Shay Mitchell reveals name of Baby no.2 and talks about must-have baby products!

“Hydralyte has made this pregnancy night and day for me. I honestly feel like I have energy” stated by Shay Mitchell in an interview with ‘The Post’

Shay Mitchell
Shay Mitchell, The 'You' star source: Trend Fool

Shay Mitchell is on her A-game and Mitchell is not stopping any time soon. Similarly, her successful BÉIS and Onda brands like “Pretty Little Liars”, “You” and her current pregnancy prove it.

Furthermore Details

Shay Mitchell comes to a stage where she can confidently say “no” when it is necessary. Likewise, she stated in the New York Post,

“Especially now being a mom, I don’t have a problem saying no if my time is better spent elsewhere.” 

Moreover, she is in the latest brand partnership with Hydralyte which is a rapid hydration solution. Similarly, it is very impactful.

In addition, Shay said to The Post,

“One of my best friends mentioned she was drinking [Hydralyte].

She continued,

“I don’t like sports drinks. I don’t like coconut water because of all the sugar. I knew I would be consuming a lot of donuts towards the end [of my pregnancy], so I was like let’s hold off on the sugar.”

More about Hydralyte

Hydralyte contains 75% less sugar and 4x more electrolytes than sports drinks. Likewise, it tastes amazing during Shay’s second pregnancy.

Mitchell mentioned,

“[Hydralyte] has made this pregnancy night and day for me. I honestly feel like I have energy, and I’m still consuming the same before, but I just feel so much better.”

What does Shay Mitchell feel about her second pregnancy?

Similarly, Shay talks about her current situation and shared her excitement about introducing her firstborn daughter, Atlas, to her soon-to-be sibling.


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Moreover, she shared,

“[I am most excited] to see Atlas with her little sibling. Watching [Atlas] prepare for this with her own little dolls — she totally gets it. She looks at my stomach. She thinks she has one in her stomach.”

In addition, Mitchell said,

“It’s cool seeing her understand this, but that moment when I bring them together is going to be awesome.”

Furthermore, Shay also said that she has a baby name picked out for her upcoming arrival. Likewise, she also gave the clue “my heart” to New York Post readers.

Shop Shay’s baby preparation and hospital bag including Hydralyte:

1. Hydralyte All Natural Electrolyte Powder Variety Pack, $32

Shay Mitchell

The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star told The Post,

“Between meetings, working out, and chasing a toddler, I don’t drink as much water as I should.”

Likewise, she further added,

“I invested in Hydralyte because it delivers superior rapid rehydration, tastes great, and is low in sugar so my family gets the hydration they need. It’s a daily life hack.”

Similarly, Hydralyte comes in an array of various flavors that tackle various needs. The needs such as collagen production, energy boosts, and immunity kickstarting, while providing optimal hydration levels.

On the other hand, Shay’s go-to is the variety pack.

2. BÉIS Weekender Bag, $98

Shay Mitchell
BEIS Weekender Bag

About the Beis Bag, Mitchell said,

“This is the best bag to bring to the hospital. I can fit everything I need!”

Similarly, the weekender comes in four various colors and features an easy-access.

3. Breast Friend Nursing Pillow, $50

Breast Friend Nursing Pillow

About the breast friend nursing pillow, Shay stated,

“This was my favorite breastfeeding pillow. If anyone is struggling to find the right product while breastfeeding, I highly recommend this product.”

Likewise, this nursing pillow is available in a plethora of colors and has over 4,000 positive reviews on Amazon. In addition, it is great for one-hand use, is firm and flat, and also features a wrap-around design.

4. Dr. Brown’s Bottles, $40

Dr. Brown’s Bottles

The ‘You’ star said about Dr. Brown’s Bottles,

“These were our go-to with Atlas. It might be different for our second child, but we’ll definitely have these handy again!”

Similarly, the pack comes with two four-ounce specialty feeding bottles. Likewise, these bottles are made to help and treat oral feeding issues.

5. Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet, $1,595

Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Shay Mitchell further told The Post,

“We didn’t even turn ours on, but I loved that she was safe and protected. I love the sleek design!”

Moreover, the bassinet adds one to two hours of baby sleep per night. Likewise, it also helps sleep-train little ones, features a mobile app, calms fussing, and more.

6. BetterBody Foods Organic Naturally Refined Coconut Oil, $17

Shay Mitchell
Organic Naturally Refined Coconut Oil

The 35-year Shay mentioned,

“I use Coconut Oil for everything.” 

Similarly, coconut oil is used to protect your skin, increase metabolism, cook, condition hair, moisturize, etc.

7. Gym Shark Glute Set 3 PK Workout Bands, $46

Gym Shark Glute Set 3 PK Workout Bands

Likewise, Mitchell said,

“Doing small movement workouts has been really great for toning throughout pregnancy without putting too much strain on your body,” 

In addition, this comes in a pack of three pastel colors with high, medium, and low resistance.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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