Is Tom Cruise filming a movie in the outer space to become the first person to shoot a movie on the International Space Station!

“The actor is inching closer to becoming the first civilian to do a spacewalk” says the director and partner of Tom, Doug Liman

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is the first actor for shooting above the sky in the space source: Twitter

Tom Cruise is filming in space which probably makes him the first person to shoot a film in space. He is popular for his stunt performance and once again he didn’t fail to make his fans proud.

Tom Cruise recently stated in an interview about shooting in space. He is considered the world’s highest-paid actor.

Similarly, when we think about the movie related to action and stunts, we automatically imagine Thomas Cruise Mapother IV who is also known as Tom Cruise. People actually love Tom for his action.

Likewise, he is 60 years old now but still looks energetic. Tom Cruise recently filed the film on the International Space Station. Recently, Tom stated in the Universal Films Entertainment Group about working in the space.

He said that this time his movie will be unimaginable as he is going to fly high than the fighter jets would take him. Tom teamed up with the director, Doug Liman of The Bourne Identity. 

Tom on the other hand shared in the Universal Films Entertainment Group that his dreams literally came true. Donna also stated their idea of filming in the space. He also explained,

“I think Tom Cruise is taking us to space, he’s taking the world to space. That’s the plan. We have a great project in development with Tom … Taking a rocket up to the Space Station and shooting.”

Jim Bridenstine who is the NASA administrator stated in May 2020 that,

“We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality.”

However, the plan to film in the space was made previously but due to covid, the plan was unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Liman said that the character will have to go to space to save the day. And, she also stated,

“I am hoping Tom Cruise will be the first civilian to do a space walk outside of the space station. If the film goes ahead, Cruise would become the first actor to film a movie in outer space, on the International Space Station.”


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A few weeks earlier, Tom Cruise’s movie, Top Gun: Maverick spread on the social media platform, and fans loved the scene and the work as well.

Furthermore, in the picture, Cruise is standing on the biplane and holding a rig. He is also speaking into the camera and Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller are in the lead roles.

Not only this but one of his followers of Tom tweeted with the caption,

“Just Tom Cruise things. The ending to this clip is just insane even without editing & final touchups. One of the biggest Superstar on earth for a reason, Last of the superstars.”

In the year 2017, the star was injured while filming 2018’s Mission: Impossible Fallout. In the footage, we can see he broke his ankle on the building’s rooftop. Also, he was back with the bomb o the London set as he recovered from the accident.

When one of his followers asked him what the reason behind choosing stunts and action movies was. Tom Cruise replied back with,

“No one asked Gene Kelly, ‘Why do you dance?'”

Jackie Chan might disagree, but there has never been a leading guy who puts himself in danger as frequently as Cruise does in order to create the most realistic action scenes.

If he is successful in filming a project in Musk’s spacecraft, he will have the only known instance in  Hollywood history. also, Jim Bridenstine, the administrator of NASA, verified the report on Tuesday.

NASA is excited to work with @TomCruise on a film aboard the @Space_Station! We need popular media to inspire a new generation of engineers and scientists to make @NASA’s ambitious plans a reality.

— Jim Bridenstine (@JimBridenstine) May 5, 2020


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Written by Keshaa Perry

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