Roger Staubach

A former professional football player from the United States.

Roger Staubach
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Roger Thomas Staubach is a retired American football player who is also known as “Roger the Dodger,” “Captain America,” and “Captain Comeback.” He played quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys for 11 seasons in the National Football League.

About Roger Staubach |  Family and Education

Roger Staubach was born on February 5, 1942, in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the United States. Robert Joseph and Elizabeth (Smyth) Staubach had only one kid, Staubach.

When it comes to Roger’s education, he began his studies at St. John the Evangelist Catholic School.

He went on to Purcell High School, where he graduated later. Roger enrolled in the New Mexico Military Institute and the United States Naval Academy shortly after.

Similarly, He then earned an engineering degree from the Naval Academy. We weren’t able to locate much information regarding his upbringing or other specifics.

Roger, on the other hand, has had a lifelong passion for football. During his high school studies, he also participated in several matches and tournaments.


Let’s take a look at Roger’s work experience in a different industry.

Career Opportunities in College

Roger the Dodger began playing football during his freshman year at college. He played alongside midshipmen after joining the US Naval Academy in 1961.

Following that, he was given his first opportunity to play against the University of Minnesota in the third round of the period.

Staubach was allowed to play in the popular Army-Navy game a month later, where President John F. Kennedy acted as the coin toss. The army was defeated by Staubach’s team 31-14.


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He guided the Midshipmen to a final ranking of No. 2 in the country during his second year at the university in 1963. Fortunately, Roger’s best year was 1963, as he received numerous accolades.

Staubach completed 292 of 463 passes, 18 touchdowns, and 19 interceptions during his three years at Navy. He also set a school record for total offense with 4,253 yards.

In 1964, as a senior, he injured his left heel in the first game victory over Penn State, missed the next four games, and finished the season with a 3–6–1 record.

Furthermore, In 1981, he was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame. In 2007, ESPN ranked him No. 9 on their “Main 25 Players in College Football History” list.

Military Service in the US

Roger’s color blindness was discovered during his junior year at the Naval Academy.

As a result, he was commissioned into the Supply Corps, where he demonstrated his inability to distinguish between red and green lights.

After graduating from the Naval Academy in June 1965, he decided to volunteer in Vietnam.

He directed 41 enrolled personnel as a Supply Corps official at the Chu Lai base/port from September 1967 to September 1968.

Here, He finished his naval career in the United States, where he played football for various support groups in preparation for a possible career in the NFL.

Roger resigned from his commission later that year to join the Cowboys’ training camp. Similarly, during his final season, the Naval Academy retired his jersey number (#12).

A Professional Life

Staubach was selected as a 10th-round “future” pick by the Dallas Cowboys in the 1964 NFL Draft. Staubach was able to enter the NFL draft one year before his college career ended.

Furthermore, he did not play proficient football until 1969, when he was a 27-year-old rookie, after completing his four-year military service.

Roger was also selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the sixteenth round of the 1964 American Football League Draft.

In 1969, he spent the majority of his yearly military vacation while still in the Navy, attending the Cowboys’ rookie camp.

Staubach later left the navy without missing a beat to join the Cowboys’ teaching program.

Craig Morton started as quarterback for the Cowboys when they won the first NFC championship in 1970.

However, they were defeated in Super Bowl V by the Baltimore Colts, falling by three points on a last-second field goal.

Staubach took over as the starting quarterback during week eight of the 1971 season after a handful of games as a backup to Craig Morton.

He leads the Cowboys to ten consecutive victories, recalling the team’s first Super Bowl victory in January 1972 for Super Bowl VI.


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Moreover, He was awarded the game’s MVP after going for 119 yards and two touchdowns on 12 of 19 passing attempts. He also rushed for 18 yards.

Staubach renegotiated his contract following the successful season, arriving at a three-year deal worth roughly $75,000 per year. He didn’t play in the 1972 season because of a shoulder injury.


He returned in a divisional season finale against the San Francisco 49ers, leading the team to a 30-28 victory in the final 90 seconds of the game with two touchdowns.

Staubach guided the Cowboys to a winning point in the 1977 Super Bowl season. Super Bowl XII triumph over the Denver Broncos, with 183 yards and a touchdown in Dallas.

The Cowboys also fell to the Pittsburgh Steelers by an average of eight points in Super Bowls X and XIII.

Furthermore, Roger’s final game was against the Washington Redskins in 1979, and he led the Dallas Cowboys to victory.

Staubach announced his retirement in 1979 and officially left football in March 1980, following 11 NFL seasons with the Dallas Cowboys with 1,685 completions for 22,700 yards, 153 touchdowns, and 109 interceptions.

His retirement was motivated by his deteriorating health. After twenty concussions during his career, the doctor advised him to take a break.

A career in business

Staubach and his partner, Robert Holloway Jr., started their own real estate company, ‘The Staubach Company,’ in 1977.

Before that, from 1970 to 1977, he worked in the real estate business for the Henry S. mill operating Company during his off-seasons.

McDonald’s, AT&T, K Mart Corporation, and The Hospital Corporation of America have all collaborated with The Staubach Company.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, it also owns 27 separate housing buildings.

Following his retirement from football, he worked for The Staubach Company.

He was the leader and CEO of the company until June 20, 2007, when he announced his resignation. Jones Lang LaSalle paid $613 million for The Staubach Company on July 11th.


Staubach is a moderate Republican who has been mentioned as a possible political candidate and was once asked to lobby for a U.S. Representative position.

At the 1976 Republican National Convention, he received an alone vote in favor of a Vice Presidential nomination.

Jennifer Staubach Gates, Staubach’s daughter, earned a city council seat in Dallas, Texas’ thirteenth district in 2013.

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Relationship Status| Wife and Kids

Roger is married to Marianne Staubach, as previously mentioned. Since high school, they’ve been in a relationship.

The couple had planned to marry on September 4, 1965, after courting for many years.

Couples from Staubach frequently post about their happy moments on social media. We can safely assume that these couples are enjoying the time of their lives together from there.


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Every family considers a child a blessing. There are five children in Roger and Marianne’s family.

One son and four girls Michelle Elizabeth, Stephanie Marie, Amy Lynn, and Jennifer Anne are their daughters, while Jeffrey Roger is their son.

In addition, these couples are blessed with grandchildren. There are 15 grandchildren and one great-grandchild in their family.

Also, check out Roger Staubach’s quotes for more motivational words from this incredible athlete.

Books by Roger Staubach

Roger has amazed everyone with his literary abilities in addition to his football career. He has written and published a few novels.

Each of these works is distinct from the others and offers something unique to the reader. To name a few, there are:

  • Enough Time to Win
  • Selling Techniques That Work
  • 1963: The President’s Team
  • Staubach: It’s a Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity
  • The Complete Illustrated Dallas Cowboys
  • Getting to the Top
  • Roger Staubach

Net Worth | Roger Staubach

He wasn’t always a multi-million dollar league player. His first year as a Cowboy paid him over $25,000 in compensation.

His income grew to $95,000 after a few years when he was in the middle of his career.

This was a significant step forward in terms of satisfaction. Roger didn’t take any chances and gave it his all in every game and practice.

Surprisingly, he was awarded the maximum compensation of $160,000 in the final year of his football career.

Staubach’s net worth is projected to be $650 million due to continued investments.


“A Football Life,” a documentary by Roger Staubach, is a must-see. It chronicles his entire football career.


Playing the most popular sport on the planet has numerous benefits. A substantial number of footballers enjoy being in the spotlight.

At the same time, some people use their money and power to aid others. One such football player is Roger Staubach.

The player’s “Roger Staubach Foundation” is noted for making donations to the Children’s Cancer Fund and the Genesis Women’s Shelter.

Mary, hail!

In 1975, Roger Staubach made the football phrase “Hail Mary” famous. After a playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings, the word gained popularity.

During that postseason, Roger threw the game-winning 50-yard touchdown pass and told reporters,

“I closed my eyes and shouted a Hail Mary,” which means Staubach was pleading with God to help him accomplish the pass.

The term “Hail Mary” now refers to any long touchdown throw attempt that has a slim chance of being completed.

Similarly, the term “Hail Mary” has come to refer to any last-minute attempt to pull off an extremely implausible event in ordinary life.

Achievements and Awards

  • With a pass completion rate of 67.3 percent, he led the NCAA in 1962.
  • United States Naval Academy Thompson Trophy Cup, 1962-1964
  • The Heisman Trophy was first awarded in 1963.
  • In 1963, he won the Maxwell Award, the Chic Harley Award, the UPI Player of the Year, and the Sporting News Player of the Year.
  • 4*Lead NFL passers in 1971, 1973, 1978, and 1979
  • The Bert Bell Award was given in 1971.
  • Pro Bowl selections in 1971, 1975, and 1979
  • 1972 – Super Bowl VI Victory
  • Victory in Super Bowl XII – 1978
  • 1978 NFL Man of the Year
  • 1981 – Inducted into the National Football Hall of Fame
  • 2018 Presidential Medal of Freedom

Body Measurement | Hair, Height, Nationality

Roger Staubach is a well-known name all over the world, but he is also known by several different nicknames. Roger the Dodger, Captain America, and Captain Comeback are their names.

Captain America is currently 79 years old. He stands about 6′ 3′′ tall and weighs 197 lb (89 kg) (1.91 m). In addition, he has blonde hair. Unfortunately, his bodily measurement is still unclear.

Roger is an Aquarius, according to his horoscope. People born under this sign are more self-reliant, clever, unique, and idealistic. Roger is as well.

Staubach is of the Catholic faith and is of American nationality and white ethnicity.

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Social Media

Roger isn’t on any social media platforms. He just uses Instagram. Similarly, he has 6.2k Instagram followers.

Frequently Asked Question:

Is Roger Staubach a member of the Football Hall of Fame?

Staubach retired from the NFL with the greatest professional passer rating in league history in March 1980. He was also honored with a Pro Football Hall of Fame induction in 1985.

What is Staubach’s estimated net worth?

Staubach’s net worth is estimated to be around $650 million based on the continued investment.

Is Roger Staubach a Navy veteran?

Following graduation from the Naval Academy in 1965, Roger decided to join the Navy. He spent four years in the Navy, one of which was spent in Vietnam.

Roger Staubach has won how many Super Bowls?

Roger Staubach has been in four Super Bowls, winning two of them (Super Bowl VI and XII).

What is the approximate value of a Roger Staubach football card?

$15.39-$25.18 for a Roger Staubach football card

What is the Jersey number of Roger Staubach?

Jersery number 12 for Roger Staubach.

What is the value of his playing card?

His card can be worth anything from a dollar to a hundred dollars.

Roger Staubach resides in which city?

Staubach currently resides in Preston Hollow, United States. Roger used to live in Dallas, where he owned a mansion that he eventually sold for $1.1 million in 2013.

Quick Facts | Roger Staubach

Full Name Roger Thomas Staubach
Birth Date February 5, 1942
Birth Place Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
Nick Name Roger the Dodger, Captain Comeback, Captain America
Religion Catholicism
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Education St. John the Evangelist Catholic School
Purcell High School
New Mexico Military Institute
U.S. Naval Academy
Horoscope Aquarius
Father’s Name Robert Joseph
Mother’s Name Elizabeth (Smyth) Staubach
Siblings No
Age 80 years old
Height 6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
Weight 197 lb (89 kg)
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hair color Blonde
Jersey Number 12
Profession Football player, Business
Position Quarterback
Foundation Roger Staubach Foundation
Marital Status Married
Spouse Marianne Staubach
Children 5
Net Worth $650 million
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Last Update May 2022

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