Sydney Sweeney had a blast while filming for the upcoming rom-com with co-star, Glen Powell. Are they dating?

“I’ve never laughed so much on a set before. I had a really good time,” says Sydney Sweeney in a recent interview

Sydney Sweeney
Sydney Sweeney lived her best life on the set of rom-com with Glen Powell source: The US Sun

Sydney Sweeney shared working with co-star, Glen Powell is fun. She lived her best life while filming for the upcoming rom-com, “Anyone But You” in Australia.

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell are the best on-screen and off-screen duo as per the sources. Are they dating? Well, both of them hang out quite often and they really enjoy each other’s company. But, it has not been clear yet whether they are real-life couples or not.

However, we can say Sydney and Powell are very close to each other and are close friends. On Tuesday, Sweeney stated about her good time on the set of the upcoming movie, “Anyone But You”. She talked about her experience working with her co-star Glen and other crew members as well.

The “Euphoria” actress and Glen’s chemistry is loved by everyone and their romance rumors also began due to their chemistry. Because of doing a similar movie, they posted each other on their Instagram too. According to Sydney Sweeney, she had her best life while filming the rom-com in Australia. In addition, she also stated,

“It was such a blast! I mean, Australia was such a beautiful place to film, and the cast and crew were so much fun. I’ve never laughed so much on a set before. I had a really good time and was living my best life. I loved it.” 


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Glen Powell and Sydney also shared a kiss while shooting a scene in Australia, Sydney a year ago. And, they had a trip together to the Taronga Zoo and we can also see different behind-the-scenes pictures of Glen and Sweeney. In one picture, both of them kept their tongue out and posed for the cameras where they are feeding a giraffe behind them.

Not only this but Powell and Sydney were also seen promoting their rom-com, “Anyone But You” together. Their relationship rumor started when Sydney Sweeney posted exploring Australia with her closest one which included Glen as well. From that time this duo has been linked together on and off screen.


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Know More

Sydney Sweeney is in a relationship with a millionaire, Jonathan Davino from the year 2018. Despite dating rumors with Glen Powell, Jonathan, and Sweeney are still together. Similarly, their engagement has been confirmed in March as per the sources. Though Sweeney didn’t wear her engagement ring several times she had a dinner date with Davino in New York City last month. Also, the reports confirmed they are happily living together and the rumors don’t affect their pure relationship.

On the other hand, Glen Powell also split with his longtime girlfriend, Gigi Paris. Gigi and Glen were together since the year 2020. In addition, Paris unfollowed Sydney after knowing about her rumor about Glen. She showed her support toward the Euphoria actress before but after knowing about Powell and Swenney’s closeness she unfollowed her. This also made people think something is cooking between Sweeney and Powell.


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Moreover, Gigi Paris shared a short clip of herself writing, “Know your worth & onto the next” via Instagram. People assumed she is referencing the line to her ex-boyfriend. We are still unsure about Sydney and Glen’s relationship, but the people who noticed them clearly say something is happening between them. A filmmaker stated that their romance doesn’t stop behind cameras. He stated,

“To be honest we thought they were already a couple. I knew him from Top Gun. But I just assumed they were a couple in real life. That’s what it looked like to most of us. And to some of the extras as well. There was talk about it during (production) breaks that they seemed close from day one.”


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Meanwhile assuming things are the only we can do cause Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell haven’t uttered a word regarding this matter. Some say they are dating while some deny the rumor. One source said Sweeney and Jonathan are still engaged and she is not dating Glen.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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