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Ryan Garcia
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From January through May of 2021, Ryan Garcia was the WBC interim lightweight champion. According to The Ring magazine, he is the sixth greatest active lightweight in the world as of April 2022. And the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, with ESPN ranking it sixth and BoxRec ranking it ninth.

About Ryan Garcia |  Family and Education

Ryan Garcia grew up in the little California town of Victorville. By nationality, he is an American. Garcia, on the other hand, prefers to identify as a Mexican-American. He wants to be proud of his Latina roots.

Garcia’s father, Henry Garcia, was a professional boxer who retired due to personal issues. Lisa Garcia, Garcia’s mother, is his event administrative consultant.

Unlike most adults, he gets along swimmingly with his father and mother. He didn’t start living alone after starting his professional career. His parents continue to live with him. Garcia has Latin parentage.

He wears a Mexican flag in the ring at all times. Garcia’s admirers may find it perplexing, but it is his method of expressing his thoughts for Mexico.

His sibling’s number four. Garcia is the youngest of four siblings. His girls have settled down nicely, and he intends to provide his brother with a solid boxing background. Sean Garcia, his brother, is a boxer as well.

Ryan’s educational history is unknown at this time. His mother stated that he finished school once.

Garcia’s father trained him since he desired to box since he was a child. As a result, he dedicated himself to becoming a professional boxer. He began to participate in various competitions after some time had passed.

Professional Life and Career

Career as a hobbyist

Garcia is 215–15 in his amateur career. At the 2014 USA Junior National (Under-17) Championships, he took silver.

Garcia won the fight 3:0 over Alejandro Guerrero, Christian Torres, and Logan Yoon (3:0). Devin Haney eventually defeated him (0:3).

In 2015, he reached the quarterfinals of the USA Youth National (Under-19) Championships, which were hosted at The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno.

Thus, He beat Vergil Ortiz (2:1) and Antonio Williams (2:1) in the fight but fell to Devin Haney (2:1). (0:3).

Garcia went on to win gold at the 2016 USA Youth National (Under-19) Championships, which were hosted at The Grand Sierra Resort & Casino in Reno.

In addition, Carlos Velasquez (3:0), Emmanuel Rojas (3:0), Delante Johnson (3:0), and Bryan Lua (3:0) were his opponents in the championship (3:0).


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King Ryan’s Professional Career

In 2006, King Ryan began his professional career. When he initially entered the ring, he was a tiny young kid. His father provided him with instructions, but they were insufficient for him to pursue a career as a professional boxer.

His father began calling many coaches, but none of them were interested in speaking with him. Thanks to his father’s preparation, he was eventually able to enter the ring.

At first, no one recognized his passion for boxing in the ring; everyone ignored him. His powers, like those of a professional boxer, were amazing.

When he exhibited his boxing talents in the first match, his coach, Eddy Reynoso, quickly recognized them. Following that, Eddy agreed to train him. Reynoso also works with Canelo Alvarez, the finest active boxer in the world.

Unbeatable Ryan

Since his debut, he hasn’t dropped a game. Garcia started his professional career as a rival of Edgar Meza. Tijuana, a city in southern California, hosted the event. In the match, he came out on top 1-0.

Because of the competition organizers, the next big match in his career took place in Los Angeles. Jonathan Cruz, a Cuban fighter, was in excellent shape as well. Garcia, on the other hand, won 5-0.

Similarly, Garcia has already won two consecutive matches with incredible records. Surprisingly, he defeated Philipino boxer Romero Duno. Duno used to have a career that seemed unstoppable.


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Ryan’s Honours and Titles

In his brief professional career, Ryan has held titles including Junior Super Featherweight, WBC-NABO Super Featherweight, WBC-NABF Junior Super Lightweight, as well as WBC Silver Lightweight.

Garcia’s most recent bout was with Francisco Fonseca at the Honda Center in California. The WBC Silver Lightweight Championship was at stake. With 1(12) round, he won the match. He was crowned champion after the match.

Relationship Status

Garcia had been in a three-year relationship with his ex-girlfriend. Catherine Gamez is her name. She is a member of the Latina community. We couldn’t find any photos of her online.

Garcia must not have told anyone about her ex-girlfriend because there is no trace of her. Garcia has become a father at an early age. Riley Garcia, his daughter, was born in March of this year.

Many people are shocked to learn – about Ryan’s daughter. At 23, he is still a young man. Garcia adores his daughter Riley and makes every effort to look after her.

However, his hectic schedule causes him concern, so he has hired a caregiver.


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In terms of appearance, Ryan and Riley appear to be a cute couple. He attempts to take her to the garden, bathe her, and put her to bed. Ryan is Riley’s father and mother in disguise.

Girlfriend Right Now

Andrea Celina, a model from his hometown, is his current girlfriend. Garcia routinely shares photos with her on social media. He also likes to talk about Celina, whom he adores. Garcia and Celena are frequently seen together at gatherings.

They make a cute duo, but Garcia’s admirers will be disappointed. He hasn’t confirmed Celina as her fiancee, though. But, based on his rank, we may infer he’ll be marrying her.

Here, Celina’s ability to be a decent mother to Riley is unknown. Riley and Celina have never been photographed together.

Ryan’s interests are also disturbing because he enjoys dating celebrities. He stated in an interview that he would like to date Selena Gomez. So, if he is separated from Celena, it would not be surprising.

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Net Worth and Salary | Ryan Garcia

What would a typical 22-year-old young man earn? He’d most likely attend high school and study hard to earn a diploma. To support himself, he would work at Starbucks, Walmart, or another location.

Garcia is exempt from this case since he has already amassed sufficient wealth. Garcia leads a wealthy lifestyle and displays it by driving his costly cars.

In addition, He makes $100,000 each year and has a net worth of roughly ten million dollars.

King Ryan has a private car collection that includes Porsches, Mercedes, and other vehicles. He also owns a large home.

Garcia also makes money on TikTok and Instagram, which helps Riley with her everyday expenses.


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Social Media

Garcia can use three separate social media channels simultaneously. Instagram is Garcia’s favorite social networking channel.

Moreover, he uses Instagram to share a variety of things. Garcia documented events such as Riley’s birth, Catherine’s separation, and Celina’s relationship on Instagram.

TikTok is his second preference on social media. In California, Garcia is a well-known TikTok celebrity.

Similarly, He has created several videos that he has published on TikTok. He also promotes himself as a professional TikToker on social media.

Twitter is his third option. Garcia primarily uses Twitter to make official announcements about his match events.

Moreover, His Twitter account has a large number of followers. Nonetheless, he uses Twitter less frequently.

Garcia is a frequent user of social media. He communicates with his fans via Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

He also has 7.4 million Instagram followers, 445.7 thousand Twitter followers, and 2.7 million TikTok subscribers.

A TikTok Star

Garcia has also experienced success outside of boxing, with TikTok. He is a well-known TikTok celebrity from California with millions of fans. They are becoming bigger every day.

@kingrygarcia First take and I don’t think i could do it again 😭😭😭 #hahah ♬ original sound – random videos

Garcia was well-known in the boxing world. They just recognize him as a celebrity, though. His videos primarily feature boxing and travel.

He began making humorous videos about his family and friends in 2017. He now likes to talk about his daughter and his way of life.

His TikTok ID is @kingrygarcia.

Frequently Asked Question:

Ryan Garcia carries what bag?

The vicious reflex cobra bag is used by Ryan Garcia.

Is it true that Ryan Garcia has defeated David Haney?

When both of them were amateurs, Ryan Garcia defeated David Haney twice. Haney has a 138-8 amateur record, with two losses to Ryan Garcia among his eight losses.

Ryan’s claim to fame?

Ryan is a well-known boxer who has never lost a match since he began competing. The WBC Silver Lightweight World Championship is presently held by him.

Ryan Garcia is what race?

Similarly, Ryan Garcia is from a white family. He does, however, identify with the Latina and Hispanic Mexican communities.

Ryan is dating who?

Andrea Celina, a model, is Garcia’s current girlfriend.

When will Ryan’s next boxing battle be held?

Ryan’s next boxing battle will take place on December 5, 2020, against Luke Campbell.

Ryan Garcia, did you leave Golden Boy Promotions?

It is yet unknown whether Ryan Garcia has withdrawn from Golden Boy Promotions. Both parties have yet to make a public statement.

Logan Paul worked out with Ryan Garcia?

In May 2021, footage of Ryan Garcia coaching Logan Paul how to KO Floyd Mayweather was published.

Why did Ryan Garcia leave the Javier Fortuna?

Ryan Garcia left Javier Fortuna on July 9, 2021, because of mental health issues.

Quick Facts | Ryan Garcia

Full Name Ryan Garcia
Birth Date August 8, 1998
Birth Place Victorville, California, United States
Nick Name King Ryan, The Flash
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mexican descent
Education Not Available
Horoscope Leo
Father’s Name Henry Garcia
Mother’s Name Lisa Garcia
Siblings Four
Age 23 Years Old
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 58 Kilograms
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Profession Boxer
Total Wins 20
Active Years 2006-present
Sexual Orientation Straight
Marital Status Unmarried
Ex-Girlfriend Catherine Gamez
Kids One; Rylie Garcia
Net Worth $10 Million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok
Merch Posters, Gloves
Last Update May 2022

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