Travis Scott praises his girlfriend Kylie Jenner for “throwing that ass down”

Travis Scott praises Kylie Jenner in a rare post before deleting it from his account!!

Kylie Jenner and travis scott
Kylie Jenner says 9-year-old son's name is officially Wolf on the birth certificate despite changing into his real name!! source-google

Travis Scott praises Kylie Jenner for “Throwing the ass down” in a rare post before deleting it from his account!!

Travis Scott thanks Kylie Jenner as she cooks brunch for him on Father’s day in a rare Instagram post. On Sunday, he showed how much he appreciates her cooking on the occasion of father’s day.

He wrote in his Instagram story saying, “Shawty in here throwing that s–t down,”. In the picture, he is at Kylie’s backside, which he snapped while she was working over the oven. The 24-year-old Jenner was wearing a white tank top and some tie-color pants. The dress that flaunted her curves in the snap, was caught by The Neighborhood Talk.

While it is very unclear when Travis deleted the post, Jenner made sure it is a very special day for him and made sure to celebrate with him on the day. She cooked a delicious meal for the father of her two kids.

The reality TV star gushed over a photo showing Travis lying down in the bed eating noodles. The media and fans guessed that it is probable that Jenner made the noodles for her love.

In the heartwarming image, the 4-years-old daughter Stormi was asleep next to him and the small boy (name not confirmed yet) was sleeping on his chest while he feeding the noodles.

Kylie captioned the post with “happy father’s day daddyyyyy we love you 🤎”. In the picture, they are swaddled in the white blanket, and the small boy is covered with the brown heart emoji. Scott commented, L❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️EEE YAAAA 🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎.

Travis Scott praises Kylie Jenner in a rare post before deleting it from his account!!
Travis Scott praises Kylie Jenner in a rare post before deleting it from his account!!

Don’t Forget To Checkout>>>>Kylie Jenner Shares a rare glimpse of her son on Father’s Day, In honor of her boyfriend Travis Scott.

The adorable photo gave us a rare look into the couple’s new life as a family of four. The public is now seeing more of the Kylie Jenner family! The mother of two gave fans a second look at her little son while paying homage to Travis Scott on Father’s Day.

Jenner, 24, doesn’t frequently show off her son, although she has posted a few images of his hands and feet. Fans and other celebrities alike took notice of the new photo that showed her growing son’s entire physique.

It just wouldn’t feel right to post anything when we don’t have an official name, she said, adding that she and her partner Scott, 31, were “in the process” of formally altering the name.

“I knew the second I signed the birth certificate that I was probably going to change his name,” the founder of Kylie Cosmetics remarked. She admitted it just didn’t suit him.

Jenner will “reveal his name when she’s ready,” a source previously told PEOPLE.

“Although Kylie and Travis liked the name Wolf, they thought that it didn’t suit their kid after getting to know him more. They wished to select the ideal name that they would both adore, “

In an Instagram Story post from April, Jenner first provided fans, with a glimpse of her weight gain and subsequent weight loss journey she experienced with her second pregnancy.

Jenner has recently started sharing updates on her fitness progress on Instagram, telling fans that she is still going to the gym four months after giving birth. Jenner tweeted that she “gained 60lbs again this pregnancy” before claiming that she is currently “down 40lbs.”

The businesswoman continued by saying she was “just trying to be healthy and patient,” adding that she had been experimenting with walking, pilates, and more exercise.

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