Pete davidson Jokes about Kanye West: “Kanye is like Mrs doubtfire….”

He addressed the Kanye West questions

Pete Davidson, Kanye west

Pete Davidson pulled a joke on Kanye West- who is the ex of his partner—the famous reality star Kim Kardashian

During the newly released Netflix original content, from his standup set at the “Netflix is a joke“, which was held in Los Angeles, California on Friday 29th April Davidson commented:

Does anybody else secretly hope that Kanye pulls, like, a Mrs Doubtfire?” said the SNL cast member. “I come home one day and he’s like ‘what’s up fam?

Pete Davidson had quite a messy yet successful year, he has returned to the stage for stand-up as a part of Netflix’s comedy festival.

Davidson’s drama has been highly spread so the audience pretty much knew where this was headed.

Davidson about Kanye starting the rumor that he has AIDS,

 It was an outdated joke…though AIDS is still very much a thing

“You know what’s funny about that? That’s such a 90s thing to like [say]…John Mulaney called me and was like ‘AIDS? You should start a rumor that he has polio!”” 

Polio was eradicated in the US due to vaccines. In 1950 the joke could have been quite controversial!!

In the basis of the film released in 1993, the plot in which Robin Williams’ character dresses up as an elderly British woman in order to convince his ex-wife, played by Sally Field, to hire him as a nanny.

John Mulaney knew the perfect way to spread rumors about Kanye west!!-spread another one

Pete Davidson, John Mulaney, Kanye West source: mycelebrityandy

Davidson didn’t mention girlfriend Kim Kardashian though but he made a quick joke about Kanye pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire and posing as a nanny in order to see his kids.

Davidson also told some jokes about his fellow friends who still work with Kanye, like rapper Jack Harlow.

The comedian didn’t mind that Jack worked with Kanye on his new album, but he joked that he would mind if comedian Bill Burr worked with Kanye.

“It would hurt my feelings if I saw like, Bill Burr at Sunday service. I’d be like ‘What the f*ck Bill?’ He’d be like ‘Find God, Petey!’”

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He was seen poking fun at the divorce of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian

Pete Davison
Pete Davison source: thirstyfornews

You can check out the preview of his Netflix series “Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival”


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