Surprising! Elisabeth Shue is not afraid of aging at all, she confessed that she wants to see herself as an old lady!

Elisabeth Shue believes that she wants to get older and it’s a privilege in the recent interview!

Elisabeth Shue is not at all afraid of aging!
Elisabeth Shue is not at all afraid of aging! source-google

In the World of plastic surgery to get younger, Elisabeth Shue wants to see herself getting older!!

In a recent interview at the Tribeca Festival, Elisabeth Shue embraced her getting older. While Elisabeth is 59 years old now, she confessed to being curious about what she will look like. That is completely bold of her to accept who she will become after a few years.

“I’m curious to see one day what I was intended to look like as an old lady,” the 59 year old actress said

She also said that she is not fearful of looking ugly or getting a definition of beauty from others. Shue herself is confident in living and embracing old age.

“I want to know what it’s going to be like, and I want to see it, and I’m not afraid,” she added.

The media people also confessed that she is one the few of actresses who is not interested in changing herself through plastic surgeries. Also, she knew a few names who did plastic surgery like Frances McDormand and Annette Bening.

Not just that Elisabeth walked down the red carpet in her own comfortable clothes, but this can be considered a rare sight in the glamor as everyone looks perfect for the big event. But Shue was remarkable with her simple look and must say that is a rare move in Hollywood. Also, she had no layers of makeup on, she was just raw herself.

Elisabeth Shue believes that she wants to see herself getting old and it's a privilege in the recent interview!
Elisabeth Shue believes that she wants to see herself getting old and it’s a privilege in the recent interview!

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Elisabeth was on the red carpet for the premiere of “The Good Half”. Her appearance was the talk of the night as she is pretty confident herself. She also took the limelight of stardom through this move and it was motivating for most of the people who want to look perfect.

The blonde beauty debuted in the acting industry in 1984. Her first movie was “The Karate Kid” and she played opposite Ralph Macchio. Elisabeth has led an interesting career in the industry. She was part of the classic “Cocktail” starring opposite Tom Cruise. She also received an Oscar for “Leaving Las Vegas”. Also, she has done pretty different sorts of roles such as an evil role in “The Boys” as well.

She has also confessed that her daughters have no interest in her whole career. Neither they were aspired to become actresses themselves. But after she played the role of the mother of Nick Jonas in “The Other Half” they were fascinated. Elisabeth also praised his work saying that he is an awesome actor.


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In praising Jonas, she also said that he is a very generous human being and very authentic. Also said that despite being a pop star he is very straightforward as he is from New Jersey. People from New Jersey are also known as “straight shooters”.

“He’s a really generous human and yes, he is a pop star, but he grew up in New Jersey, he’s very authentic (and) he’s an excellent actor.”

Shue, who also grew up in the Garden State, said she and Jonas bonded “right away.”

“If you’re from Jersey there’s no bulls—t,” she explained. “They’re straight shooters.”

The premiere night also included other actors from the movie such as Matt Walsh, Brittany Snow, David Arquette, Nick Jonas, and the director of the show Robert Schwartzman.


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