Sophie Turner turned down Kendal Jenner’s invitation to party after Met Gala! She was star-struck by her

why Sophie Turner reject Kendall Jenner’s invitation after-party to the Met Gala?

Sophie Turner and Kendall Jenner
Sophie Turner and Kendall Jenner, both are American actresses, model, media personality- source-

Sophie Turner revealed why she reject Kendall Jenner’s invitation after-party to the Met Gala. During an interview at the Show “The Tonight Show” She told Jimmy Fallon about why she declined an invitation from Kendall.

It’s an incident on May 6, Along with her husband Joe Jonas she attended the star-studded Met Gala. Similarly, She can’t always keep her “cool” around some celebrities.

Kendall Jenner was stunned in Prada. The Kardashian family including, Kris Jenner (Kendall’s Mother), and sisters, Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Kylie Jenner also attended the event for the first time as a family.

They have a maintained good image in the public. As we also know about the sister of Kendall Jenner ie. Kylie Jenner is the most gorgeous woman in today’s limelight timeline.

Sophie’s explained what she thinks about Kendall?

Turner doesn’t feel good when it comes to meeting some celebrities. She feels bad around them and it’s just a natural thing for her she can’t be always cool when there are certain celebrities.

Despite this, Sophie said that Kendal was at the Met and I love the Kardashians. I think she’s so gorgeous in real life and I was so, like, struck by her beauty,” Sophie explained. “She invited me to…this low-key afterparty. And she went, ‘Do you want to come?'” And, in return, Sophie simply replied, “‘No. No. No, I don’t.'” 


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After not being able to accept the invitation from Kendall, she shares that she wasn’t thrilled with her second split decision to pass up the party with the Kardashian star.

The actress after rejecting the invitation expressed regret and said, why she is like that?

And I’m like, ‘Why? Why do I do this to myself?'” Sophie commiserated, before sharing what she got up to after the event. “I just sat in bed and ate pasta and I was like, ‘Could be somewhere else right now.

Additionally, Sophie also mentioned that with Every celebrity I come into contact with, I act up or say something stupid,” she shared. “And recently, it’s been if a celebrity interacts with me, I immediately just shut them down and I’m like, ‘I don’t want anything to do with you.

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Did you know that Sophie acts super cool with her husband?

Her husband Joe Jonas is a well-known musician. Unlike her wife, he wants to be around people. Joe has been a great person and kind to all around him.

Sophie revealed that she knew him from the “First night”. at that time he was someone special.

The couple used to hang out at a bar with their close friends. After getting high and drinking a lot all their friends along with them, came back to Sophie’s apartment.

She even shared about her first date with Joe,  and said, I remember him leaving, and I just, like, wept.

They recently celebrated their wedding anniversary and also expecting their second child. She revealed her pregnancy in an interview with Elle. Sophie spoke about being excited about expanding her family with her super cool husband.


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Furthermore, She also said that she immediately began crying to her brother, telling him, “I love this man so much. 

Check out the video below what she said in the show while giving an interview related to the incident.



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