Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the Commonwealth Games in a vintage Aston Martin! The car runs through ethanol!!

Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla arrived at the opening of the event in vintage car which runs from wine and cheese products!

Prince Charles
Prince Charles attended the event in his vintage car source: Page Six

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall attended the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in their vintage Aston Martin. The vintage car runs on bioethanol sources from wine and cheese by-products.

Prince Charles shows his appearance in a different style with Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla. They show their appearances in the opening ceremony for the Commonwealth Games on Thursday evening. Prince Charles drives his vintage Aston Martin which needs wine whey and cheese products to run.

Similarly, the Prince of Wales bought the car in the year 1970. However, he later converted the car to run on biofuels. The vehicles that run using ethanol created from cheese-making whey and wine unfit for human consumption. Prince Charles always takes a stand for pollution-free events. Likewise, he changes his car to reduce pollution and be eco-friendly. He also stated,

 “We are faced at this moment with the horrific effects of pollution in all its cancerous forms.”

Prince Charles
Prince Charles in his vintage car
source: Page Six

Though at first, the engineers were sure that the car won’t work. But later they were wrong as it works more nicely than before. Talking about this, Prince Charles said in the year 2018,

“At first, the engineers weren’t convinced that the conversion would work, but I insisted that it would. When the conversion was done, they had to admit that the car now performs better than ever.”

Additionally, The Aston Martin DB6 car was also driven by Charle’s son Prince William at his wedding. He drove the car with his bride Kate Middleton in the year 2011. Further, the car is decorated with balloons and ribbons with “JUST WED” as the number plate.

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On the other hand, the Commonwealth Games bring together the countries of the Commonwealth for a multi-sport contest. The main theme of the opening ceremony is to see the local pop band Duran Duran’s performance.

Moreover, on the same day, he reads the message from his mother Queen Elizabeth. According to the statement,

“Over the years, the coming together of so many for the ‘Friendly Games’ has created memorable shared experiences, established long-standing relationships, and even created some friendly rivalries! But above all they remind us of our connection with one another, wherever we may be in the world, as part of the Commonwealth family of nations.” 

Though the competition lasts for August 8 and Prince William and Kate Middleton also attended the day of the competition.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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