Rita Ora is confident enough to wear a see-through sheer look at British Fashion Awards

Rita Ora rocks the sheer dress on the red carpet 2022. She flashes her underwear in her see-through look at the Awards.

Rita Ora wears a see-through dress at British Fashion Awards!!
Rita Ora wears a see-through dress at British Fashion Awards!! source-google

Rita Ora risks “Wardrobe Malfunction” on the red carpet in 2022 at the British Fashion Awards!

Rita Ora appears in a shocking dress at the Fashion Awards! She took the red carpet at the event in a sexy red sheer dress on December 5.

Smoking red hot! The transparent gown was designed by Nensi Dojaka. From her dress, we could see her red bra with her matching underwear.

Her look was more intense as she had facial prosthetics like a mermaid theme. She also wore open-toe red heels and a heart-shaped underwire was visible. Everything was see-through from the sheer dress. The 32-year-old also flashes her bare back while walking on the red carpet.

Her tattoo was also visible. The fans of Rita Ora flooded Twitter with their tweets. On the look, people reacted by saying that they loves their look.

However, some of them were really not sure what they should give her as feedback. They were not sure of the look whether they like it or not. Also, some negative comments hit her saying,  “So cheap and vulgar,”.

“Honestly it’s camp in a bad way and a good way,” a third user penned, while another added, “I’m trying to like it I really am.” while another adds “Isn’t it chilly in UK? ?”

Yes definitely, it’s very chilly in the UK but Rita carries her look with so much confidence at the Royal Albert Hall. Even frosty weather couldn’t stop her from wearing such revealing clothes.

Rita latest appeared in the interview with Louis Theroux on December 1. Louis asked her “whether she was “Becky” from Beyonce’s famous Lemonade album”. To this question, she replied by saying,

“I didn’t even think about it, I swear. And it wasn’t a J, it was an R. They flipped it ’round, and then it looked like a J,”

She said this in the reference to the necklace with the initials 2016 she shared on Snapchat. That one necklace was a lighter to the fire about the girl that appeared in the song “Sorry”.


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Moreover, the dress designer Dojaka is very famous for her floss-like designs. She was also nominated for many awards for her unique dressing style such as BFC Foundation Award for “who over the last 12 months has had a major creative impact on global fashion,”.

Also, we can see Florence Pugh, Lily James, and Irina Shayk on the red carpet event. Rita was present with her rumored husband Taika Waititi. She got married in a very intimate ceremony in London in the month of August. However, both the couple has not confirmed being together yet. But Rita is dropping some hints during interviews.

“[I’m] in love, very much in love. I’m in love, I’m in love. Amen! I love love.”

Also to her dress, she mentions that she has her own design on that dress. She was affiliated with the underwear company known as Tezenis and she was just promoting.

This is what I mean, man. A pinch of salt. You’ve got to take things with a pinch of salt. And that’s what’s insane. I had to just sit through that until a good friend of mine, Katy Perry, gave me a hilarious badge that said ‘not Becky’.”

Finally, to carry on any dress, confidence is required and Rita was quite confident. Stay tuned for more exciting news on Gossipy!



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