Sheree Whitfield was slammed for her SHEIN look-alike clothing line which was sold at an expensive price- She by Sheree!

Sheree Whitfield is accused for launching the same design, the same color athleisure set of SHEIN lookalike at a very expensive price

Sheree Whitfield was slammed for copied designs of clothes!!
Sheree Whitfield was slammed for copied designs of clothes!! source-google

Sheree Whitfield introduced the concept of the “She By Sheree” clothing line and fans were disappointed by her design which was similar to the brand SHEIN!

Is Sheree Whitfield working with SHEIN? Because according to the viral picture, the product both are selling are very similar!! The Real Housewife of Atlanta started her clothing brand in 2008. She is in her business of “She by Sheree” for 14 years now.

In the recent season of the reality show, the second part of the new clothing line was introduced by Sheree which would be more than just joggers. She referenced it in her episode back in 2008 where she revealed her collection at that time with a fashion show.

Fans were very disappointed last week when the new athletic wear was introduced. Some were very furious that the site was crashing. The interested fans were not able to click on the items that were displayed. The fans were also very furious about the overpriced and copied clothes and also they couldn’t see any joggers.

The social media compared her gray two-piece athleisure set that looks very similar to one of the versions by Shein. The difference between the two products was just the price.

Shein was selling the same product at a lower price while Sheree was selling it at $130. Disappointed fans expressed their opinions on social media platforms such as Instagram, and Twitter.

Some of her fans write, “Nah you’re wrong for these Shein joggers and charging NIKE prices,”  while some said, “Ummm when you can buy it from Amazon without the She by Shereé logo for a third of the price, then I have a problem. #RHOA,”. Her fans were not just disappointed about the prices and products they even mentioned, she took almost a decade to launch a copied product.

“So after 10+ years of no fashion, you just put your name in a look-alike Jeffree Star logo, printed it in an Ali Express/Shein garment and charged it 130$?!”

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In the Sunday episode of RHOA, she mentioned her embarrassment towards whatever is happening.

“I’m seeing red. I am beginning to have flashbacks and PTSD from the fashion show with no fashion 14 years ago. I am still embarrassed. I cannot, will not allow that to happen again.”


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She added that after 14 years she tried to do something for a change. Sheree faced a lot of ups and downs in her journey and she has let down a lot of people. She asked her critics to send her prayers for doing better and it is going to pay off one day.

“ I want everyone who feels like they can’t do it to keep pushing with prayer, determination, and hard work. It will definitely pay off.”

It was known to everyone how dedicated Sheree was to launching her brand and the product. But then fate wanted something else. After Sunday Sheree was very conscious and upset herself with all the things that were happening so she wrote,

“Due to the overwhelming interest in She by Shereé, the influx of love is crashing the website!! But please understand it’s being worked on so continue to check back in within the next 24 hours. We r working to get this quickly resolved,” 

Furthermore, She also added that she will try to resolve it as soon as possible. And she thanked everyone who had an interest and bought her product.

As of now, the website issue has not been confirmed if it is resolved but the new episode will be aired tomorrow so hopefully, we get some information there!

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