Saeideh Aletaha

British-Iranian amateur MMA fighter

Saeideh Aletaha
British-Iranian amateur MMA fighter Source: Google

An amateur MMA fighter of British and Iranian descent, Saeideh Aletaha also went by the name Sai. The Fast and Furious Fight Series was where she competed (FFS). In addition, Sai was a licensed and employed engineer.

Saeideh Aletaha |  Family and Education

Saeideh Aletaha was created in Tehran, Iran. Although her parents’ identities are unclear, it is reported that she had a small number of brothers.

She lived in the UK for her last few days as a British citizen. Sai pursued his education at Loughborough University in England. She was a technology and industrial design student.

Salisbury resident Sai works for Stannah Stairlifts as a product design engineer.

Saeideh Aletaha | Professional Life and Career

The Fast and Furious Fight Series featured Sai in combat (FFS). In the flyweight division, she competed. She was connected to Stonehenge Crossfield in Salisbury and Exile Gym in Southampton.

In the third round of the FFS competition, Sai was disqualified. Sai had recently completed her final game.

Saeideh Aletaha | Death

The sad event of Sai’s death occurred on November 17, 2019. At Southampton’s Central Hall, it took place after a K-1 match.

There was a head injury to her. She collapsed in the women’s restroom during the Fast and Furious Fight Series (FFS) match at Southampton’s Central Hall. At Southampton General Hospital, Sai died the next day.

Although Sai was taken to the hospital right away, he died. Her death was caused by an acute subdural hematoma, which could have been fatal.

Saeideh Aletaha

A blood clot forms between the surface of the brain and the dura mater, the brain’s outer covering, when someone sustains this injury.

The veins on the surface of the brain are typically stretched and torn as a result. These veins become disturbed following a jolting or shaking head injury.

The Mishap That Caused Her Death

Following her breakdown in a women’s restroom at the FFS event, Sai’s coworkers brought her to the hospital.

FFS asserts that it matches up-and-coming UK fighters with top-tier local talent in competitive bouts at prestigious locations.

Boxing, kickboxing, and MMA events are held there. The company was devastated by Sai’s passing since she battled for them.

They published a Facebook update about Sai’s unfortunate incident. It was created before she passed away. They use the following quotation:

“We regret to inform you that following the event on Saturday, Sai, one of the participants who sadly lost, sustained a brain injury, placing her in a critical condition from which she is unlikely to recover.

All participants are aware that accidents could happen, however, they don’t anticipate it happening 99.9% of the time.

However, it is feasible, therefore we prepare the atmosphere by having a doctor administer pre- and post-medicals.

With a doctor, paramedic, and ambulance on-site, we also promise ongoing total medical coverage.

Additionally, we have a knowledgeable team and numerous first responders on site. Safety is never jeopardized during any of our 19 concerts, and every match is given the same respect.

Naturally, we are thinking of all of our loved ones, friends, and coworkers. Please inform your coaches or us if someone requires assistance.

We would like to thank our crew for conducting themselves so expertly that evening.

They went above and above the call of duty to react to the situation. We are accessible to those of you who need us at this trying time.”


The paramedics at the FFS event immediately examined and treated Sai. The incident has been the subject of an investigation.

The investigating officer allegedly stated that he would investigate whether or not she disclosed her headaches before the competition. Likewise, it was necessary to assess Sai’s medical readiness for combat.

Sai’s housemate reportedly told the police about Sai’s headaches, according to Det Con Emma Cook of BBC Sports. Sai’s brothers also asserted that she had headaches for nearly a month.

The Statement of the Police

On Sunday, November 17, 2019, just before one in the morning, Southampton General Hospital reportedly received a call.

They were informed that a woman suffering from a brain injury was receiving medical care. Sai’s coworkers gave the information and hastily drove her to the hospital.

The woman, who was 26 years old, passed away the following day in the hospital, according to the police. They further stated that inquiries into what happened were still ongoing.

Finally, they asserted that they had informed the victim’s family of the incident. The investigation’s conclusion has not yet been made known.

Who is going to be held accountable?

The hearing was postponed until July 22, 2020, when a comprehensive inquest would be placed in Winchester. At that time, the inquiries were still underway.

After the Covid-19 catastrophe, the investigation might not have been up to grade. But who will be held guilty for the unfortunate loss of a young fighter?

Given that Sai is said to have had headaches that kept coming back and that she had them for about a month when she competed in the match, the organization should have determined if their fighters were in the right physical and mental condition for the task.

As a responsible adult, Sai also needed to get professional medical help and use extreme caution. Health comes first!

The scene would have been entirely different if Sai had skipped that precise activity on that specific day.

We want to express our deepest condolences to Saeideh Aletaha’s family and friends. May God bless her priceless soul and a lifelong state of serenity!

She will be remembered for her generosity, zest for life, competitive spirit, and infectious smile.

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Commentary on Saeideh Aletaha from everyone

Saeideh had a wonderful disposition. She was instantly recognized by everyone she had known thanks to her upbeat disposition.

Sai was described as being liked, well-liked, and friendly by everyone in a status update from her fitness center Stonehenge Crossfit, where she had been a member for more than three years.

They claimed Sai put in a lot of effort during training and had a spirit of competition. She was the kind of person who forged friendships with everyone she met.

To assist the training center with its business, Sai went above and beyond. They said it would be an understatement to say they loved her and how much they missed her.

MMA Fighter Saeideh Aletaha Source: Google

Sai, who was gasping to death in her hospital bed, was visited by thirty Stonehenge Crossfitters as she lay dying.

In a similar vein, Exile Gym recalled Sai in a Facebook post as a wonderful character with a beautiful soul.

They remembered the distances she had to travel each day just to get to the gym and praised her for her unwavering dedication.

Similarly to this, Stannah Stairlifts honored their late employee by praising her for her skill as a designer and for being a kind and giving person.

Saeideh Aletaha | Personal Life

Saeideh had always kept her personal affairs private and had never brought them up in public. She may have had a secret connection, but there is no information about it.

Sadly, she passed away before she could discuss her romantic relationships or dating history.

Saeideh Aletaha | Net Worth and Salary

It is unknown what Sai Aletaha is worth. She competed in MMA as an amateur, hence her profits from battles were quite low.

Furthermore, Her full-time position as a Product Design Engineer must have provided the lion’s share of her salary.

Saeideh Aletaha | Age and Body Measurements

With a weight of 53.98 kg (119 lbs), Saeideh Aletaha is of ordinary height. The eyes of Aletaha are dark brown.

Social Media

She used Facebook frequently. No further social media accounts for her have been found, unfortunately.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Currently alive, Saeideh Aletaha?

No, Saeideh Aletaha isn’t still alive. In November 2019, she passed away as a result of a head trauma.

Saeideh Aletaha, what happened to her?

Due to a brain injury, Sai Aletaha fell and passed away in Southampton General Hospital.

What is Saeideh Aletaha’s name?

An amateur MMA fighter of British and Iranian descent, Saeideh Aletaha also went by the name Sai. She participated in the Fast and Furious Fighting Series (FFS).

In addition, Sai was a licensed and employed engineer. A company called Stannah Stairlifts employed her as a product design engineer.

Quick Facts | Saeideh Aletaha

Full Name Saeideh Aletaha
Death November 17, 2019
Nickname Sai
Birth Date Not Known
Birth Place Tehran, Iran
Nationality British-Iranian
Descent Iranian
Religion Muslim
Horoscope Not Known
Age during Death 26
Residence before Death Salisbury, Wiltshire, England
Father’s Name Not Known
Mother’s Name Not Known
Height Not Known
Weight 53.98 kg (119 lbs.)
Body type Athletic
Eye color Dark Brown
Distinct trait Hijab
Education Loughborough University, England (Studied Industrial Design and Technology)
Profession Product Design Engineer
Mixed Martial Art (MMA) Fighter (Amateur)
Weight Division while in MMA Flyweight
Affiliation Fast and Furious Fight Series (FFS)
Further Associations Exile Gym, Southampton, England
Stonehenge Crossfield, Salisbury, Wiltshire
Net Worth Not Known
Social Media Facebook
MMA Merch Thai Grappling Mitts Gloves, RDX MMA Gloves.

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