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American Professional Basketball Player

Sabrina Ionescu
Sabrina Ionescu. Source: Google

Sabrina Ionescu is a professional basketball player holding American nationality who plays professionally with the (WNBA) which stands for Women’s National Basketball Association located in New York Liberty.

She was an Oregon Ducks basketball player in college. She is the only National Collegiate athletic association I basketball athlete to have recorded 2,000 pts, 1,000 passes, and 1,000 reboundings in a career.

Likewise, She is also the Pac-12 Tournament’s all-time commander in assists.

Who is Sabrina Ionescu? Childhood, Parents, and Nationality

The United States of America’s Contra Costa County is where Sabrina Ionescu was conceived on the 6th of December of the year 1997.

Dan Ionescu as well as Liliana Blaj, who were proud of her birth, were her mom and dad. Her siblings are two. She has a twin named Eddy Ionescu.

Sabrina has Eddy’s age advantage by 18 minutes. An elder brother named Andrei Ionescu is in the family of Sabrina as well as Eddy.

In comparison to the twins, Andrei is just 9 years of age. Romanian-Americans make up the entire family. Following their separation, Dan, as well as Liliana, are no longer together.

Education| Middle School

There weren’t enough female students at Ionescu’s middle school to field a squad. Despite her school’s opposition, she thought of attempting to play with the males.

She received this directive from the school to engage with dolls in realistic terms. As a reaction, she recalled enlisting sufficient numbers of girls to give her school a squad.

How did Sabrina Ionescu start her Career?

High School Basketball Career

Ionescu attended California’s Orinda’s High School named Miramonte. During high school, she worked out with Coach Kelly Soak.

Her high school recognized her with four basketball team letters. For her underclassmen to meet, Ionescu set a lot of standards. As the Girls Basketball Athlete of the Year, she has received recognition from USA Today.

She was also given the Maximum Preps Athlete of the Year honor. Likewise, she was recognized as the Gatorade State Athlete of the Year.

She subsequently earned the honor of being chosen as an All-American by Jordan Brand as well as McDonald’s. She also won the title of Most Valuable Athlete in the McDonald’s All-American tournament.

McDonald’s All-American Game

She finished her time at Miramonte with a professional life overall record of 119/9. She additionally set a team record with 2,606 total points.

In the year 2016 draft class, Ionescu was rated as the best point guard as well as the fourth-best athlete overall. Then, out of all the institutions that extended an offer, she decided to attend Oregon University.

According to rumors, Sabrina desired to be an all-American at Oregon and not merely at any other university. As the top prospect to ever pledge to enroll for the Oregon Ducks, she took the stage.

She had not, nevertheless, accepted a National Invitation to Apply to any college, thus she found it impossible to choose a university for herself.

She did not sign during either the early registration period in the November of the year 2015 or the late registration period in the April of the year 2016.

Ionescu ultimately committed to writing to join Oregon. Just before the start of the summer of the year 2016 term, she became affiliated with the.

College Basketball Career

Sophomore Year

Also in her freshman year, she received the honor of being selected the collegiate basketball athlete of the week by ESPNW. By helping the Ducks win the team’s fairly frequent championship for the third time, she helped the team.

In the Pac-12 Women’s Championship Tournament, the school collected their 1st-ever No. 1 seeding thanks in part to Sabrina.

The next year, she was selected as the Pac-12 Association Women’s Basketball Athlete of the Year. She also made history by becoming the first ESPN squad All-American. Along with the Pac-12 title, Ionescu’s efforts helped the Oregon Ducks win the trophy for the initial time since the year 2000.

The Nancy Lieberman Trophy was then given to Ionescu for being the greatest point guard in Segment I for women.

The Naismith Award was another category in which she made the finals. She also received the title of NCAA women’s quintuple record-holder in history.

Junior Year

In a win on the 6th of November of the year 2018, over Alaska-Fairbanks, Ionescu recorded her 11th quintuple. Later, she established a record for a quintuple in the NCAA.

Like that, she triumphed over Buffalo while recording her 12th quintuple. Against Air Force on the 20th of December of the year 2018, Ionescu notched her 13th quintuple.

With that result, she beat the NCAA quintuple mark in basketball for both men as well as women. As a result, she decided to name ESPNW Athlete of the Week.

As a result of their 88-84 victory over Mississippi State, Ionescu helped the Oregon Ducks reach their inaugural Final Four. Together with Duke’s Zion Williamson, she shared the John R. Wooden Trophy of the year 2019 after the season.

Sabrina Ionescu is in her zone
Sabrina Ionescu is in her zone. Source: Google

The prize is given each year to the top male and female amateur basketball players. Ionescu reached the age threshold to be selected in the WNBA draft of the year 2019.

She had indeed performed four distinct seasons in college at this point. In June month of that calendar year, she was set to graduate with her bachelor’s degree.

She decided to go back to Oregon for her final year so that she could finish up her “unresolved issues.”

At this point, Ionescu had also agreed to enroll in a brand development master’s program offered by the University of Oregon’s College of Journalism and Broadcasting, which had just begun.

Senior Year

Ionescu made history by becoming the very first NCAA athlete to ever finish a career with 2,000 pts, 1,000 aids, and 1,000 rebounding. During her executive year, she also spoke at Kobe Bryant’s graveside ceremony.

Within the preceding 2 years, Sabrina had grown close to Bryant on an individual basis. Right following her address, she took a flight from L.A to the Bay Area.

On the 14th of April of the year 2020, Ionescu was announced as something like the Honda Sports Trophy recipient. She received the prize for being the greatest undergraduate female basketball athlete in the country.

Impact at Oregon

Ionescu is an exceptional player who possesses several talents. At every location she visits, she bears the possibility of leaving a piece.

Ionescu might be an athlete like Marcus Mariota, according to Oregon Ducks Trainer named Kelly Graves. She was a prestigious Oregon Duck, he said.

Additionally, he claimed that Ionescu’s employment at the institution had significantly increased the number of women who attended Oregon matches.

Until Ionescu’s enrollment, Oregon had an official average residential enrollment of 1,501. By her freshman year, the amount had climbed to 4,200.


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During her time as a junior, it also increased to 7,100. In her senior year, the amount increased dramatically to 10,000. Both she and Oregon shared in each other’s good fortune.

Oregon began to gain notoriety and reputation as its population grew.

During Ionescu’s sophomore year, there were about 3,000 spectators present when Oregon visited somewhere in Washington. The Huskies drew more supporters than those versus Oregon State 2 nights prior.

Professional Basketball Career

Ionescu reached the age of eligibility for the WNBA draft of the year 2019 declaration in the December of the year 2019.

In fact, in an ESPN draft class from the January of the year 2019, she was projected to be the first pick. WNBA employees as well as ESPN women’s basketball commentators provided feedback for the mock selection.

Ionescu, however, opted to enroll in Oregon again as a major. On the 6th of April of the year 2019, an anonymous letter detailing her choice was printed in The Players’ Tribune.

Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA)

Sabrina at last rejoined the WNBA clan. On the 17th of April of the year 2020, she was selected by the WNBA’s New York Liberty as their initial overall choice.

Likewise, On the 25th of July of the year 2020, she earned her WNBA cameo. On the 29th of July, she played 34 minutes in her 2nd WNBA match and finished with 33 pts, 7 assists, and 7 rebounds. It was a matchup with Dallas Wings.

Ionescu sustained a left ankle injury on the 1st of August of the year 2020. The incident versus the Atlanta Dream took place during the second quarter.

The following day, the physicians gave her a grade iii sprain diagnosis. She was anticipated to require a month of disability while she recovered.

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National Team Career

In basketball competitions, Ionescu has fought for the U. S. At the U.S. Olympic Training Academy, she participated in the USA Basketball national championship 3×3 tournament event in early May.

Ruthy Hebard, Otiona Gildon, as well as Erin Boley, three of her colleagues from Oregon, were also with her. She hadn’t ever participated before under the FIBA 3×3 criteria.

Before the match started, she stated that she had to inquire about the guidelines. Sabrina, who is extraordinarily talented, rapidly took to the new arrangement. She subsequently made a contribution to her team beating the tournament.


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All during the tournament, she was unbeatable. The most valuable player in the competition was likewise Ionescu (MVP).

Ionescu as well as her Oregon colleagues were also chosen to compete for the U. S. in the 3×3 World Championships of the year 2018, which will take place in the Philippines in June.

They were always the world cup squad with the smallest roster. But they succeeded in shining, triumphing over Cup-holder Russia.

How old is Sabrina Ionescu? Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Sabrina Ionescu is presently 24 years old. Likewise, Sabrina Ionescu stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180c m) and weighs around 165 lbs. (75 kg).

Unfortunately, the information about Sabrina Ionescu’s body measurement is still unclear. However, we do know she has dark brown hair and eyes with an athletic body type.

Is Sabrina Ionescu Single? Relationship Status

Sabrina Ionescu doesn’t like being opened up about her personal life. Hence, The information about Sabrina Ionescu’s relationship Status is still unclear.

How much does Sabrina Ionescu earn? Net Worth and Salary

The Net Worth of Sabrina Ionescu is estimated to be approximately 150 K.

Sabrina Ionescu agreed to a three-year, $213,597 deal with the New York Liberty, which included a $71,199 average yearly wage. Ionescu will have a cap hit of $86,701 and a base salary of $86,701 in 2023.

Where can we contact Sabrina Ionescu? Social Media Presence

Sabrina Ionescu is pretty active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram.


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Likewise, Sabrina Ionescu has 135.6k followers on Twitter and 703k followers on Instagram.

Quick Facts:

  • Full name: Sabrina Elaine Ionescu
  • Birthdate: December 6, 1997
  • Birthplace: California, United States
  • Father’s name: Dan Ionescu
  • Mother’s name: Liliana Blaj
  • Siblings: Two(Edward Ionescu and Andrei Ionescu)
  • Age: 24 Years Old
  • Education: Miramonte High School and University of Oregon
  • Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180c m)
  • Weight: 165 lbs. (75 kg)
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Relationship Status: Not Known
  • Profession: A basketball player
  • Net worth: Around $150 k
  • Social Media Handles: Instagram and Twitter

Some of the FAQs:

How old is Sabrina Elaine Ionescu?

Sabrina Elaine Ionescu is presently 24 years old.

How tall is Sabrina Elaine Ionescu?

Sabrina Elaine Ionescu stands at a height of 5 feet 11 inches (180c m).

How much does Sabrina Elaine Ionescu earn?

The Net Worth of Sabrina Elaine Ionescu is estimated to be approximately around $150k.

What ethnicity is Sabrina Ionescu?

She comes from a Romanian-American ethnic background.

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