facts

Full Name Pamela Cox Bryant
Known As Pam Bryant
Age 68 years old
Date of Birth March 26, 1954
Birthplace Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Residence Las Vegas, United States
Mother’s Name Mildred Williams Cox
Father’s Name John Arthur Cox II
Siblings John Arthur “Chubby” Cox III
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Husband Joe Bryant
Children Kobe Bryant (son), Sharia and Shaya (daughters)
Education  Roxborough High School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Height  1.73 m (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight 165 lb (75 kg)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Profession Celebrity’s mother
Popular for Kobe’s Mom
Marital Status Married
Ethnicity African American
Social Media Not available
Merch of Kobe Bryant Rookie CardsKobe Bryant’s Muse (Prime video)
Last Update November 2022

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