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Ross Mathews and Dr.Wellinthon Garcia Wed in Mexico, Drew Barrymore is the Flower girl!

“It was an out-of-town wedding. I’m overjoyed.” says Ross

Wellington Garcia
Ross Mathews and dr Wellington Garcia Source: Google

On Saturday, Ross Mathews married his fiancée, Dr. Wellinthon Garcia, in an intimate beachside ceremony.

The couple is said to be over the moon and couldn’t be happier. Drew Barrymore was a flower girl for their big day, too!

The groom wore a strapless gown with a dramatic cascading train, while the other groom wore a sleek black tuxedo.

The couple exchanged vows against the backdrop of an epic sunset painting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico — the same place where they first met around two years ago.

Ross Mathews also wore a Robbie and Company tailored tuxedo, and the newlyweds walked down the aisle in front of over 100 guests.

“It was an out-of-town wedding. I’m overjoyed.


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The couple, who live in two cities, struggled to find a suitable location for the ceremony.

“It caused me such anxiety,” says Mathews.

That’s when our girl Drew, came to the rescue and suggested the perfect place for the ceremony.

“Do it where you’re supposed to do it, and the people who should be there will show up. As a result, we chose the location where we first met.”

Drew Barrymore has hired a wedding planner, and her best friend Matthew Morrison has agreed to serve as best man.

The former Glee star will be helping the couple out with their ceremony as he agreed to be their flower girl.

Drew Barrymore told E! News that she’d love to have Cameron Diaz stand beside her at the altar if she ever gets married.

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Drew Barrymore is a Flower girl!

“I was on The Drew Barrymore Show,”  says Mathews in an interview with People. “One day we were doing a story about weddings and she asked me, ‘Are you going to have a flower girl at my wedding?’ And I’m like, ‘Why? You want the gig?'”


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“And she was like, ‘Oh! Are you asking me to be your flower girl?'” he continues. “I was like, ‘Do you want to be?’ She goes, ‘Are you serious?’ I’m like, ‘Are you serious?’ And she’s like, ‘I’m so serious.’ So she’s our flower girl!”

Wellingthon Garcia’s father was the parents’ representative. The guests were given Mario Badescu skincare goods, including a facial SPF, toner, and lip balm.

Garcia’s sister Racquel served as the tribute’s pride, while his brother Eric served as the best man.

Their nephews Andrew and Evan served as ring bearers for the wedding. Michael Russo organized the wedding.


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Judge Barry Mahoney, a longtime friend of Ross and Wellinthon, married them.

The two guys have been together for nearly 30 years and have a deep love that was evident to those who witnessed their beautiful wedding ceremony.

Ross and his fiance are the first LGBTQ+ couple in history to grace the cover of a sophisticated wedding magazine called ” The Knot.” Ross had many friends and family members attend their ceremony, including some famous faces.

They had dinner on bruschetta, fresh fish, salad, beef, and sashimi before their guests got down to the business of dancing throughout the night.

The Vows

The couple wrote their own vows.

He says in an Interview with people “I wrote mine on the train into the city,” Mathews says, “and I just started to cry. It was so overwhelming, thinking about all the things I wanted to say to him.”

“This is the beginning of something amazing.” says Mathews


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We are very happy for the newlywed Couple. Congratulations!

Written by Jeni Watson

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