Tom Sandoval made an apology statement after cheating on Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. Is he regretting?

“I need some time to address everything else. Sorry for everything,” says the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ star via Instagram

Tom Sandoval
Tom Sandoval breaks his silence about the cheating rumors source: E News

Tom Sandoval apologizes to Ariana Madix for cheating on her with costar Raquel Leviss. He felt guilty for his action and made an apology statement via his Instagram.

Tom Sandoval cheated on his long-time girlfriend, Ariana Madix with Raquel Leviss. The news came publicly after months of his affair. Ariana knew about the secret affair on Wednesday night after seeing Raquel’s text on Tom’s phone.

She wasn’t expecting this from her long-time boyfriend. Similarly, after the news broke publicly Tom made an apology statement referring to Ariana, his friends, and families. He said his intention wasn’t to hurt anyone and is regretting his decision.

Likewise, Sandoval also said that he never wanted Madix to know by herself this way. Even though he made his comment section off, he posted a statement saying sorry to his close ones on Instagram. The first apology statement was posted five days ago which says,

“Hey, I fully understand and deserve ur anger & disappointment towards me, but please leave [Tom] Schwartz, my friends, and my family out of this situation…”

Additionally, he cleared everyone that his best friend, Tom Schwartz, and other friends didn’t know about his affair early. They also know this news with the rest of the people. Following this, he said,

“Schwartz specifically only found out about this very recently, and most definitely did not condone my actions. This was a very personal thing. Also, Schwartz & Sandy’s might have my name on it, but also there are 3 other partners and 20 employees, who especially rely on the restaurant for income for themselves and their families”


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Furthermore, Tom Sandoval requests people to attack him only not his circle for this. He stated,

“I am a small part of a much bigger thing. Please direct your anger towards me and not them. They did nothing wrong. I’m so sorry that my partners, Greg, Brett, and Schwartz and our employees have to suffer for my actions. “


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Concluding his statement, he wrote,

“I will be taking a step back & taking a hiatus out of respect for my employees and partners. I need some time to address everything else. Sorry for everything.”

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Further Explanation

On March 7, 2023, Tom also posted a second statement saying sorry, especially to his wife. After five days of the cheating rumors, Sandoval stated his and Ariana’s bond more clearly to people. He was sorry to his ex-girlfriend who supported him throughout his journey. He first began the statement by saying,

“I want to first and foremost apologize to everyone I’ve hurt through this process. Most of all, I want to apologize to Ariana. I made mistakes, I was selfish, and made reckless decisions that hurt somebody I love. No one deserves to feel that pain so traumatically and publicly.”


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In the second paragraph, the Vanderpump Rules star stated,

“I can only imagine how devastating this has been for Ariana and everyone around us. I feel really horrible about that. My biggest regret is that I dishonored Ariana. I never meant to disappoint so many people, including our loving families and friends.”

Not only this, but the actor also added that his memories with Ariana Madix are more than just a picture they show on Instagram. The most memorable days are not captured by any cameras, not the biggest struggles they deal with. So explaining this, Tom wrote,

“I wish things happened in a different order and our relationship was not severely tarnished, and that it ended with the same respect for her that it began with. I owed Ariana better. The choices I made hurt so many people. I acted in a way that clashed with who and how I want to be.”

Lastly, Tom Sandoval said,

“I will continue to reflect and work on myself. I have work to do. I always have, and I always will.”

More Details

Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix broke up after cheating rumors in March 2023. The former duo first met in the year 2013 when Madix also joined the hit Bravo show, “Vanderpump Rules”. After a year in 2014, they confirmed their relationship publicly via Instagram. From attending different shows together to buying their first house together, they had a very strong relationship. Their love was seen by everyone and they always had each other’s back.

Their nine years of relationship ended because Sandoval cheated on her with his costar. An insider stated that Ariana is done this time and will not be back again with Tom. He stated,

“They had been having problems for a while, but this was the final straw for Ariana. She put up with a lot over the years, but she won’t sit back and be disrespected this way”


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This is so sad that Madix found out about his boyfriend’s secret affair while she was supporting him at a Tom Sandoval & the Most Extras show in Los Angeles. Moreover, one insider also stated,

“This has been going on for upwards of 6 months — all the while, Tom was sleeping next to Ariana in bed. She was completely blindsided by this; devastated doesn’t even scratch the surface of how she feels.”

However, the sources say they both are still living together even after the split. The thing about their property will take time to sort.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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