Korean Beauty Quiz- Do you Have Warm, Cool or Neutral undertone?

Are you cool or warm undertone source: charlotte eve

Undertones are the key to our appearances!

Since we all care about our appearance, let’s find out the undertone and the colors that best suit our skin!

The skin tone and Undertone are completely different topics. It is important to know about these looks as they can make or break your Makeup along with your outfits!

“Your skin tone may change throughout the year (a shade or two deeper in the summer or maybe fairer or lighter in the winter months), but your under tone never changes,” says celebrity makeup artist Robert Sesnek.

Let’s elaborate more on what are the Warm, Cool, and Neutral undertones are:

  1. Warm Undertone-  golden, yellow, or peachy Undertones.
  2. Cool Undertones-  pink, red, or blueish undertones
  3. Neutral Undertones- Mixture of both Cool and Warm

How to know our Undertones?

Under tones can be identified easily. We made it easy for you guys to find out if you are actually warm-toned or cool-toned. It is a free service and helps you understand more about your complexion.

By only answering the following six quick questions, you can match with the undertone of your skin, making all your confusion rest! Take the quiz to know your true undertone!

  • Question of

    Check your wrist veins. What color do they appear?

    • Bluish
    • Greenish
    • Mix of Blue and Green
  • Question of

    How do you feel you look in dress like yellow or orange color?

    • It Makes me Glow
    • I look dull and sick
  • Question of

    Check you facial complexion with white paper in your chest

    • Perfect! there is no shadow in my face
    • No! It makes me sallow and dull
  • Question of

    Place golden color ( eye shadow, jewel, tint) in your hand or arm. Now place the silver nect to it! Which color looks more alive?

    • it’s Gold!
    • Silver is my color
  • Question of

    In the sun, how does you skin appear?

    • I have skin burn easily
    • I have a tan
  • Question of

    What is your eye color?

    • Golden brown, green, blue, hazel with gold flecks.
    • Black or deep brown, gray, steel blue, hazel with gray or blue flecks.

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Written by Kathrina Hurley

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