Tiffany Roy

Spouse of NFL player Michael Oher

Tiffany Roy
Tiffany with her Husband Michael Oher source: Google

Tiffany Roy has an experience in both public and private laboratories in the United States for thirteen years. She is also popular for being the wife of NFL player Michael Oher.

Tiffany Roy’s Early Life, Childhood, and Education

Born in 1982, in Lansing, Michigan, Tiffany Roy is currently 40 years old. Her personal life seems to be a secret.

She has refused to reveal any information about her parents or siblings. Tiffany hasn’t even revealed her exact birth date.

Tiffany Roy | Relationship

Michael Oher and Tiffany have been married for a long time and have many pictures of themselves in old vintage clothing.

The couple has been married for a few years, but the exact date of their wedding has not been disclosed.

Tiffany and Michael are the founders of ‘Beat the Odds Inc.,’ a non-profit organization. Michael’s charity and funding support the company, which specializes in providing suitable opportunities to deserving but less fortunate players.

Both Tiffany and Michael work in the same company as President and Vice-president.

Sean Tuohy Jr. posted a photo on Instagram on August 10, 2015, revealing the face of Michael Oher’s wife for the first time.

Tiffany Roy | Profession and Career

Unfortunately, we do not know what Tiffany does or did for a living. Michael and Tiffany have both been extremely private about their personal information.

Sure, Tiffany is the Vice President of Beat the Odds Inc., but it is a non-profit organization that does not compensate you for your efforts.

Tiffany Roy | Net Worth

Tiffany Roy’s net worth is currently unknown. We can’t estimate her net worth because we don’t even know what kind of job she did or is doing.

Likewise, Michael Oher has an estimated net worth of $16 million.

 Brief bio of Michael Oher

Michael Oher was homeless for the majority of his childhood before being adopted by the Tuohy family, born on May 28th, 1986.

His father was usually in and out of the prison, so he wasn’t always present. Similarly, his mother was no better; she was a drug addict who couldn’t take care of her 12 children.

Yes, Michael has eleven siblings. His entire family could form their own football team, complete with three substitutes, including his father and mother.

Back on topic, Michael’s family moved a lot during his childhood, but it all came to a halt when he was adopted by a crazy rich family (Tuohy).

The Tuohys enrolled him in a prestigious school, where he found his passion for football.

He grew up to be a dedicated football player who worked tirelessly to gain entry into the Nation Football League, the sport’s highest level.

Michael played football for the University of Mississippi  Michael signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2009 after finishing his college football career. The contract was worth $13.8 million and lasted five years.

Michael Oher
Former NFL player Michael Oher Source: Google

Tiffany Roy | Height, Weight

As per the report, Tiffany has not revealed the information about her height and weight yet.

Similarly, TIffany has beautiful dark brown eyes with black hair. Meanwhile, her confidently beautiful attitude made her more attractive.

Tiffany Roy’s Controversy

Roy has managed to keep her away from different rumors and controversies to date.

Tiffany Roy’s Social Media

She prefers to keep her life as private as possible and does not want the public to know about her personal details, including photos.

We believe she was annoyed when Sean Tuohy Jr. shared her picture on the internet, but she was powerless to respond because the Tuohy family is largely responsible for her husband’s multi-million dollar career.

Frequently Asked Question:

Who is Tiffany Roy?

Spouse of Former NFL Player, Michael Oher.

Is Michael Oher retired?

He had to retire from professional football after failing the physical test administered by the Carolina Panthers, his most recent team.

Did Michael Oher have a disability?

Yes, Michael Oher has a learning disability, but despite this, he learned the game of football very well.

Tiffany Roy | Quick Facts

  • Full Name -Tiffany Michelle Roy
  • Birth Date -1982
  • Birth Place -Lansing, Michigan
  • Current Residence- Memphis, Mississippi
  • Nick Name- Nona
  • Religion- Christianity
  • Nationality- American
  • Famous for being –Michael Oher’s wife
  • Ethnicity- Black
  • Age- 40 years old
  • Hair Color- Black
  • Eye Color- Brown
  • Build- Slim
  • Marital Status- Married to Michael Oher

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