Travis Barker goes on a tour with Machine Gun Kelly against the doctor’s orders!!

Travis Barker joins the tour of Machine Gun Kelly after certain restraints from this doctor, check out his health updates.

Travis Barker goes on a tour with Machine gun Kelly!!
Travis Barker goes on a tour with Machine gun Kelly!! source-google

Travis Barker joins the tour of Machine Gun Kelly after certain restraints from the doctor after his hospitalization!!

Looks like only one thing that matters to Travis Barker is just playing drums!! With his broken thump, he was present on the tour with Machine Gun Kelly to give a rocking performance. MGK announced that Travis is going to play drums at the concert posting several pictures via his story. He mentioned that Travis is going to be a part of his few days of the “Mainstream Sellout Tour”.

Travis doesn’t care anything about his present condition and MGK definitely doesn’t care!! Despite everything going on with Travis, he played drums along with MGK performing.

“Against his doctor’s orders AND with a broken thumb, I convinced @travisbarker to join us for the last couple days 🤘,”  Machine Gun Kelly captioned his story

MGK posted two pictures of their facetime screenshot, in the second picture, MGk is saying “put your middle finger up if you’ll play LOVE RACE tonight” and Travis is showing his middle finger, MGK writes “Looks like a middle finger”.

One of the screenshot Machine Gun Kelly posted confirming that Travis is going to perform for his last days of tour!!
One of the screenshots Machine Gun Kelly posted confirms that Travis is going to perform for his last days of the tour!!

 Barker further reposted his Instagram stories and also promoted his limited edition merch. He announced that his merchandise will go on sale from the August 10 show in St. Louis. Well, it is not just the first time that Travis did not obey his doctors. It was just last month when Travis suffered from life-threatening pancreatitis and he performed just a few weeks after that.  He is just too carefree!!

“You know a fun fact is that Travis is not supposed to be playing drums right now but guess what he’s doing here? Playing drums right now!” the singer announced

“Trav, I know we agreed to one song but I would be remised if I did not ask you to play ‘one more song.’”


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Don’t Forget To Checkout The Exclusive News On Gossipybio>>>>The Blink-182 drummer, Travis Barker returns to stage for the first time at the Machine Gun Kelly show post-hospitalization! 

Travis Braker was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on June 28th via ambulance and his wife Kourtney was by his side. He was hospitalized for excruciating pancreatitis. The pancreas is responsible for digestion and regulating blood and sugar so that the organ got inflamed. Travis wrote a long note in his Instagram story sharing his experience in detail.

“I went in for an endoscopy Monday feeling great,” Barker wrote on his Instagram Story. “But, after dinner, I developed excruciating pain and have been hospitalized ever since.

He mentioned that during an endoscopy he had a small cyst removed which led to a damaging pancreatic drainage tube. And that led to this severe pancreatitis. That sounds scary!!

During the endoscopy, I had a very small polyp removed right in a very sensitive area, usually handled by specialists, which unfortunately damaged a critical pancreatic drainage tube. This resulted in severe, life-threatening pancreatitis.”

After this life-threatening experience, Travis returned back to the stage for his performance first time after he was hospitalized. MGK introduced Travis to the crowd as someone he grew up idolizing and he became friends with him. His wish was to jam with him for the songs they created and they played “Bloody Valentine” and “Tickets to My Downfall”.  The latest show with Machine Gun Kelly is also one of his shows in a while.

We just hope Travis Barker takes more care of himself and listens to his doctors more seriously!!


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