Trace Adkins ex-wife Julie Lauren Curtis Biography, Net Worth, Personal Life, Kids, Height, Gun Shoots

Well, Julie Lauren Curtis lies in the list of people who just came into spotlight after being related to famous personality. She is well-known as the ex-wife of country singer, Trace Adkins. She and her former hubby are in the spotlight for the controversial married life.

Biography of Julie Lauren Curtis

Born and raised in the United State of America, Julie Lauren Curtis has American nationality also belongs to White Caucasian ethnicity. But she is able to keep details of her parents and early life details private. Julie has decent height with dark brown colored hair and  hazel eyes color. 

Julie Lauren Curtis Married Life with Trace Ended in Negative Terms

Julie Lauren Curtis actually second wife of Trace Adkins. The duo knew each other since the year 1989. The couple dated for two years before their marriage. Julie and Trace tied the wedding knot on February 3rd, 1994. 

Their married life didn’t last long unfortunately. Julie divorced with her husband Trace in the year 1994. The duo marriage ended in a negative terms. Also, Julie involved in a heated argument then she shoots at Trace Adkins.

Heated Argument Between The Duo & Gun Shoots Incident

After a heated argument Julie Lauren Curtis  had shot point blank at Trace Adkins in February 1994. The heated argument between the duo related regarding his drinking. But both of them unaware how it ended or turned violent. Then she tried to call his mother but Trace threw down the phone off the wall.

Julie Lauren Curtis grabbed the 38 gun lying on the fridge and aimed at him in angry. Then Adkins tried to scare it from her hands

He recalled:

Who is Julie Ex-Husband Trace First & Present Wife ?

Julie ex-husband Trace Adkins first wife Barbara Lewis. The duo actually a high school lover who got married in the year 1980. From their married life, Trace and Lewis fbecame parents of two daughters. They are  Tarah Adkins and Sarah Adkins. After living 15 years as husband and wife, they divorced in 1995. 

He became friends with the publicity manager, Rhonda Forlaw after divorcing Julie. They finally got married on May 11, 1997. Again he and Rhonda became parents of three daughters, they are Mackenzie Adkins, Brianna Adkins, and Trinity Adkins.

Trace and Rhonda filed for divorce in March 2014 after living together for over 15 years. After rumors of his affairs, Forlaw again filed the divorce case in June 2015. After divorce, Trace married for the 4th time with Canadian actress, Victoria Pratt on 12 October 2019. The duo lavish wedding held at Louisiana.

How Julie Lauren Curtis Ex-Husband Survive after Gun Shoots? 

After shooting incident, Trace survive being bullet went through his heart and both lungs. It nearly killed Adkins. Fortunately, this singer was saved by the health care facility and doctors. But shocking he didn’t press any charges against Julie after that incident.  

Then Trace wrote about the gunshot incident alter in his autobiography.

Also, Adkins had faced several such accidents in his life. At the age of 17, Chevrolet pickup truck hit a school bus head-on in 1955. Trace broke some ribs, had a lung puncture, and his nose was torn off partly after the accident. Also, this singer suffered a debilitating knee injury and could not pursue football as a career while in college at Louisiana Tech.

Net Worth of Julie Lauren Curtis Ex-Husband

As we already mentioned, Julie just rose to spotlight because of her controversial married life with Trace. Other than that, there is no info of this celebrity ex-wife. 

But Julie ex-husband Trace Adkins has an estimated net worth of $19 million. Also, she might received decent sum of money from the divorced settlement. 

Who is Julie Lauren Curtis Ex-Husband? 

Julie prime reason for coming into spotlight because of her relationship with Trace Adkins. So her former husband Tracy Adkins is an American country singer and actor. He started his career with the  album Dreamin’ Out Loud, released on Capitol Records Nashville in 1996. 

He has released ten more studio albums and two Greatest Hits compilations after the start of his professional career. This singer Trace in his long career charted more than 20 singles on the Billboard country music charts, including the Number One hits “This Ain’t No Thinkin’ Thing”, “Ladies Love Country Boys”, “You’re Gonna Miss This”, which peaked in the year 1997, 2007, and 2008, respectively.

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