Shirley wood looks devastated after her official break up with Aaron Rodgers!

Why Shirley wood and Aaron Rodgers got separated? Here’s the real reason behind their separation. Did Shirley Wood feel Neglected?

Shirley Wood and her Ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodger
Shirley and her Ex-boyfriend Aaron Rodger- source- The cheat sheet

Aaron Rodgers and Shirley wood have broken up again, This is the second time of their separation, and this time there is no fault of Shirley.

Moreover, Shirley constantly realized that the relationship she wanted is not the same, making her sad. She is not happy with her relationship with Aaron.

Smoke before Fire

At the NFL last year, Aaron revealed the news of his engagement to actress Shirley wood and at that time they come to publicity as they have many fans following.

After that, In 2021 November, the couple has not been spotted together and they also don’t share their pictures on social media. The folks noticed maybe there is something odd.

Additionally, Sources said that it’s only a rumor, that the couple might be busy with their career and apparently, their relationship is going strong. The report also noted that the pair are making their relationship work on their terms.

Furthermore, In 2021, on December 2, Rodger celebrated his 38th birthday and was spotted alone without his leading lady. It’s a moment just after 1 year of engagement. Shirley also did not share anything related to his birthday.

Similarly, the source revealed that they are very private about things so it’s okay to not post about each other on their birthday i.e their relationship is strong.

According to PEOPLE, everything is fine. They also said that if there is something, it will reveal itself.

Moreover, Rodger said that I’m recently engaged and that’s the best thing that’s happened to me in the last year.

Similarly, Shirley also said that “Yes we are finally engaged”

Shocking Break-up

In Feb 2022 as from multiple sources, their relationship was over. Even Shirley has been a great supporter of Aaron’s career.

One insider source said that he put football first and when he did this the pair barely spent time together. As she felt neglected in their relationship. Their relationship was not on track.

Furthermore, as to the sources, they will remain friends and there’s no bad blood and no extra drama.

They are very different people with very busy careers and schedules and they don’t have time to handle their relationship as well.

It just didn’t work out for now. None can believe that they got separated its a surprising moment in their circle that they didn’t work out.

At the height of the pandemic, it was easy for both of them to fall in love and focus only on their relationship but that’s not happened because there might be something odd they did not sort out.

Similarly, The source said that

“Rodger is an independent and handsome guy” and “got cold feet” when it came to their wedding and love life.”

The couple was spotted together again!

On March 8, 2022, It seems like they will be together again but there is no surety. Shirley and Rodger are spotted together and the media photographed them in Palm Beach, Florida.

They flew to West Palm Beach Airport on a private jet together and also returned on the same plane just hours later.

Shirley Wood and her Ex-boyfriend were spotted in Palm Beach
Shirley Wood and her Ex-boyfriend were spotted in Palm Beach- source -BACKGRID

Additionally,  Aaron Rodgers again wanted to reconcile with wood, explaining,

“They both had intense work schedules in the fall and they couldn’t focus on their relationship. Now when Aaron’s season is over, he wants to give it another try. He thinks Shailene is very special. She is more hesitant though.”

Now when his season is over, Rodger wants to give their relationship a try and he also thinks that Shirley is very special to him. But at the same time, she did not feel the same.

During an interview, Aaron said that he has an amazing partner to do life with,” which “just makes the work-life a bonus.”

Rodger also said, “She’s just an incredible woman, talented, smart kind,”. “I said last night, she taught me what unconditional love looks like and that’s a great gift. When you have a partner like that, it makes life so much more enjoyable.”

Aaron continued, “I think that living a life of gratitude is such an important way to keep that joy in your life and when you meet your person, life just changes. You’re never the same because you know you can’t be.”

The official breakup!

Again on April 26, 2022, despite his hope for a reconciliation, a Source told PEOPLE that they quit again on April 26th.

Shirley felt that everything was on Aaron’s side and terms and it wasn’t making her happy,” the insider shared this line after their breakup.

It was an amicable split; it just wasn’t working,” the source told People. “They’re very different people with busy careers and there were obstacles that they couldn’t surmount. They will remain friendly; there’s no bad blood and no drama. It just didn’t work out for them.”

Moreover, there is only this type of information available in sources, if we get any kind of information regarding their love life we will provide you the fact very soon.

Check out the video of Shirley talking about her engagement:



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Written by Ankur Zamp

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