Want to know what Jennifer Garner was doing when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were tying the knot??

Jennifer Garner was spotted doing some shopping at “The Sam’s Club” when on the other side her ex-husband Ben Affleck got married twice!

Jennifer Garner was shopping when her ex-husband Ben got married!!
Jennifer Garner was shopping when her ex-husband Ben got married!! source-google

Jennifer Garner was shopping at Sam’s Club when Ben Affleck tied the knot for the second time with Jennifer Lopez!

The former Mrs. Affleck, Jennifer Garner was pleased to shop at Sam’s club while on the other side her ex-husband married Jennifer Lopez twice! The store is located in South Charleston and she was present there at around 4 pm on Saturday.

Jennifer wore a casual blue t-shirt, stripped linen pants, and sneakers for the day. With her, in middle, she had her father and boyfriend John Miller.

Jennifer is very humble she even posed for a fan. She was in the market around the same time when the nuptials took place in Georgia.


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Jennifer Garner was the only one who laid back for the wedding. Otherwise, her three kids 16-years-old Violet, 13-years-old Seraphina, and 10-years-old Samuel were present at the wedding as the major guest. They witness the marriage of their father on lavish property.

It was already in the news that Garner would not attend the ceremony due to the ongoing conflicts between the two exes.

The three-day festival of the intimate celebration of Affleck and Lopez began after having dinner on Friday. But then Ben’s mother was rushed to the hospital for a leg injury and on Sunday she was there at the wedding.

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A very close friend and life coach of Jennifer Lopez Jay Shetty officiate the Lopez and Affleck’s wedding. Meanwhile, they hired Colin Cowie to plan the luxury event which was supposed to be perfection, according to the people.

Colin was the one who received the task to organize everything at the wedding. He also works with Oprah often. He normally charges in the range of $25K- $25 million. For these three days of festivities, Colin charged around $400K for the three-day event.

There was tight security for almost 50 hours at the wedding, the wedding venue was properly sealed by the security personnel to protect the VIP guests.

According to the reports, the estimate was that almost 150 guests arrived at the wedding and they were handover with the secret “Winston Birthday”.

They hosted a BBQ picnic party at the lavish villa of Ben in Georgia.

A lot of the celebrities were present at the ceremony including the brother of Matt Damon, Kyle Damon, and his wife, and the officiator Jay Shetty and his wife, Luciana Barroso, other guests like Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, and his wife, Jordon Monsanto, Patrick Whitesell, and Pia Miller.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben married again in an intimate ceremony in Georgia!
Jennifer Lopez and Ben married again in an intimate ceremony in Georgia!

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Jennifer Lopez also invited her close friends Leah Remini, and Drea de Matteo as well. The 5 children of Jennifer and Ben were the main guests at the wedding.

They were always together with their parents during their secret wedding and as well as their honeymoon.

For her second marriage, Jennifer wore a gown by Ralph Lauren made in Italy. The people at the wedding had the theme of all-white. With the drone shot, it was looking like the petals of the flowers fall on the ground.

Moreover, for her first secret marriage, she wore a dress she saved from the ages designed by Zuhair Murad. She actually slayed two dresses at her wedding, the other dress was by Alexander McQueen.


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Hearty congratulations to the new couple for their wedding! And we are also happy to see Jennifer Garner in all smiles.

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