The 9-year-old Carmen Baldwin raided her mother Hilaria’s shoe closet and makeup drawer!

Carmen Baldwin, the eldest daughter of Alec and Hilaria Baldwin turns 9 today and Hilaria posted a tribute to her daughter

Carmen Baldwin raids her mother closet and wears her shimmery shoes!!
Carmen Baldwin raids her mother closet and wears her shimmery shoes!! source-google

Carmen Baldwin raided her mother Hilaria’s shoe closet and makeup drawer, wearing shimmery shoes with winged liners!

As we all are aware, time flies, Carmen Baldwin is all grown up!! She was looking very fierce after raiding her mother’s shoes and her makeup.

Mother Hilaria Baldwin posted some Instagram stories of the 9-year-old turned daughter and she was wearing black winged eyeliner with red lipstick.

Mother Hilaria is pregnant for the seventh time now with a girl and shared a photo of her small family having a meal. “Starting the bday celebrations 2 days early,”  captioned the story.

In another story, she added her daughter wearing all black, wearing shimmery shoes, and fierce makeup.

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“She raided my shoe closet,” Hilaria writes on the second Instagram story. In the third story, Carmen is standing on one leg and catching the heels of the other boot with her leg up.

"This is her favorite pose" says Hilaria Baldwin posting pictures og her 9-years-old turned daughter.
“This is her favorite pose,” says Hilaria Baldwin posting pictures of her 9-years-old turned daughter. source-google

“This is her favorite pose,” Hilaria wrote in her Instagram post “did a shoe change and lost one of the press-on nails in my closet. We laughed that we are gonna find it in like 10 years.”

Along with the eldest daughter Carmen, Alec and Hilaria share five other children, and also she is pregnant currently. They have 7-year-old Rafael, 5-year-old Leonardo, 4 -year-old Romeo, 1-year-old Eduardo, and Maria Lucia.

Maria Lucia and Eduardo just have six months of difference and she was born via surrogate.

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Previously the couple made the headlines of the news when he writes some valid points to have so many children. All the six adorable children are the reasons behind wanting to expand more of the family.

“People comment about how many children we have and ask why. This is why. The thing in this life that matters most to me is these people”


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The cuteness and innocence are what he replied to the media who keeps on asking about the children he is having.  Everyone gushed over the Instagram post where he shared feeding his daughters cutely, one of their fans said

“I think that as long as you can afford to look after them and your heart has room for that much love, you should do what you want! I could only afford to have 2 but I would have loved more ❤️

While the other one added saying, “THE BEST – doesn’t get better !”, while the other one writes. Having children is the most grateful blessing ever as some can never be parents.

One of the other fans posted a very heartfelt comment saying that he doesn’t have any children as he was busy building his career and life and it was too late.

“I never had children. Too wrapped up in my career. Then it was too late. These photos and videos you post make my day. This video in particular is precious. Thanks for sharing your like with us.”


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Moreover, Hilaria shared her experience of pregnancy for the 7th time now. She has been in constant expansion and contraction of her belly and she mentioned that she is feeling weak.

However, every woman has a different experience of pregnancy and it cannot be compared with one another.

Furthermore, many many Happy returns of the day Carmen!



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