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Russ is the stage name of Russell James Vitale, an American rapper, singer, and composer. After years of releasing albums, mixtapes, and singles for free online, Russ released his twelfth studio album, There’s Really a Wolf, in May 2017 with Columbia Records; it was certified Platinum in April 2018.

Russ | Early Life, Family, and Education

In Secaucus, New Jersey, on September 26, 1992, Russell Vitale was born. Heterochromia, a disorder that causes the eyes to have a variety of colors, affected Vitale at birth.

The family eventually made Atlanta, Georgia their permanent home after relocating through states including Kentucky, North Carolina, and New York. At the time, Georgian culture which was influenced by country music had a significant impact on 12-year-old Russ.


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Regarding his early education, Russ hasn’t talked much. Atlanta was where he spent his formative years and where he also started his career. He has always had a deep love for music and loves writing songs. The fact that he put out his first song at the age of 18 was really astounding.

Russ | Career

Early Career

Russ started the rap group Diemon in 2011 when he was 19 years old and was really driven to be a musician. His group friends included people like Bugus, Dartlin, Paulo, DJ Adam Golden, Musa, and John Anthony. Do It Everyday Music or Nothing was the group’s moniker. The group’s internal producer, Russ also composed rap lyrics while the other members either rapped, wrote, or did both.

Now that new artists were constantly entering the local hip-hop music industry with trap-influenced sounds, Russ made the decision to approach his music differently.

The majority of places produced mixtape after mixtape, selling them to nightclubs and on the streets. Russ and his team chose a somewhat different method that was more technologically advanced. is the name of the group’s own website.

After that, in September 2017, the group started releasing their music on YouTube and SoundCloud and made it available for free download.


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The group released their debut mixtape in December 2011 under the name “Velvet,” and following this spectacular start, they released other mixtapes one after the other. Rappers from different groups worked together on each other’s tracks, and by the end of 2012, Diemon was a well-known music collective in the area.

With the release of the song “Corleone” on Diemon’s official channel in May 2012, Russ made his rapping debut. Russ had established a devoted fan base prior to the release of the song thanks to the popularity of his mix tapes “Velvet” and “Apollo 13.”

Rise To Career

With his slightly distinct approach to music, Russ was quickly ascending the ladder of success. His main focus remained hip-hop, but he distinguished himself from the competition by incorporating mellow R&B-influenced beats and occasionally, soothing soul music into his tracks. Russ waited a long time before deciding on a label that would have been worthy of his talent.

His most recent mixtape alongside Diemon, titled “How to Rob,” was released in August 2014. Losin Control and What They Want are two tracks that Russ released through Columbia in 2015. Both of the singles reached the Billboard charts, which raised interest in Russ’ upcoming studio album.

The song “What They Want,” which was released in 2015, became his most popular single to date and was given a platinum certification by Music Canada and the Recording Industry Association of America. The RIAA awarded another single, “Pull the Trigger,” a gold certification. The album “There’s Really a Wolf” was released in May 2017 and became popular right away.

The Billboard 200 chart saw its peak at number seven, while various other hip-hop and rap lists also placed it in the top five. Russ released 16 of the album’s 20 singles over the course of the past two years in an effort to raise awareness of his record. The RIAA eventually granted platinum certification to the album after it sold more than a million copies.

Russ| Net Worth

A $12 million net worth is what he presently has.

Real Estate

He resides in Atlanta, where he owns a home.

Russ is a wealthy individual who has a strong passion for automobiles. He adores driving, and he has a lot of exotic automobiles. For example, Russ owns a Mercedes, Range Rover, Chevrolet Camaro GT, and more.

Russ | Body Measurements

  • Height: 165 centimeters, or 5 feet and 5 inches.
  • Weight: 70 kilograms (kg), or 154 pounds.
  • Body Measurements: 38 – 32 – 14 Inches

Russ| Social Media

Instagram: 4M Followers

Twitter: 2.1M Followers

Facebook: 2.74M Followers

YouTube: 5.7M followers


Russ, an American rapper better known by his professional name Russell Vitale, caused controversy when he performed at Riyadh Season and waved a bra around the stage.

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Personal Life and Relationship

Russ is happy to have Italian ancestry in his veins. It was evident in the song’s lyrics and music video when he pretended to be the Italian Don Vito Corleone from the cult classic movie “The Godfather.”


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Russ plays a variety of musical instruments, many of which he trained himself to play, except for the guitar, which his grandfather taught him.

Russ has been keeping his private affairs hidden. However, it is clear from this that the well-known rapper hasn’t dated in a while since he has been too focused on his work.


How much money does Russ have?

Around $12 million is the total value of Russ’s assets.

When was Russ born?

Russ is 30 years old at the moment (26 September 1992).

Who is Russ’s wife’s name?

Russ isn’t dating right now.

Quick Facts

  • Name/Celebrated Name:  Russ
  • Birth Place:  Secaucus, New Jersey, United States
  • Date Of Birth/Birthday: 26 September 1992
  • Age/How Old: 30 years old
  • Height/How Tall:  In Centimeters – 165 cm, In Feet and Inches – 5’5”
  • Weight: In Kilograms – 70 kg, In Pounds – 154 lbs.
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Parents Name:  Father – N/A, Mother – June Diemon
  • Siblings:   Frank Diemon, Gianna Vitale
  • School:  Roswell High School
  • Religion:  Christian
  • Nationality:  American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Libra
  • Gender:  Male
  • Sexual Orientation:  Straight
  • Marital Status:  Single
  • Girlfriend:  Paola Pretti
  • Profession:  Rapper, singer-songwriter
  • Net Worth:  $12 million

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