Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow Walker Shares her abortion journey!

Roe v. Wade ruling: Paul Walker’s 23-year-old daughter revealed that she had an abortion in 2020

Paul walkers daughter had an abortion
Paul walkers daughter had an abortion source-google

Paul Walker’s 23-year-old daughter Meadow reveals on Friday that she had an abortion amid Roe v. Wade ruling in 2020.

Paul Walker’s, fast and furious daughter Meadow Walker revealed she had an abortion on Instagram on Friday 24th June. This happened after the US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

She explained that the reason for her abortion is because she thought the world is collapsing during the pandemic.

“I too battled with the choice but in 2020, when the world was collapsing during the pandemic, I sought an abortion,” she wrote.

“Today marks a huge setback in history- a profound injustice to women across the United States. There are countless women who have struggled with making the decision to have an abortion,” she continued.

She further explained that she was lucky enough to have a great doctor who supported her in that process. Meadow is grateful that with their help she is now happy and healthy also. Nowadays women are in no position to seek safe termination. They don’t have any right to their bodies first and that is very heartbreaking for Meadow.

“I was lucky enough to have a great doctor who supported me through the debilitating process- with their help, I am able to be the happy and healthy person I am today. Now, knowing even more women won’t have the opportunity to seek safe termination and choose their bodies first is absolutely heartbreaking,” 

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She said it was a very private and personal experience for every woman and that is the way it should be for every woman. This is the world where females are marginalized constantly and to not get freedom for their own bodies feels like an assault. She further said that banning abortions doesn’t prevent abortions but then it bans safe abortion. Within just a few minutes after posting, fans added a flood of comments supporting her brave action. Some said, “So thoughtful, beautiful, and important. Thank you for sharing your story.“, some added

“I don’t comment too much on her posts but I will say that women have the right to seek an abortion. Whether she didn’t use or forgot to use protection, got sexually assaulted, is a victim of incest, is living in low socioeconomic status, is at risk of dying from childbirth, wants to do more in her life, lacks the experience, responsibility, or support of being a parent, etc. It should be known that self-ownership of one’s body should be one’s number one focus. Lawmakers have no right to be determining how to control a woman’s body.

People criticize women for having an abortion. Making it sound like they’re committing infanticide. No!!! Tell me, which is also worse, having a child being brought into this world with no nurture, no resources, no support, and no future or having the abortion so the child won’t experience any hardships whatsoever? And please be nice, Meadow here is giving her time of providing her own personal opinion and her own personal experience of abortion, let’s take that into consideration. Thank you.”

Termination used to be a legal practice in the USA for 50 years.

This was under consideration that women have every right to make choices for their bodies. However, states in the USA are responsible to create their own laws for abortion. States like Kentucky, Missouri, and Louisiana have already banned abortion.

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