Patti Labelle received the bomb scare due to which she was rushed off from the concert in Milwaukee Saturday night!

Patti LaBelle was rushed away by three men all in black from the mid-concert as someone gave her bomb threats!

Patti LaBelle recieved the bomb threat while her concert was going on!
Patti LaBelle recieved the bomb threat while her concert was going on! source-google

Patti LaBelle was rushed off stage at her concert in Milwaukee Saturday night amid a bomb scare.

Patti LaBelle was escorted by men all in the black when she received a death threat! After the news, the social media platform went on fire about what might have happened during the show. Patti was crying while the men in black pushed her mic and rushed with her while she was interacting with her fans.

First, the men enter the stage and whisper to Patti something in her ear. Then she panics and runs away from the stage. They forced her to drop the bouquet she was carrying in her hand. Then she rushed away without any explanation. The other band members also followed her but everyone watching them was looking puzzled about “What is happening!”

Then later organizers confirmed the pause in the concert to the curious audience. They also said that it will get postponed as Patti received a serious and major death threat.

“Tonight’s Patti LaBelle show at the Riverside Theater has been postponed following a bomb threat investigated by the Milwaukee Police Department, “We are thankful for the efforts of the Milwaukee Police Department and our customers and staff for their safe and orderly exit.”Pabst Theater Group said in a statement

After moving the 78-year-old singer from the stage, they also moved the audience from the theatre. The investigation of the case is still going on as per the statement received from the police of Milwaukee.

“All patrons have been safely evacuated,” was written in the statement. “Police are clearing the facility at this time. The investigation is fluid and ongoing.”

This news was all over the internet after the fans were escorted into the street. Several photos and videos from the event were taken over on social media.

“We do not know if we can go back inside to the venue,” the woman filming the video was heard saying.

“It would be up to the Riverside Theater if we can go back inside but now everything’s on halt.”

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Several journalists who attended the show with their families talked about the events after they reached home safely. A journalist named Adrienne Crossley was part of the concert and she tweeted saying that the sudden escort of Ms. Patti made her and her family sad.

“Now that I’m safely at home… A bomb threat at a Patti LaBelle concert, really,” Crossley wrote. “I was having a lovely night with my parents, getting to cross seeing Ms. Patti off my bucket list, and then it all went left. This is just sad.”

Also, a member of the concert Catherine Brunson told that they couldn’t even hear two songs from LaBelle. She mentioned that someone was speaking from the microphone to evacuate the building as there was a bomb threat. She described it as a scary moment.

Moreover, we are still waiting for the representatives to give clear details of what exactly happened on that day. Who gave the threat call? What happened to Ms. Patti after knowing about the bomb scare?  Stay tuned for more updates on this news only on Gossipy!


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