Victoria Beckham Says she’s ‘never had a nose job,’ Its all Contour Trick instead!

During a YouTube conversation with cosmetics artist Charlotte Tilbury, Victoria Beckham discussed the speculation about plastic surgery

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham denies nose jobs accusation source: closer

Just in time for the holiday season, Victoria Beckham is dispensing some cosmetic advice.

Victoria Beckham described the contouring technique she does on her nose as “the nose trick,” which has led many to believe the former Spice Girls member has undergone a nose operation.

The Spice Girls singer recently appeared in a new YouTube video with cosmetic artist Charlotte Tilbury to celebrate the holidays. In the film, Beckham also offers makeup advice and debunks allegations that she has an artificial nose.

David Beckham’s beloved spoke with the makeup artist in the video. “In Conversation with Victoria Beckham: Beauty Gifting Secrets” is about the fun of giving beauty goods. As well as how each of them has dealt with rumors of plastic surgery over the years.

The “Wannabe” singer said she could connect to Tilbury when she said that after spotting her hidden “nose trick” contour, some people have inquired whether she’s “had a nose job.”

“People have also said that I’ve had a nose job,” SinGer shared. “Never had a nose job. I’ve always had a nose like this. It is the nose trick.”

Also, applying her brand’s “Filmstar Bronze and Glow Contour Duo” ($29) along the sides of the nose, creating “a line down the center” with a highlighter. And finishing with “a little dot” are the steps in the makeup technique that Tilbury showed on the pop star.


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After praising her own Victoria Beckham Beauty “Matte Bronzing Brick”  for contouring and bronzing, Beckham, who recently reconnected with her Spice Girls friends, gave Tilbury a customized compact of her own.

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Tilbury exclaimed about the advantages of sharing things with other women! “You go, ‘Oh my god! I can give you bigger, brighter eyes, I’ll give you my amazing Beautiful Skin Radiant Concealer and you’ll just have an eye lift and a face lift’.”

“Do you do surgery as well Charlotte? Because I’m loving what you’re saying,” Posh Spice said in response.

Moreover, the two continued to discuss other favored products, including the “Very Victoria” ($34) lipstick that was named after the fashion designer.

The fashion and beauty mogul went up about getting breast implants in 2017 when she published an open letter to her 18-year-old self for British Vogue, despite the fact that she claims her nose hasn’t undergone surgery.

“I should probably say, don’t mess with your boobs,” she wrote. “All those years I denied it – stupid. A sign of insecurity. Just celebrate what you’ve got.”


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According to Beckham’s attitude on beauty in her forties, it’s not about striving to be someone you’re not.

“I don’t think skincare is about trying to look younger,” she gushed. “It’s about looking like the best version of yourself and embracing who you are and looking polished and gorgeous.”

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