Rihanna’s house was surrounded by the cops as one man got arrested for breaking in her home. He wanted to propose her!!

One man travelled from South Carolina to Los Angeles just to propose Rihanna. This seems crazy

Rihanna's house
Rihanna's house was covered by the cops on Thursday source: Page Six

Rihanna’s house was filled with cops on Thursday as one man tried to enter her home to propose to her.  This seems scary and has happened a few times with the singer.

Rihanna’s house was again the center of attraction this time. One unknown fan showed up in Beverly Hills to propose to her and ask her hand for marriage. Similarly, he traveled all the way from South Carolina to Los Angeles to meet Rihanna.

On Thursday, the man was arrested by the cops around 12:30 p.m. for trespassing. Singer Rihanna’s security teams called the police at the time and they arrested that man. Cops put him in a squad car and asked further questions about the incident.

In the picture, we can see the man wearing a red Nike hoodie and black pants. While the cops investigated his intentions, he explained he was there to see Rihanna and propose to her. Though, he didn’t break any laws and was sent back home. The cops warned him not to return again and no case was charged against him.


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Rihanna is still quiet about this incident and it is no still clear whether she was in her home at that time or not. Her fan base is so huge so it is sometimes a scary situation for Rihanna to handle. Rihanna has always been a victim of this type of situation in past years as well.

In the year 2018, a man broke into her house and waited there hiding for 12 hours. This was not easy at all. His name was disclosed publicly and was also charged. His name was Eduardo Leon and he was there for having sex with Rihanna according to him.

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Further Explanation

In addition to that, when Leon was at Rihanna’s house, she was luckily out of town. After 12 hours, security found out about this and called the police at the time. Furthermore, he was charged later with felony counts of stalking, burglary, vandalism, and a misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. The sources also claimed that Eduardo broke into someone else house on May 4, 2018, thinking it was of Rihanna.


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However, he was not sentenced to jail but was sent to five years of probation and entered a mental health program. Not only this but another incident was also held back in the year 2016. One stalker used to send Rihanna videos of her life detailly. After finding this, he was investigated and was found too. He used to pass death threats to her and has also posed a selfie outside her home.

This is not the end as in the year 2013 one man named Jonathan Whooper caused her substantial emotional distress. It also made Rihanna concerned for her safety. Moreover, Jonathan also threw a chair through a glass door in Rohanna’s home. Later in October, he got arrested but Rihanna was so scared.


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Though Thursday’s incident didn’t harm anyone in her family including her, boyfriend A$AP Rocky, and her 1-year-old son. Rihanna has not uttered a word about this matter. As she has a huge fan base, some fans are crazy about the next level for the Barbadian singer.


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Written by Keshaa Perry

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