One of Shanna Moakler’s daughters called the police and claimed about ‘domestic disturbance’ Against Matthew Rondeau!!

Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau were investigated separately by the police about the domestic disturbance case!

Shanna Moakler
Shanna Moakler and her beau received complaints about domestic disturbance source: List23

Shanna Moakler and her beau Matthew Rondeau received another visit from the police in Southern California on Thursday. One of Shanna’s daughters called the police and claimed about ‘domestic disturbance’ against Matthew.

Shanna Moakler, an American model is in a public relationship with Matthew Rondeau. On Thursday, police went to Shanna’s home as they called from the inside family member. However, police claimed that the person who called them was non-other than, one of Shanna’s daughters.

Moakler has Atiana with her former boyfriend Oscar De La Hoya and Landon and Alabama with ex-husband Travis Barker. Shanna’s daughter claimed in the call that Matthew yelled at Moakler. However, the police did an investigation regarding the matter. Similarly, they took Shanna and Rondeau for the investigation but not together.

The story they explained about that day seems to be the same. In addition in the house, nothing was broken. Normally we can know if anything happens in the house inside, we noticed something is broken or the room is really messed up.

But when the police entered Shanna’s house everything seems fine and normal. It is not known which of Shanna’s daughters called the police but it may be a fake call as well. Since Shanna’s daughter also wasn’t there at the home when the police entered.


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Further Details

Previously a week ago, Matthew Rondeau was charged with domestic violence, Battery, and vandalism. Moakler accused him of the ugliest fight with him in February. Though Moakler dropped the charges against him and he was free. Otherwise, he would be living his life in jail.

Talking about the reasons for dropping charges, the American model stated,

 “I’m not pressing charges, I’m hoping the city attorney respects my wishes and drops everything as well. I will be supporting Matthew 100%. This has disrupted our lives enough. We have both learned from this experience we never wish to have been public and we would like to move forward in a positive and peaceful manner.”


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Similarly, Matthew is feeling sad and disheartened by the way he has been portrayed. Also, according to Rondeau,

 “I haven’t even spoken or made a comment because I am so saddened and disgusted with the narrative the media has portrayed me as.”

On the other hand, he also added,

“I pray that the city of LA allows me to show them they made the right choice in dropping all charges against me. I am an admirable person, an amazing son, and a very respectable and loving partner.”

In February, Rondeau and Shanna got into a fight. It is clearly seen in the video, that Matthew is being physical with her during an argument. Moreover, he shared a video on Moakler’s social media account claiming she cheated. He also said that he will never get back together with her now.

What happened after the police visit to Moakler’s home?

After an hour of investigation, Shanna and Rondeau spent a good time together doing fun. They went to the adult arcade Dave & Buster’s all day laughing and playing video games. Furthermore, she also stated the next day about their relationship.

Shanna Moakler
Shanna Moakler and Matthew Rondeau enjoying together
source: People

However, she is also shocked why her daughter did this as she is very happy with Shanna. In addition to that, Moakler said,

“Everything is great. We aren’t sure why anyone was called. We would like to be left alone so we can live our lives in peace and move forward positively and peacefully. Our personal life is no longer up for public entertainment.”

We hope everything gets sorted out with this family.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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