At a Hamptons event, the Concert host Confuses Paris Jackson for Paris Hilton

At the Hamptons show, the concert host proclaimed ‘Paris Hilton’ instead of Paris Jackson.

Paris Jackson
Paris Jackson Source: Google

With her debut concert tour in the Hamptons, Paris Jackson is taking her rockstar journey to new heights.

The Habit star, who is carrying on her father Michael Jackson’s musical legacy worldwide, performed this weekend at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett.

This weekend at Stephen Talkhouse in Amagansett, it was a tale of two Pharisees. On Monday night, local Hampton artist Atlas opened for a private Paris Jackson event.

But made a blunder when introducing Michael Jackson’s daughter to the stage, erroneously introducing her as “Paris Hilton.”

Tongue-tied Atlas apologized profusely, then proceeded to make every explanation in the book for why she made the blunder.

“I’ve been gigging all week,” she said to applause from the appreciative audience. “I’m a very exhausted lady.” In addition, I am the mother of three children. Please accept my apologies. COVID was three weeks ago! “I’m exhausted!”

Despite having a neck injury after recently dancing too hard at a concert as a fan, Jackson — who played the Hamptons show as part of a celebration for Eva Longoria’s tequila Casa Del Sol — handled it in stride, playing her folksy rock set of original tracks.

Paris Jackson got mixed up with Paris Hilton at a Hampton’s function.

“I got myself whiplash head pounding,” she explained. “So I’m not particularly mobile tonight.” If you have the opportunity to see Cheap Trick, take advantage of it. I did it, I whipped off my top, and it was a lot of fun.”

“I’m in a lot of pain right now, but I’m glad to be here,” Jackson subsequently said. Jackson’s album “Wilted” was released in 2020.

Longoria’s tequila hosted a plethora of parties and activities over the weekend, and the concert was only one of them.

The high-end label hosted a sumptuous gala at a $25 million Amagansett mansion where it will throw parties and events throughout the summer, attracting the Hamptons elite and Manhattan influencers to chill out poolside and on beach cabanas.


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Similarly, Longoria also visited local hotspots to spread the new mood, including a stop at Montauk Beach House to inaugurate a Casa Del Sol VIP club. She also went to Bounce Beach, where she mixed cocktails with Victor Cruz, a former Giants player.

Longoria was also seen eating dinner with her team at Mobies. She also praised her partners and leadership team, which included CEO Steph Sebbag and president Colbi Corbett, at a special dinner at Surf Lodge.

She’d been to Jayma Cardoso’s hotspot earlier in the day and interacted with guests like Sailor Brinkley Cook and Kit Keenan.

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Written by Jeni Watson

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