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Tokyo Jetz
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Mother and rapper Tokyo Jetz hails from Jacksonville, Florida. She manages to stay in the news thanks to her freestyle video series, her aggressive, careless, and dramatic demeanor, and lyrics about the tough existence on the streets.

About Tokyo Jetz

American rapper Tokyo Jetz, best known for her No Problem hit track, was born on October 26, 1994. Jacksonville, Florida, is where she was born.

Although she eventually changed it to Tokyo Jetz, her birth name is Shauntrell Pender. Two factors are the main drivers of unusual names.

Her Asian-like eyes gave her the nickname Tokyo, and Curren$y’s song by the same name, Jetz, is one of her all-time favorites.

After posting several freestyle rap videos online while driving, she became famous.


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Jetz’s Early Life, Family, Siblings & Education

Tokyo Jetz’s parents split up when she was a little child. Her father, two elder brothers, and a younger sister were the people she lived with for the majority of her upbringing.

She once attempted to relocate with her mother, who was a resident of Atlanta throughout her high school years. However, she felt compelled to live alone and apart.

Although she did not experience a lot of affection from her parents, she still respects and loves them.

Despite his best efforts, her father was unable to provide anything for the four children on his own when her mother traveled to another place.

She was a regular high school student without a job or other independent means of support. To work and earn a little dollars to support her family, she ultimately decided to move back to Jacksonville and dropped out of high school.

She only made it to the eleventh grade and never completed high school. Tokyo enjoyed poetry and music as a high school student and occasionally competed in interschool events.

She may not have completed high school, but she is making progress in her life. Her parent’s and all of her siblings’ names, ages, and other details are not known.

Tokyo Jetz| Body Measurements and Appearances

Most of the singer’s personal information has been hidden from view. As a result, we are still obtaining her physical measurements.

The singer has dark, black hair that she frequently tints, giving her a superb outer appearance. She also has dark eyes and a face with a diamond shape.

Tokyo is 5’6” tall, 123 lbs (56 kg) in weight, and has a thin build (167 cm).


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Tokyo Jetz Net Worth and Salary

Jetz’s lucrative career has allowed her to accumulate significant wealth. She seems to have a good amount of wealth. Her net worth is thought to range from $800,000 to $1.5 million, according to trustworthy sources.

According to sources, her approximate forecast of salary could vary in the range between $66.2K – $87.5K. Also, her revenue is $68.7K.

Personal Life and Relationships

Tokyo has maintained the secrecy of her romantic life, just like her present beau. We are unable to say with certainty how many committed partnerships she has had.

We are unable to provide accurate information due to the lack of information regarding her prior relationships and boyfriends.

She has never been engaged, and she is now seeing Dalvin Cook, that much we can be certain of.

She made her four-month pregnancy known to the public in May 2019 on Instagram. Since no one anticipated hearing such a piece of information from her, it was understandably startling news for the fans.

She then explained her decision to keep it a secret by stating that she desired alone and tranquility.

The Dating History

The pair only recently began dating, according to the information available, even though the precise date hasn’t been made public yet. We can reasonably infer that the connection is brand-new and fresh because the Instagram post was made just a few months ago.

Like other players in the National Football League, Dalvin has kept his love life a closely guarded secret. Little is known about his previous relationships, girlfriends, and dates as a result.

He and Jacquilla Morris, his high school sweetheart, attended Miami Central High School together, and it is a known truth that the two had a son together.

Dalvin made their pregnancy announcement in April 2017. In 2018, they welcomed their first kid together, and they decided to give him the name Dalvin Cook Jr.

No other information regarding the child is disclosed. As of right now, it is being kept a secret.

Although it might seem ideal to date your high school sweetheart and have a child together, Dalvin did not propose to her.

He might have had second thoughts about getting engaged, which is understandable given that it’s a significant step, or maybe they weren’t convinced they were right for each other.

Whatever transpired, it was a permanent event because Dalvin is now dating Tokyo Jetz; getting divorced is harder than ending a relationship amicably.

Son | Amir

Tokyo Jetz has a kid named Amir, although the biological father of the child is unclear. 2019 September 16 saw the birth of her son Amir.

She also created a special Instagram account for her 3-year-old kid in 2022, where she posts images and videos of him.

How did Tokyo Jetz start her career?

She began writing poetry in high school and eventually became involved in the hip-hop and rap scenes. Her brother was the one who suggested she adapt some of her writings into rap lyrical rhymes.

Her first real break undoubtedly happened in 2012 when one of her songs became a local smash. To advance her profession as a rapper, she later decided to upload content on social media sites.

Fortunately, this choice genuinely changed lives. Her freestyle videos helped her become well-known.

Her original stanza, which she rapped over Yo Gotti’s Down in the DM in 2016, attracted a lot of attention and views.

At the beginning of 2017, rapper Tokyo Jetz relocated to Atlanta to advance her musical career. Soon after, she and other Grand Hustle-signed musicians embarked on a cross-country tour.

Jetz had an unfulfilling childhood because her parents were divorced and her family didn’t have much to offer financially. As a result, she grew up in a less affluent part of the city where rents are typically lower.

Jetz recalled using Section 8 and food stamps to support herself. Growing up in the projects, she did not have a joyful upbringing.

She slowly but surely developed an online reputation as a freestyle rapper who raps about the harsh realities of street life. Despite having an aggressive appearance, she can be spirited when the bars call for it.

She caught the attention of T.I., a well-known figure in the rap industry, after going viral online. Later, in 2016, T.I. signed her to the record label Grand Hustle.

Rappers including T.I., Trina, and Kash Doll have worked with her since then.


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A piece on Tokyo was also published in the renowned Kazi magazine.

A review on her most recent album, Cancel Culture, which was released in 2021, was recently featured on Revolt. Tv. “The Grand Hustle artist did not disappoint,” they said.

A similar review of Cancel Culture was published on They too had great things to say about the album and lauded the rapper’s lyrical and creative abilities.

On a Track from cancel culture entitled Know The Rules, they made remarks. Know The Rules demonstrates once more why Tokyo is a natural force in the rap game with her slick lyrics and consistency, according to the article.

Regarding one of her tracks, No Love Story, Femalerappernews also had something to say. No Love Story is the ideal music for the club, in my opinion.

Additionally, they discussed her other hit, See Me. She contributes excellent lyrics to the verses. However, she also writes a catchy chorus, according to the website.

Youtube Channel

She has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs in addition to her musical career. A little video of her speaking to her partner on a video call may be found in one of her vlogs from June 13, 2019.

Although his face is not visible in the video, we may infer that he is the child’s father from the context.


Influences| Jetz Listened To Growing Up

Tokyo Jetz is a major admirer of Tupac. She still tries to emulate him in every way imaginable even today.

Even though she was a Biggie fan, she also liked Tupac. She was also influenced by the names of Boyz II Men, Toni Braxton, Mary J. Blige, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and other artists.

Tokyo Jetz Albums

Grand Hustle released the singles “My Story,” which was also successful, and “Sunshine Baby,” which was released in August 2017. Professionally and for Grand Hustle Records, this was her debut album.

London Jae, T.I., Sy Ari Da Kid, and others were featured on this album’s premiere. 2 million people streamed the album online in total.

Viral was the title of her debut album.

Her second album, which included performances by T.I., Trey Songz, EarthTone Lyrix, Trina, and other musicians, was formally released in 2018 by the artist. Bonafide was the title of the album.

Her third album, Stimulus Package, which she released in 2020, did not receive the same level of success as her first two.

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Social Media Presence

Tokyo Jetz gained notoriety via social media for the Grand Hustle song “Sunshine Baby,” which was published in August 2017. You can follow her on her social media pages by clicking the link below:





Which Tokyo Jetz song is the most well-known?

Tokyo Jetz’s most well-known song to date is No Problem. The song is connected to Bonafide, her second studio album.

Whose father is Tokyo Jetz?

Even the most basic details concerning Jetz’s father, such as name, age, and physical characteristics, are not known. Despite having a good father, Tokyo Jetz rarely discusses him on her social media pages.

Who does the hair for Tokyo Jetz?

Mia Jackson, Jetz’s hairdresser, is a rather well-known name to Tokyo Stylez. She has also worked with several well-known people, including Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Gabrielle Union, Kendall Jenner, Cardi B, and Doja Cat.

Quick Facts

Full Name Shauntrell Pender
Birth Date October 26, 1994
Birth Place Jacksonville, Florida
Nick Name None
Religion N/A
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Education N/A
Horoscope Scorpio
Father’s Name N/A
Mother’s Name N/A
Siblings Two elder brothers & a younger sister
Age 27
Height 5’6″ (167 cm)
Weight 123 lbs (56 kg)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Tattoo Roses- Arms, Butterfly- Waist, Thighs, and Neck
Build Slim
Profession Musician/Rapper
Total albums 5 (Viral 2017), (Cancel Culture 2017), (Bonafide 2018), (90’s baby 2018 EP), (Stimulus Package 2020 EP).
Record label Grand hustle / EMPIRE / TOKYO JETZ
Genre Hip-hop / Rap
Marital Status Unmarried
Kids A son (Amir)
Net Worth $800,000 to $1.5 million.
Last Update October 2022

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