Ruth Buzzi is “Bedridden” and suffers a “Devastating” series of strokes!!

Ruth Buzzi suffered from several strokes and now she is “Bedridden and disabled”!!

Ruth Buzzi is Bedridden and suffers a Devastating series of strokes!!
Ruth Buzzi is Bedridden and suffers a Devastating series of strokes!! source-google

Ruth Buzzi, the ‘Laugh In’ star suffers from several “Devastating “strokes and now she is “Bedridden and disabled” says her husband Karl Perkins!!

Ruth Buzzi, the comedian is suffering from a severe health crisis!! Karl Perkins, the husband writes a very heartfelt post on Facebook. He shared a picture of Buzzi from her last birthday. Perkins captioned the post by saying to her fans that she is not in pain as all her fans are sending love from various sources and she will find her way out to battle her illness.

“This photo was from nearly a year ago on Ruthie’s birthday,” he writes. “She wants you to know she is not in pain and is aware you are sending your best wishes her way as she battles the results of devastating strokes that have left her bedridden and incapacitated.”

He mentioned that she cannot get out of bed and is unable to do anything on her own. But she can still speak and understand what everyone is trying to say. She recognizes every loved one and her friends as well.

“She can still speak and understand, she still recognizes all her friends and loved ones. I am reading to her your wonderful comments and she smiles.”

It feels really sad to hear all this coming out from a husband. To make her fans feel relieved she also wrote that whenever he reads out the comments of her fans then she smiles. It must be very difficult to see a wife incapable due to illness!!

“I might add that I am living with an attitude of gratitude for 43 years of marriage to my best friend, the greatest person I ever met, the one and only Ruth Buzzi,” he continued. “Her love for others knows no bounds, and she has spent a lifetime making people smile.”

He further said that he is very grateful and living in gratitude that he could spend 43 years with his best friends. Perkins added that she is the greatest person he has ever met and no one can ever love anyone as she does. She has spent all of her life making people happy.

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Moreover, Mr. Karl further added that Buzzi is dealing with this situation very bravely. She has this belief of love in her heart she is very thankful for everyone who loved her. Also, She is thankful for all her fans who have been with her for 6 decades of work. Must say such a kind person Buzzi was, her enlightenment used to reflect in her work as well.

“She is dealing with this situation bravely, and still with humor, believe it or not… and with the love of God in her heart and soul, she thanks you for being her friend. And for the love you’ve shown her continuously for the past six decades or more…”
“Whatever happens, please now you have always been loved right back in return.”


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To this heartful message lot of her fans flooded comments on her post praying and sending love, one fan said, “Thank you Ruth for all the laughs. My family always enjoyed you on LAUGH IN. Sending up healing prayers. God bless you.”
Additionally, another said, “I’ve always loved Ruth. She will always hold a special place in my heart!❤️ sending tons of love, hugs, and prayers to you both. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and in my heart every day! You are truly a special person Ruth!!”

Hence, Old age is something when people require love, support, and care for each other, it is very hard to see the other partner suffering at this age. We definitely feel for Mr.Karl and we hope god provides him the strength to handle this situation gracefully and pray that Buzzi gets well soon!!!


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