Razor Ramon

Popular American Former Wrestler and Athlete

Razor Ramon
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Scott Hall as Razor Ramon is a popular American former wrestler who professionally wrestled in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and WCW (World Wrestling Championship). He is well-known in the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Fame in 2014, and again in 2019 as a founding member of the wrestling stable New World Order (NWO).

Early Life, Family, and Education

He was born on 20th October 1958 in St. Mary’s County, Maryland, United States. Razor Ramon holds American nationality and belongs to a Caucasian white ethnic background and his horoscope is Libra.

The name and professions of Razor’s parents and siblings are still known. Additionally, he grew up in an armed forces family and lived abroad for most of his childhood.

As for education, he attended his High School at ‘All American High’ school in Munich, Germany. Later on, he completed his graduation with a pre-medical degree from ‘St. Mary’s College’ in Maryland.

Although, he had become interested in wrestling and he left college.

Career and Profession

Moving towards her career, Razor Ramon began his professional career as a wrestler.

Early Career

Initially, he debuted as a professional wrestler in South Carolina in 1984. After that, Razor Ramon competed in CWF (Championship Wrestling Florida) for NWA (National Wrestling Alliance).

He was noticed by AWA (American Wrestling Association), who signed him up for their league in 1985. Similarly, he wrestled in NJPW (New Japan Pro-Wrestling) league in 1987.

Later on, he left AWA to join NWA, just a year before AWA became defunct in 1989. He appeared in a vignette and a house show to develop young talent in June 1989. Razor made his first television debut for WCW.

He tried out for a WWF Wrestling Challenge but was not successful in the attempt in 1990. After that, he signed up with NJPW again. He also participated under the moniker ‘Texas Scott’ in CWA’s ‘Catch Cup 90’ league in Germany.

Similarly, he became part of the WCW’s Puerto Rico promotion. Although, he returned to WCW under the nickname ‘The Diamond Studd.’

Professional Career

He was signed on by WWF in 1992. Razor started wrestling under the moniker ‘Razor Ramon’, styled as a flashy Cuban gangster from Miami.

After that, he joined WCW and co-founded the famous ‘New World Order’ group in 1996. Scott was suspended from WCW in October of 2000, allegedly due to drunken behavior on a German tour.


Meanwhile, he had to take a break from wrestling due to a neck injury in 2000. Later on, he made a comeback in Japan by joining NJPW in 2001.

After recovering from a neck injury, he also participated in a few matches in Alabama and Florida.

More About His Career

Meanwhile, Razor signed up with WWF under the condition of re-establishing the ‘New World Order with his friends Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash in 2002. He also participated in a TNA event that year, which was the promotion’s first pay-per-view show.

Razor Ramon and his friend, Kevin Nash made a comeback at TNA in 2004. Scott Hall resurrected his ‘Razor Ramon persona by returning to WCW in 2007. He also appeared in JCW (Juggalo Championship Wrestling) in the same year.

He made an appearance at Continental Championship Wrestling in May 2010. Meanwhile, he left the promotion due to his personal and legal issues after sporadically working with TNA for about eight years.

Additionally, he continued making appearances on the independent circuit for promotions like ’Vintage Pro Wrestling’, ‘I Believe in Wrestling, etc from 2011 to 2012.

After that, he joined GFW (Global Force Wrestling) for a very short duration in 2015. He also appeared in a WWE event, Raw in 2015. Furthermore, he competed in the televised events of the ‘World Association of Wrestling in England in 2016.

Moreover, he returned to WWE for a RAW Reunion event in 2018.

Health Issues

Meanwhile, Razor Ramon was taken to the hospital in 2010 for double pneumonia. Subsequently, a defibrillator and a pacemaker had to be implanted in his chest.

Although, he began facing seizures and had to be diagnosed with epilepsy. Ramon had to take 11 different medicines in a day to treat both health issues.

Legal Issues

Consequently, he was arrested outside a hotel in Louisiana due to Ramon molesting a 56-year-old woman. After that, he was again arrested for attacking a comedian, Jimmy Graham, in a roasting show in October 2008.

Likewise, Hall was arrested and charged with misconduct with a police officer. Although, he was drunk and shouting at a bar and resisted a police officer during interrogation.

Allegedly, he had choked his girlfriend Lisa Howell after he was drunk on 6th April 2012. Consequently, Ramon Razor was arrested for the charge.

He also received second-degree murder charges in 1983. Allegedly, Razor had shot a man with his gun in a fight outside a nightclub in Orlando.

Meanwhile, the charges were dismissed as there was no evidence, and he claimed it was no more than self-defense.

Cause of Death

Razor Ramon passed away on 14th March 2022. He dies at the age of 63 in Marietta, Georgia, the USA. His cause of death is due to a blood clot that was discovered after Razor had undergone hip replacement surgery.

Razor Ramon
The memory of Razor Ramon -source-The Gossips World

Meanwhile, he underwent hip replacement surgery, a blood clot was dislodged, resulting in him suffering three heart attacks on 12th March. After that, he was put on life support in Wellstar Kennestone Hospital.

Sadly, he was taken off life support on 14th March and WWE announced his death later during that day’s Raw episode with a tribute video.

Awards and Achievements

Scott Hall won his first ‘WWE Intercontinental Championship’ in October 1993.

He became the first-ever WWE wrestler to become a four-time ‘WWE Intercontinental Champion from 1993 to 1996.

He earned the ‘WCW World War 3’ championship title in 1997.

In 2014, as ‘Razor Ramon’, he became into the ‘WWE Hall of Fame.

In 2020, he was listed in the ‘WWE Hall of Fame as part of the ‘New World Order group.

He became a former winner of the ‘WCW Television Championship’ and also won the ‘WCW United States Heavyweight Championship twice.

Furthermore, he won the ‘World Tag Team Championship’ nine times, once each with AWA and TNA and seven times with WCW.

Rumors and Controversy

Discussing his rumors and controversies, the professional wrestler hasn’t been surrounded by any huge controversies or scandals. Although, he was arrested a third time.

Firstly, he was arrested outside a hotel in Louisiana due to Ramon molesting a 56-year-old woman. Secondly, he was again arrested for attacking a comedian, Jimmy Graham, in a roasting show in October 2008.

Thirdly, Razor was arrested and charged with misconduct with a police officer.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors that he had an affair with Lisa Howell in 2012 according to the reports.

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Relationship Status| Married Life

Moving towards his love life, Razor Ramon was a married man. He was wedded to Dana Lee Burgio on 4th February 1990.

Razor Ramon and Dana Lee Burgio
Razor Ramon with his

The love birds are blessed with two children; a son namely Cody Taylor Hall (born 31st May 1991), and a daughter named Cassidy Hall (born 27th March 1995).

Their son, Cody Taylor is a professional wrestler. Unfortunately, the couple got divorced in May 1998 owing to his excessive drug usage.

Meanwhile, they again got remarried on 27th March 1999, but later, they were divorced for the second time in September 2001.

Later on, he married Jessica Hart on 19th May 2006. Their relationship could not last long and they separated from each other in 2007. Ramon is a single man in his early sixties as of now.

Net Worth and Salary

Razor Ramon was a renowned professional wrestler who had won many championships in his career timeline starting from the year 1984.

His net worth is estimated to have $3 Million and his annual salary was around $1 Million. Additionally, he makes his fortune from his career as a formal wrestler though he is now semi-retired.

Meanwhile, he lived in his 6,000-square-foot luxury villa located in San Francisco before his demise. Likewise, he bought this villa for a price of $10 Million. Furthermore, he was living a lavish lifestyle before his death.

Body Measurement | Height, Weight

Discussing his body measurements, Razor Ramon is a famous American former wrestler with an athletic body posture in his lifetime.

At that time, he stood with a tall height of 6 feet 7 inches (201 cm), and his body weight was 130 kg (287 lbs.)

Furthermore, Razor Ramon had a beautiful pair of green eyes with black and grey hair. Whereas, his shoe size is 15.

Social Media Presence

Regarding his social media platforms, Razor Ramon is no more in the world so he is not available on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Meanwhile, he has many accounts on social media all of the accounts are run by many of his fan followers.

Razor Ramon | FAQs

What is the height of Razor Ramon?

Razor Ramon stands 6 feet 7 inches (201cm).

How rich is Razor Ramon?

He is a famous American former wrestler and has a net worth of $3 million.

What nationality is Scott Hall?

Hall holds American nationality.

What is Razor Ramon’s real name?

His real name is Scott Hall.

What happened to Razor Ramon?

Razor Ramon passed away due to complications from hip replacement surgery.

What did Razor Ramon say?

He said good night to the Bad Guy.

How old is wrestler Scott Hall?

Hall is 63 years old (1958-2022) as of now.

Why is Scott Hall in the hospital?

Meanwhile, Hall is on life support after complications from hip replacement surgery.

Quick Facts about Razor:

  • Full Name: Razor Ramon
  • Real Name: Scott Hall
  • Birth Date: 20th October 1958
  • Death Date: 14th March 2022
  • Birth Place: St. Mary’s County, Maryland, United States
  • Country: USA
  • Gender: Male
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Former Spouse: Dana Lee Burgio and Jessica Hart
  • Net Worth: $3 million
  • Nationality: American
  • Horoscope: Libra
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Black and Grey
  • Height: 6 feet 7 inches



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