Shannon Seeley

American Bodybuilder

Shannon Seeley
American Bodybuilder Source: Google

Shannon says that nothing makes her happier than bodybuilding. She is a well-known professional bodybuilder in the fitness industry.

Shannon Seeley| Early Life and Education

In Michigan, in the United States, Shannon Seeley was born and raised. Larry Empie (Father) and Etta Empie Cook(mother), her delighted parents, welcomed her into the world.

She had a rough upbringing. Her parents loved her, but she didn’t have many friends. You can only imagine how awful a childhood without friends would be.

When she was nine years old, her schoolmates bullied her. That experience left Seeley severely disturbed, and she decided to slim down.

She developed an eating issue as a result; she started purging to put on weight and would throw up right after eating.

Additionally, she used to run between eight and ten kilometers every day. Before she would throw up everything, Seeley used to eat 8000–10,000 calories throughout the day. She starved herself and used laxatives for nine years.

Shannon engaged in this behavior for many years, and 2014 marked the lowest point of her life; by Seeley’s final year, she had grown extremely thin and unwell. She decided to pursue bodybuilding as a career at that point.

She is intelligent and holds degrees in health science, nutrition, and finance.


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Shannon Seeley| Career

When Seeley was at her lowest point in 2014, she decided to take a gym class; before that, she had never even considered bodybuilding.

She excelled in sports and, as a result of her running prowess, even received a scholarship for college.

Due to her lack of nutrition at first, her body was unable to support her in any way, and she was unable to perform any exercises at the gym. Even in gym class, she broke both of her legs.

After that accident, Seeley finally decided to start bodybuilding. Her body finally showed some progress after all the exercise.

The situation slowly got better. Shannon gained fitness, but she also discovered how to accept and appreciate her body.

She was told by someone to attend a bodybuilding competition when her life was altered. She nevertheless followed the advice and attended the contest; surprise! Her victory was achieved.

In addition, she won her first competition and the next two bouts, which took place in 2015 and 2017.

She has also received numerous honors and represented the nation on numerous occasions. Seeley currently holds six National NPC WPD titles.

She has furthermore won Miss Michigan Physique. She now teaches people how to maintain a healthy body.

Seeley, therefore, attributes all of her accomplishments to her coach Bill Taccone. Her guardian angel is WarRoom Nutrition’s Bill Tacco.

Even after becoming a mother to a girl, Seeley continued to pursue her aspirations. It is generally believed that once a woman has children, her career is over.

Seeley, however, is bucking all of the stereotypes, from a female bodybuilder to a young mother who is a bodybuilder; she is doing it all with amazing passion.

Women who struggle to feel confident in their skin are inspired by Shannon. Seeley is now a powerful influencer. She has recently been telling others her experiences to inspire them. Nevertheless, she is genuinely admirable and encouraging.


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Shannon Seeley| Body Measurements

Being a bodybuilder, Shannon undoubtedly has a big physique. She is between 130 and 140 pounds and 5 feet 5 inches tall.

Additionally, she has disproven the stereotype that women with trim, thin bodies are more appealing. She has demonstrated that ladies of any size and shape can still look stunning.

Her stunning straight hair and dark eyes complete her attractive appearance. She must also stick to a strict food plan to stay in shape.

After giving the baby, Seeley believed it would be hard to maintain her physical fitness. She even visited the gym soon after giving birth, but her presumptions were completely incorrect, and she quickly attained the ideal physique.


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Shannon Seeley| Net Worth and Income

During her career, Seeley has made a respectable sum of money.

In addition to winning numerous competitions and shows, she also makes money as a motivational speaker and personal trainer.

She has agreements with companies like Titan Nutrition and Magic Spoon, among others.

As of right now, Seeley’s estimated net worth is $1 million. Unfortunately, we are unsure of her actual expenditures and assets.

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Shannon Seeley| Workout Routine

Shannon follows a stringent exercise regimen. However, maintaining that body is no joke; certain extremely intense training levels need extraordinary dedication.

Off-season and on-season workouts come in two flavors. She doesn’t compete or have any tournaments during the off-season. She needs to get her body ready for games during the season.

Typically, she bulks up during the off-season and puts on weight. She was exercising five to six times per week at that time. Seeley uses short reps and big weights in her training.

She exercises for 95 minutes of cardio five days a week while she concentrates on gaining growth and expanding the body’s total mass.

Shannon Seeley| Personal Life & Husband

Kyle Baxter, her husband, is a seven-year veteran of the army who is now retired. He is also a bodybuilder in addition to all of that.

They share their home with Seeley, her husband, and their kid, as well as Sly and Coconut, their cat fur babies.

After becoming pregnant, giving birth, and raising her daughter till she was a bit older, Seeley decided to take a career hiatus.

However, she eventually goes back to her training.

She now believes in God and gives him thanks for everything he has done for her. She is content, healthy, and living the finest life possible.


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Shannon Seeley| Daughter

Because of the issues with some women. According to her, it was impossible for her to have children. She had a child, which surprised both her and her husband.

Shannon is blessed with a daughter named Ashley Baxter and a happy marriage. Undoubtedly, she is living the life of her dreams.


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Shannon Seeley| Social Media Presence

On social media, Shannon is very active. She is a social media influencer, and her followers are well aware of her posts.

On her Instagram, she posts pictures of her spouse, daughter, and training videos, and all of her followers like her for it. For her followers, seeing her Instagram feed is a treat.

In addition, she enjoys creating TikTok videos. She is making every effort to balance her career and personal life so that she can enjoy both.

She certainly deserves to be happy and successful because she put a lot of effort into getting to where she is now.

Quick Facts

Full Name Shannon Seeley 
Birth Date 1992
Birth Place Michigan, United States
Age 29 as of 2022
Nationality American 
Ethnicity White
Religion  Catholic 
Education BS Health Science & Nutrition
Horoscope Not Available 
Father’s Name Larry Empie
Mother’s Name Etta Empie-Cook
Siblings Not Available 
Height Five ft. 4 inches (160 cm)
Weight (130-140) lbs
Body Measurements  Not Available
Shoe Size 7 (U.S.)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic 
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Marital Status Married 
Husband Kyle Baxter
Children Adley Rose Baxter
Profession Professional Bodybuilder 
Active since 2015
Career Earnings $1 Million – $5 Million 
Salary Not Available 
Merch Not Available 
Social Media InstagramTiktok 
Last Update October 2022


Has Shannon Seeley retired since having a child?

No, she hasn’t. She continues to work in her field and has also maintained her physical fitness even after giving birth.

What is Shannon’s favorite or go-to meal when she is not on a diet?

Gummy candy is a treat she can indulge in when she is not on a diet.

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