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Which is the most expensive Beanie Banies? Most Valuable Beanie Babies and their Designs!


Beanie Babies
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American businessman H. Ty Warner, who also founded the Beanie Babies line of toy animals, founded Ty Inc. in 1986. Plastic pellets are utilized to stuff the toys instead of the more customary soft stuffing. They assume a variety of shapes, mainly animal shapes.

Beanie Babies | Design

Beanie Babies are understaffed on purpose. The toys were criticized for appearing “cheap” because they could not be easily posed, unlike the majority of stuffed animals on the market. A fabric “tush tag” and a heart-shaped “swing tag” have traditionally been attached to Beanie Babies as identifying tags. Both tags got a comprehensive makeover over time.

Between 1994 and 1996, the swing tags’ “To” and “From” blanks were meant to be filled in with gifts. Beginning in early 1996, the tags included four-line poems about the Beanie Baby and its birthdate.

The late 2000s saw the emergence of character-inspired Beanie Babies from Nickelodeon, DreamWorks, and Paramount children’s properties.

These included figurines from Nickelodeon television programs such SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Blue’s Clues, and The Backyardigans as well as figurines from DreamWorks Animation movies like Shrek the Third and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

Shopping can be done through the website: Ty Shop

Most Expensive Beanie Babies

1. Large Wallace and his Squad – $600,000

Large Wallace and his Squad
Large Wallace and his Squad

It is the most costly beanie baby ever made, according to the list. Similar to the 15-inch and 9-inch peace bears, this duo is a great value.

For $600,000, you can receive two Wallaces in the standard size, Cashew, and Huggy, as well as a rare large-sized Wallace. Beyond their exclusivity, nothing else significantly raises their value.

2. Princess the Bear – $500,000

Princess the Bear
Princess the Bear

The most costly Beanie Baby is Ty’s, Princess Bear. In October 1997, the Princess Bear—also referred to as the Princess Diana Bear—was made available. Deep purple Princess Bears include a purple ribbon and a white rose symbol.

When looking at real completed transaction prices, the most expensive Beanie Baby sold online was Ty’s Princess Bear for $20,000. On eBay, the transaction happened in November 2022.

3. 15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones – $159,000

15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones
15-inch Peace bear and 9-inch Peace, Ringo and Bones

The two largest beanie Peace bears in the world, at 15 inches and 9 inches, are among the three most expensive ones available.

This pair, with their remarkable psychedelic coloration and the peace symbol on both of them, would look amazing in a true collector’s collection.

4. Bubbles – $129,000


It, which made its debut in 1996, rapidly became quite well-liked.

Afterward, it experienced a variety of updates and modifications, however, these changes came with a number of unique issues. Because of these errors, bubbles have become very expensive, and the ones with the defects on the tush tags made in 1996 are definitely worth it.

5. Piccadilly Attic – $125,000

Piccadilly Attic
Piccadilly Attic

The fifth-placed item is a clown beanie bear, which many kids would find “frightening.”

If you can get over his creepiness and focus on his other qualities, Piccadilly Attic is a no-brainer for any collector.

Clowns aren’t the most popular item among youngsters, so perhaps Ty shouldn’t have made him back then.

6. Batty $125,000


The Batty Beanie Baby by Ty in October 1997. He was immediately recognized because of the velcro strips applied to his wings. As of right now, he is the only Beanie Baby sold in this way.

The discontinued Batty versions had tag errors. Some lucky collectors’ rare Batty Beanie Babies could be worth up to $125,000.

7. Jolly the Walrus $75,000

Jolly the Walrus
Jolly the Walrus

It is currently one of the most expensive Ty Beanie Babies available, despite not being made accessible until 1997.

The full whiskers, tiny beaded eyes, and grayish-brown body may be simple to find endearing. However, this rare Beanie Baby can cost up to $75,000.

8. Lefty Donkey / Righty Elephant $50,000

Lefty Donkey / Righty Elephant
Lefty Donkey / Righty Elephant

They are two popular beanies among beanie baby collectors.

In 2006, a talented worker and loving father were able to persuade Hillary to sign a set of beanies for his daughters. It shouldn’t be shocking that given the worth of Mrs. Clinton’s signature, collectors would be willing to pay $50,000 for it.

9. Valentino the Bear – $42,300

Valentino the Bear
Valentino the Bear

Ty Beanie Baby collectors fell in love with Valentino when they first appeared in 1995. The crimson heart patch and neck ribbon that the white bear is sporting are both red.

Rare, genuine Valentino Bears have fetched prices as high as $42,000.

10. Millennium Bear – $30,000

Millennium Bear
Millennium Bear

It makes sense that a company that gained popularity in the middle of the 1990s would introduce an iconic bear to mark the start of the new millennium.

This Ty Beanie is perfect for collectors because it features the symbol of a world with a rising sun and 2,000 characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Beanie Babies sell at such a premium?

The rarity of the stuffed animals that attract higher costs and make a specific animal harder to find can be attributed to a small run size, an early edition, a spelling error, or a name change.

How can I tell whether I have a unique Beanie Baby?

The rarest and most distinctive beanie baby generations are the first, second, and third. On the other hand, beanie babies of every kind were mass-produced in the millions, flooding the market. As collections, these beanies aren’t all that valuable.

Are Beanie Babies still worthless?

Beanie Babies without tags are valued 30% less than those with tags. It’s funny because beanie babies are now essentially useless.

What do you think?

Written by Aoife Jacobs

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