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American taekwondo competitor

Steven Lopez
American taekwondo competitor Source: Google

Lopez is the only Olympian to have won three medals in taekwondo, together with Hadi Saei Bonehkohal. He has also won the Lightweight Taekwondo World Championship and is a member of the fourth Dan in Taekwondo. Like it, Lopez is the only first-generation Taekwondo fighter to win five World Championships.

Steven Lopez |  Family and Education

Steven Lopez was born on November 9, 1978, to Ondina and Julio Lopez under the sign of Scorpio.

The Republic of Nicaragua, one of Nicaragua’s four children, is also a native land. He has two brothers named Jean and Mark Lopez as well as a sister named Diana Lopez.


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His father was employed under dictator Anastasio Somoza up until the 1979 Sandinista Revolution.

He was so working any job that presented itself to support his family. In 1982, the Lopez family moved to New York.


Since he was five years old, Lopez has been interested in sports. Looking back on his early years, Lopez’s father, Julio, encouraged him to pursue art because he was a huge Bruce Lee admirer.

In the beginning, Julio and his other son, Jean Lopez, instructed Steven in Taekwondo in his garage.


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Steven didn’t have any significant issues for a very long time because of his early exposure to the sport.

He went on to I.H. Kempner High School in Sugar Land, Texas, after that. Overall, Lopez graduated from Kempner High School in 1997.

He had kept his reputation as the most likely to succeed throughout his time in high school. He also belonged to the National Honor Society at the time.

Steven Lopez | Professional Life and Career

As of right now, Lopez has participated in 146 officially sanctioned fights, 115 of which he has won.

He has dispersed 530 hitpoints and 344 that were acquired through combat, giving him a 78.8% total.

When Lopez first began participating in prestigious competitions, he was still a teenager.

He had previously participated in the Pan American Games and WTF World Junior Championships in 1996, the WTF World Cup in 1997, and the Pan American Games once more in 1998 as he showcased his combat skills.


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Taekwondo was initially featured in the Olympic Games in 2000, thus Lopez did not commit a mistake by leaving it out. Steven Lopez competed in this race in the lightweight class for Sydney (68 kg).

With it, the Sydney State Sports Centres’ mats saw the 2000 Olympics narrowly defeat Sin Joon-Sik (KOR). The first brothers to participate in the Olympics after that were Steven and Jean Lopez.

As a result, he is now one of the inaugural two Taekwondo Olympic champions. The very next year, Lopez won the Lightweight Taekwondo World Championship.


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Not to mention that the following year, he captured the Welterweight Taekwondo World Championship.

Later, Lopez persisted in winning the Welterweight Taekwondo World Championship in 2005, 2007, and 2009.

Steven Lopez | Achievements

Lopez is without a doubt the most skilled taekwondo competitor in history. Often referred to as the “King of Taekwondo,” Lopez has never lost his love for the sport and frequently serves as a coach.

Despite all of the praise, Lopez has never stood on the stage. Lopez had his first off-podium experience of the 2012 London Olympics as a result of an ankle injury.


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Along with that, he lost to Oussama Queslati of Tunisia, which effectively ended his journey.

“I’m honored to be here. I’m pleased with my constancy and persistence despite numerous injuries. The ultimate objective wasn’t to be here today, but I’m delighted that I made the squad in a full-contact sport.”
-Lopez, Steven

Featured Events and Awards

  • Grand Prize for 2015: BRONZE
  • BRONZE at the 2015 Pan American Games
  • Grand Prix for 2014: SILVER
  • USA Open 2014: Gold
  • Gold at the 2013 Argentina Open
  • 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing: BRONZE
  • Gold in the 2007 World Taekwondo Championships
  • Trials for the 2007 Senior National Team (Welter): first
  • 2005 Male Athlete of the Month, United States Olympic Committee (April)
  • 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens: Silver
  • Gold in the 2003 World Taekwondo Championships
  • Bronze in the 2003 World Taekwondo Qualification Tournament
  • Gold at the Pan American Games (2003)
  • Bronze at the 2002 World Taekwondo Championships
  • Gold at the 2002 Pan American Games
  • Gold in the 2001 World Taekwondo Championships
  • 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney: Gold
  • Gold at the 1999 Pan American Games
  • Olympic Qualification for the 1999 Pan American Games: Gold
  • Bronze medal at the 1998 World Taekwondo Championships
  • 98th Pan American Taekwondo Championships: gold
  • 1997 Taekwondo World Cup Championships: Gold
  • The 1996 Pan American Taekwondo Championships were won by gold.
  • The 1996 World Junior Taekwondo Championships were won by gold.
  • At the 1995 Pan American Taekwondo Championships, silver
  • 1994 Taekwondo World Cup Championships: bronze
  • 1993 Jr. Bronze in the Olympics

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Steven Lopez | Personal Life

Aside from his work, Lopez keeps a fairly low profile when it comes to his relationships, dating, and personal life. It appears that there have been no updates regarding his past or present relationships.

Speaking of dating, Steven Lopez had a role on The Choice, a dating game program on Fox.

He shared the screen with Rob Kardashian, Finesse Mitchell, and Rob Gronkowski at that time as a bachelor star (New England Patriots tight end).


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The females would approach them with date requests as the plot developed. By the end, Steven had settled on Angelica, a volunteer, and talented cook.

Moving on, Lopez attends St. Theresa Catholic Church in Sugar Land, Texas, where he is an active Roman Catholic.

In addition to this, Steven has made appearances on the Ellen Show and Oprah. Additionally, he and his brothers authored a book titled Family Power about their challenging upbringing in 2009.

Steven Lopez | Net Worth and Salary

The estimated net worth of Steven Lopez as of right now is $4 million. His annual salary has not yet been public.

Steven Lopez | Age And Body Measurements

Steven Lopez is an accomplished athlete in addition to being a hottie. For instance, Lopez has light skin, short-styled black hair, and dark eyes.

In People Magazine’s list of the 50 Most Beautiful People, Lopez was listed.

In addition, Lopez has a lean physique; he is 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) tall and weighs 185 lb (84 kg).


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To keep his overall muscular, toned figure, he works out 11–12 times a week.

His workout routine mixes taekwondo moves with strength and aerobic training. He also adheres to a strict diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables to enhance the antioxidant effects.

Within the context of his overall eating plan, Greek yogurt is his favored post-workout snack.

Social Media

Instagram handle: @stevenlopeztkd

Twitter handle: @StevenLopezTkd

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much money does Steven Lopez make?

Steven Lopez has a net worth of about $4 million.

When did Steven Lopez’s suspension end?

The embargo on Steven Lopez was removed in 2018.

Quick Facts | Steven Lopez

Full Name Steven Lopez
Date of Birth November 9, 1978
Birth Place Nicaragua, Republic of Nicaragua
Nick Name None
Religion Roman Catholic
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Age 43 years old (as of July 2021)
Height 6 ft 3 in (191 cm)
Weight 185 lb (84 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Build Athletic
Fathers Name Julio Lopez
Mothers Name Ondina Lopez
Siblings Two brothers, Jean Lopez, Mark Lopez
A sister, Diana Lopez
Education I.H. Kempner High School
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend None
Profession Taekwondo competitor
Affiliation World Taekwondo Federation
Coach Jean Lopez
Olympic titles 2000 (Sydney), 2004 (Athens) & 2008(Beijing)
Taekwondo world championships 2001 (Jeju), 2003 (Garmisch), 2005 (Madrid), 2007 (Beijing), & 2009 (Copenhagen)
Net Worth $4 million
Social Media Instagram, Twitter
Merch YosooPack Kick Pad, RDX TKD Chest Guard
Last Update October, 2022

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