Randy Fenoli is finally engaged with Mete Kobal! Check out this article to know more about the ceremony in detail!

Say yes to the dress, star Randy Fenoli got engaged to Mete Kobal after a year of dating!

Say yes to the dress, star Randy Fenoli is engaged to Mete Kobal!
Say yes to the dress, star Randy Fenoli is engaged to Mete Kobal! source-google

Randy Fenoli, “Say yes to the dress” fame got engaged to his year-old love Mete Kobal in New York on Saturday!

Randy Fenoli is finally with his one and only! The star popped out the big question to his fiance Mete Kobal in New York City this Saturday! The couple dated for a year before getting engaged. The love story begins when they connect when Mete was just working as a restaurant and bar manager at Marmara Park Avenue. To the time Fenoli recalls meeting 38 years old Kobal for the first time.

“We talked for four hours straight the first night we met,” Fenoli remembered. “Mete said to me, ‘Everything is going to go, your looks, your hair, and the only thing that matters is the soul. I’m looking for a good person with a great soul.’ I was hooked!”

Fenoli also adds that he is so much in love with his fiance and every day gets very amazing. He says it is easy to be with him in the relationship. Moreover, He believes the relationship he has is amazing and has never experienced it before.


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Meet Fenoli’s fiance Kobal!

A mechanical engineer, who comes originally from Turkey. He moved to US 13 years back and is now officially a US citizen only. Fenoli also opened up that they are looking for a perfect destination for the wedding that can be feasible for the family of Kobal. He was planning about going on a cruise that go to Greece and Italy.

“I’m thinking that might be something where we might do a little ceremony in maybe Italy or on the ship or something and then we’ll get to Istanbul. We can disembark and do a reception for all of his friends over there and his family.”

Also from the conversation, we got to know that the couple is the complete opposite of each other.

“He is very unemotional, I’ve never seen him cry. That’s not his wheelhouse. But deep down inside, he is just a soft-hearted romantic and just such a sweet person.”

Randy Fenoli is finally engaged with Mete Kobal!
Randy Fenoli is finally engaged with Mete Kobal!

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Moreover, after listening to everything it was like they were meant to be together. They crossed paths with each other very often. Fenoli was shooting for “Say yes to the dress” and Kobal worked at the same location.
“He had been there for about a little over three and a half years. I had seen him at the bar, but he never really interacted with the guests too much. He has a wall there,” he says. “And one night we just broke through that barrier, and we’ve been together ever since.”
The star also talked about Kobal being a foodie and his love for Italian dishes. Also about siblings, Kobal has two older sisters and a brother. Fenoli is on cloud nine after the engagement but he was almost in the verse to give up on love before Kobal

“I’m the king of bridal. I’ve been doing this bridal for 30 years and designing and doing Say Yes to The Dress,” he told. “And I honestly just never thought it was going to happen for me and I was OK with that,” he says.

Fenoli continued saying that he was in a shocked state. He had everything but still felt incomplete. He had a career, home, dog, and mother but he worried about being single for the rest of his life. Then he met his love Mete.

We congratulate both eh couple on their new life! Keep watching Gossipy for more updates on the news!



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