Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty didn’t know his daughter is pregnant until the Super Bowl 2023. Is he expecting a baby girl?

“Oh my God! My baby girl looks pregnant,” says Ronald Fenty when he first saw Rihanna’s baby bump.

Rihanna's dad
Rihanna's dad was unknown about her baby no.2 source: 22 Words

Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty knows his daughter is pregnant with another child in the Super Bowl LVII performance with the rest of the people. All were shocked seeing Rihanna’s baby bump while she was performing.

Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty got tickets to the big game because of his daughter, Rihanna. He talked to the sources on Friday about his daughter’s baby bump. He stated he was unknown of Rihanna’s baby no.2 with her partner, ASAP Rocky. Similarly, he was not the only one who was unknown of this news.

All the audience, Rihanna’s fans, and followers didn’t know about her baby bump till her Super Bowl LVII performance in grand way. As people were more shocked cause she didn’t reveal anything publicly until the performance. Rihanna gave birth to her first child in May 2022.

Ronald Fenty on the other hand says he is expecting a granddaughter cause he is the grandfather of two sons already. Rihanna performed her hit songs which went so smoothly and people loved her performance. She wore a red jumpsuit during the performance. Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty stated,

“Oh my God! My baby girl looks pregnant. When I got the news I was so excited.”

Also, he added,

“I just hope they will have 10 fingers and 10toes. I’m looking for a girl. Already have two grandsons [so I’m] looking for a granddaughter now.”


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Meanwhile, we can see ASAP supporting and cheering his wife from the sidelines. Additionally, Rihanna’s dad also mentioned he likes Rock and believe is a good person in and out. Likewise, on Monday he also stated,

“I met ASAP a few times now, he’s a very cool person. I like him. I think he’s going to be a great dad and I know she’s going to be a great mom.”

Even though Ronald and Rihanna didn’t have a good relationship before, he still supports his daughter a lot. Furthermore, the singer also made allegations against her father for using her name in case of earning fame and money. She said that Fenty was profiting off the reputation of her beauty line and others in his business. Fenty’s eldest daughter also accused him of falsely claiming her the representative to set up a 15-stop, $15 million Latin American tour in the year 2017.

But, Ronald Fenty at the time wasn’t believing his daughter is filing the case against him. When the sources claimed the situation, he asked, “She is? Suing me? Why would she sue me? It’s my name! he’s never going to sue me — I’ll have to fight it!” Though, Rihanna dismissed the case in September 2021.


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More Details

Talking about Rihanna and ASAP relationship, the duo began their relationship in the year 2020. As they were working together on the remix of the singer’s song, “Cockiness (Love It)”.

They decided to take their relationship forward and decided to have their first child. Rihanna gave birth to a baby boy in May 2022. Following this, Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty also shared about his daughter’s wishes to be a mom. He said she loves kids and to expand her family.

Ronald Fenty said,

“She’s so happy. She was always talking about having a child — she was saying, ‘[I want] more than one [kid]’. Maybe more than one’ and then she said, ‘Three. I would like to have three.'”


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Moreover, the Barbadian singer’s role model is her mom, Monica Brathwaite by whom she got the confidence to face every problem in life. In September 2019, she also stated,

“I’m a Black woman. I came from a Black woman, who came from a Black woman, who came from a Black woman and I’m going to give birth to a Black woman. It’s a no-brainer. That’s who I am. It’s the core of who I am in spirit and DNA”

In addition to that, Rihanna said,

“My mother [showed me] how to fight through obstacles in life. I’m sure her mom taught her that and that’s how I will be. We are impeccable, we’re special and the world is going to have to deal with that.”


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However, Fenty and Rihanna’s relationship is not smooth as her relationship with her mom but Ronald always wants her daughter to be on top of the world. He is so happy for her and also her relationship with ASAP. He is excited about her daughter’s future and wants them to announce their marriage officially.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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