T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s relationship is getting headlines as it is shocking to the people. Know everything about them!!

“Holmes and Robach aren’t ashamed. They’re two consenting adults, who ended up loving each other,” says the insider

T.J. Holmes
T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are not ashamed of their romance source: Los Angeles Times

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach who are the new anchors of “Good Morning America 3” are rumored to be a couple. Though the sources announced their relationship is more than just friends cause they were spotted holding hands and being cozy with each other.

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s romance rumors shocked everyone cause it is confirmed now that they are actually dating. This is the first time, that dating rumors are spreading.

But, they both denied first and now all the sources have proven their ongoing relating which began just a month ago. They also do not know how they turned into lovers and crosses the line for friendship.

On Thursday, Holmes and Robach showed their appearances at the podcasts with co-anchor, Dr. Jennifer Ashton. Before arriving at the show, T.J. and Amy’s pictures together got viral all over social media. This makes people clear about their relationship and they couldn’t hide anymore.

However, the duo was seen holding hands together in a car in New York and getting cozy. Thus, the sources announces that they turned their friendship more in June. After their secret went public, both of them closed their Instagram accounts on Wednesday. According to one of the insiders,

“Holmes and Robach aren’t ashamed. They’re two consenting adults, who ended up loving each other. They hadn’t seen each other since Tuesday. It’s not how they wanted [news of their relationship] to come out, but it’s also kind of a relief”

Furthermore, another source stated,

“They’ve been good friends for eight years. Also, both of them had no shame going out together and have been publicly doing this for much longer than a month.”

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes source: people

Even though their relationship affair was always in the headlines before as well, they used to deny such allegations. They became friends in the year 2014 and in the year 2017, their affair was only a hot topic for the people. Similarly, they never came near each other due to the rumors which were false according to them. Regarding this matter, one source said,

“The rumors freaked them out. They panicked. They weren’t true, and after that, they were terrified to hang out together or be on-air and be too friendly.”

Although they denied these allegations before now they are true and are becoming headlines in different media as well. Likewise, they haven’t uttered a word about this news but now people are sure that they are more than friends. Also, the sources mentioned,

“They [feel they] don’t owe anyone anything … They’re upset that their daughters had to be exposed to it this way, but there’s nothing they’re ashamed of. It’s the most difficult part of their lives that they’re experiencing. It’s a friendship that clicked and became more … and it happens.”

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Wanna Know More?

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach became close to each other after their divorce from their own spouses. Let us talk about, Holmes, he was married to Marilee Fiebig in the year 2010. And, Amy on the other hand was married to Andrew Shue in 2010.

They both married in the same year and split in the same year as well. As the sources announced that they both separated in August.

Holmes and Marilee’s reason for the separation is believed to be Amy and his relationship. However, some sources claim that this reason made T.J. leave her temporarily. Though they again patched up it’s been four months since they have permanently split.

In addition to that, the reason for Amy and her ex-husband’s separation is not clear. The rumor still says that the reason is not cheating and they were having their own problem. Some sources also said,

“Amy and Andrew had a few bumps, and it’s always felt like they were exploring avenues. They were really close and tried to make it work … She was very sad about her marriage ending. It didn’t seem like it was over cheating”

When T.J. was really going through his worst due to their separation, Amy was the only person who took care of him throughout. One of the insiders said,

“The only person he could lean on was Amy when he was having trouble with his marriage again recently. Amy was the first person he reached out to. No one knew he was getting a divorce until yesterday.”

Apart from this, “Good Morning America 3” is given on the ABC channel which includes news stories, and celebrity interviews. Not only this but the healthy living tips and cooking segments are also done at 1 p.m. ET/12 p.m. CT on ABC on weekdays.


Written by Keshaa Perry

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