Shakira caught her ex-husband, Gerard Pique cheating on her after finding the strawberry jam jar in the fridge. What’s the matter?

“She has the name of a good person She’s clearly the same as you For guys like you,” says Shakira on her new song

Shakira claims her ex cheated on her by small jam jar source: The Independent

Shakira made allegations against her ex-husband, Gerard Pique about cheating on her because of the small jam jar. According to her, someone ate her strawberry jam except Gerard and two kids.

What is the actual matter?

Shakira says her ex-husband, Gerard Pique cheated on her when she was not around. As per the sources, she stated that her strawberry jam was eaten by someone and she know they weren’t Gerard and their kids. So, she is allegedly claiming that Pique was cheating on her when she was traveling. As the matter of fact, she knew very well that the strawberry jam was not liked by others in her family except for her. Therefore, Shakira claims that it was not there where she put i.e in the refrigerator.

After this, Shakira made a music video for her single, “Te Felicito” regarding this matter April. in the video, we can see the head of the collaborator, Rauw Alejandro inside an open refrigerator. This scene clearly says that she is completely targeting her ex on this. Well after these allegations, Gerard Pique made his relationship public with a new girl named, Clara Chia Marti. Recently, Shakira has also released a new diss song against Gerard and Clara.

Similarly, rumors about Pique and Clara’s dating spread when Shakira and he were together. It is claimed by people and even Shakira that Gerard cheated on her when they were going well in marriage. But they actually stated officially since last October. Also, the sources announced that the Barcelona player’s new girl was pictured in Shakira’s former family house.

Because of this rumor, many problems arise and they separated after being together for 11 years. They called it quits last summer because the third person was Clara obviously. Due to this, Shakira decided to move away from her ex-husband with her two children to Miami. Likewise, the Colombian singer’s newly released song,”#53″ lyrics are completely dedicated to Gerard Pique. The lyrics say,

“I’m not getting back to you, don’t cry for me, nor beg me
I understood that it’s not my fault that they criticize you”


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Furthermore, another verse goes like this,

She has the name of a good person
She’s clearly the same as you
For guys like you

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More Details

Shakira on the other hand also targets Gerad Pique’s mother in her new song. The lyrics somewhere mentioned her former mother-in-law and their issue started when she easily welcomed Gerard’s new girl at her home.

One line of the lyrics is like this, “You left my mother-in-law as my neighbor, with the press at the door and the debt in the Treasury…”

Moreover, the reports say that the singer began construction of a well to separate her house from her ex-mother-in-law. As the sources report that their house was connected before so she is trying to separate because of the dispute.

Before this, Shakira also set up a terrifying witch doll on her balcony. The doll was shifted its front part in front of Gerard’s mother’s house.


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After seeing the witch doll incident, the video on this matter went viral on social media platforms, especially Twitter. One user stated,

“I cba with celebrity gossip but when I tell you that I’m LIVING for this Shakira-Pique smoke… Does Shakira apparently have a witch figure on the balcony facing her MIL’s home? Go on girl.”

Not only this, but another one also wrote,

“Something really bad must’ve happened besides the infidelity, Shakira being super direct toward them, the witch, and listening to the song on full volume. I wonder what they do to her poor queen.”

In addition, the third one said,

“I’m crying. The news thinks Shakira keeps this witch in her home as a vigil for her mother-in-law. Shakira is blasting her song exposing her cheating ex Pique on repeat outside her home. She also put a witch on her balcony for some reason.”


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Joking on the situation, one Twitter user tweeted,

“If Shakira ever wants a real-life witch to be on her balcony to antagonize her ex-in-laws, she can call me.”

Shakira made it crystal clear that Gerard Pique was cheating on her by looking at the jar of strawberry jam. This statement is made a joke by some people though because the news is quietly immature for some.

Written by Keshaa Perry

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