The former contestant of America’s Got Talent, Nolan Neal passed away at age 41, What was the exact cause of death?

Nolan Neal, also The Voice contestant, passed away on July 18, 2022, at his Nashville apartment.

Nolan Neal passed away at the age of 41!!
Nolan Neal passed away at the age of 41!! source-google

Nolan Neal, the former contestant of “America’s Got Talent” and “The Voice”, passed away at the age of just 41!!

Nolan Neal who appeared on famous shows like AGT and The Voice was found dead on Monday, July 18. The exact cause of death is still unknown but according to sources, he was battling substance abuse. Neal’s cousin confirmed that he died in his Nashville apartment and it was from battling substance abuse.

The local hospital examiner has however given no hints on the cause and has made no comments yet. The only person who came in contact with the media with some information is Neal’s cousin Dylan Seal. He called Noel one of the most talented people he ever met in the music industry.

Dylan told, Noel is born talented and an entertainer. He was god gifted and he showed signs for his early age. He offered great talent in singing as well as creating lyrics. Dylan is himself known as an audio engineer.

“He was a natural-born entertainer and it was obvious to all of us from an early age. He blew us all away with his incredibly powerful vocal delivery and songwriting,” Dylan said. “Working with him in the studio was awe-inspiring.

He further added that it was very inspiring to work with Noel and is one of the legends of his work. Noel had a lot of creative energy and it was from beneath his soul. Music was the only thing that mattered to him, it was everything to him.

 The speed at which he could write arrange and record the basics of a track was legendary. He was pure creative energy. He put everything he had into the music. He sang from deep within his soul. Upon reflection this morning, it was likely his tortured soul crying out. Music was life or death for him. It was everything.”


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Dylan just continued talking about Noel, he also recalled the moment when he requested Noel to sing the “Fire and Rain” song at his father’s funeral. That meant the most to Dylan and his father also would have appreciated the song as he was his fan. The day Noel died, the song was playing through Dylan’s mind.

He continued, “Three years ago this month, at my request, he sang James Taylor’s ‘Fire and Rain’ at my father’s funeral. It meant the world to me and would have to my father, who was Nolan’s biggest fan. That song has been running through my mind all morning.”

Furthermore, he added that he is deeply sad that he is no more and ultimately the drugs took him away.

Seals added that he’s “saddened” to learn that Neal “ultimately succumbed to his battle with substance abuse.”

“He was always open and honest about that struggle,” Seals said. “He was a loving father and son. A light to all who knew him. My heart goes out to his two children and his mother Cathy.”

Moreover, Neal was an honest man, he opened up about the struggle and is a lovely person. Nolan has two children and Dylan feels terrible for them and also his mother Cathy. How unfortunate is for a mother to lose her son.

Not just once Neal admitted that he lost his way during “The Voice” as he was addicted to drinking. However, some solutions quite helped him to remain sober after that, he said that,

“I found happiness by helping others in recovery,” he added. “I found a way to be happy without the things I thought made me happy before.” 

We from the team gossipy pay heartfelt condolence to Neal. May you rest in peace!!






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