Raquel Leviss talks about her current status with Tom Sandoval after affair. She needs time to heal!!

“I and Sandoval are not putting a label on our status,” stated Raquel Leviss when asked about her relationship with Tom

Raquel Leviss
Raquel Leviss reveals they are giving each other a break and time source: Page Six

Raquel Leviss speaks about the recent controversy between her and Tom Sandoval’s affair. She revealed that they are taking a break for now.

Raquel Leviss finally opened her mouth regarding cheating scandals. We already know about her and the “Vanderpump Rules” star, Tom Sandoval affair. Tom’s ex-girlfriend, Ariana Madix found out about her husband via his phone calls and video.

Well, after this Arianaa and Tom separated and are out of contact as per the sources. On Wednesday, Raquel Leviss was spotted sitting outside Blush Nail Bar in Los Angeles without makeup. Similarly, she was wearing a black hoodie and black pants as seen in the video footage.


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Likewise, when the paparazzi asked her about her current relationship with Sandoval, she replied they are taking some time and giving each other a break. Because of this hectic situation, they don’t want to ruin their mental health. We do not know what the future holds so Leviss is also not sure what her future with Tom holds. However, Raquel stated,

“I don’t know where our relationship is going to be. We’re just kind of trying to get through these next few steps and trying to, you know, make amends, hear everybody out.”


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The Season 10 reunion will be held on Thursday in Los Angeles where all cast members are meeting face-to-face. So, Raquel also hopes to talk with everyone and form a good relationship with them after all this. Se obviously regrets her decision to be with Tom and hurt Ariana Madix’s sentiments. Also, she said,

“I know a lot of people are angry, so I think just getting through these next few steps and seeing where it goes. I and Sandoval are not putting a label on our status.”

When Pas asked how their relationship begin, Leviss replied it just started with friendship. Before taking their relationship forward they were good friends and later turned into something more.

However, she also joked they will tell in detail at the reunion. On the other hand, the sources also claimed that Raquel Leviss was ghosting Tom Sandoval after the news came. She was ignoring him and was contactless with Tom Sandoval for many days. According to the sources,

“Tom has been unable to track Raquel down for several days. He’s been asking mutual acquaintances if they’ve heard from her at all but has had no luck. He can’t get in touch with her. She has been completely ignoring Tom.” 

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Wanna Know More?

Raquel Leviss and Tom Sandoval both apologized to Ariana Madix for their deeds. Tom on the one hand was sorry and said he regret his decision. On the other hand, Raquel also said sorry to Madix and was not proud of her actions.

Tom posted on Instagram with an apology to his followers and his ex-girlfriend with whom he was together for nine years. Moreover, Leviss stated,

“There is no excuse, I am not a victim and I must own my actions and I deeply regret hurting Ariana. I am reflecting on my choices, speaking to a counselor and I am learning things about myself such as my patterns of codependency and addiction to being and feeling loved”

Also, she added,

“I have sought emotional validation through intimate connections that are not healthy without regard for my own well-being, sometimes negatively affecting others and often prioritizing the intimate connection over my friendships.”

Ariana Madix also talked about this on March 16 and said she is devastated and broken knowing Tom would cheat on her. She has been blessed getting all the love and support from her followers but she also felt the real pain. Madix wrote,

“I want to express my most sincere gratitude for the outpouring of love and support I have received from friends, family, and people I’ve never even met in the last two weeks. When I have felt like I couldn’t even stand, you all have given me the strength to continue and seen me through my darkest hours”


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Ariana continued,

“To say I have been devastated and broken is an understatement. However, I know that I am not in this alone,” wrote Madix, who dated Sandoval for almost a decade. So many of my closest friends are also grieving this loss right now and reeling from this betrayal on so many levels.”

Madix concluded her statement

“I am so f–king lucky to have the best support system in the world and I hope I can repay every single person for the love you have shown me. What doesn’t kill me better run”

Raquel Leviss told she will be taking a break and focusing on her health and well-being. She concluded her statement by promising she will prioritize her mental health and learn from her mistakes.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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