Tina Turner lived a terrible life tolerating physical abuse and different health issues when she was alive!!

Tina left the world due to serious illness as she had a kidney failure and intestinal cancer

Tina Turner
Tina Turner explained about her terrible life source: Page Six

Tina Turner cope with a lot of difficulties while she was alive. She died at the age of 83 on May 24, 2023, due to a serious illness.

Tina Turner is one of the strong personalities I have ever heard of. Though she is not present in this world physically her work and dedication have made her alive. Turner dealt with many difficulties in her life and still came out very strong. She is the Queen of rock ‘n’ roll for a reason. Tina’s shocking demise was due to a serious illness for a very long time. Her close friends, family, and fans were shocked and saddened after hearing the news. Similarly, her close ones paid tribute to the late Tina Turner via social media. The statement reads,

“It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Tina Turner. With her music and her boundless passion for life, she enchanted millions of fans around the world and inspired the stars of tomorrow.”

Also, the statement continued,

“Today we say goodbye to a dear friend who leaves us all her greatest work: her music. All our heartfelt compassion goes out to her family. Tina, we will miss you dearly.”


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Likewise, music legendary used to live with her husband, Erwin Bach, and her sons Michael and Ike Turner Jr. Tina was previously married to Ike Turner in the year 1962 in Mexico. They met each other through music as she used to work with Ike and his band, Kings of Rhythm. After two years of Ike and Tina’s wedding, they gave birth to a son, Ronnie. Well, Ike used to hit her and she was a victim of domestic violence at the time.

Turner stated in many interviews regarding physical abuse. Furthermore, according to Tina,

“There was violence because he had this fear that I was going to leave him. The other women, because I didn’t love him that way … the other women weren’t so bad, but it was the constant, constant ill-treatment.”

The total story was documented in a biopic named, “What’s Love Got to do with It”. In this documentary, Angela Bassett played the role of Tina and Laurence Fishburne of Ike. However, Tina couldn’t handle the violence and she parted ways with Ike Turner in the year 1978. Not only this but Turner also dealt with her health issues throughout her life.


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She was ill for a long time and the reason for her death was also due to illness as per the reports. She suffered from PTSD, kidney failure, intestinal cancer, and high blood pressure as well. In addition, in October 2013 Tina was hospitalized for 10 days due to a stroke. Later she explained her situation saying,

“I woke up suddenly and in a panic. A lightning bolt struck my head and my right leg — at least that’s how it felt — and I had a funny sensation in my mouth that made it difficult for me to call out to Erwin for help. I suspected it wasn’t good, but it was worse than I ever imagined. I was having a stroke.”

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Tina Turner on the other hand also lost her eldest son and younger son fun to suicide and cancer respectively. This was a very difficult time for her to handle. We can’t imagine how she copes with her situation as losing her own children is very painful, especially for mothers. In the year 2018, Tina’s eldest son, Raymond Craig attempted suicide in Los Angeles. Raymond was 59 years when he died and his death affect his mother a lot.


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Turner stated, “My saddest moment as a mother. But he will always be my baby”. After four years, she lost her youngest child in 2022 due to cancer. Her son Ronnie’s demise broke her completely as he was a victim of colon cancer. Tina Turner paid tribute to Ronnie at the time via Instagram saying, “Ronnie, you left the world far too early. In sorrow I close my eyes and think of you, my beloved son”


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Tina Turner talked about her terrible life and said not to stop. She believed in positivity and kept going. Even though she is not here with us but her deeds and dedication kept her alive forever. May her soul rest in peace in heaven. We lost a gem!

Written by Keshaa Perry

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