Why is Natalie Portman upset while with her husband Benjamin Millepied and kids? Read this article to know more!

Natalie Portman was captured seeming off in a recent outing with her husband and kids after the alleged affair rumors!

Natalie Portman upset while with her husband and kids!
Natalie Portman upset while with her husband and kids! source-google

Natalie Portman was looking distressed in the park outing with her husband and their kids. Everyone suspects it to be because of the alleged affair!

In a recent outing with the family, Natalie Portman was seen pretty upset which was captured by the paparazzi. On Saturday Natalie and her husband Benjamin were sitting on the bench and she was giving a pretty stressed and anxious look. Not just that, cameramen also were able to capture the wipe of tears at a point.

Though it was not sure she was crying as it hid with her cat-eye sunglasses. She also put her head down on the bench where her husband was looking at her. It seemed like they were having a serious conversation which led to her sad reaction.

The couple was spotted for the first time after the rumor spread that Benjamin was having an affair with Camille Etienne. In any marriage, it is tough to accept a husband cheating on his woman especially when they have children together. Also, in a piece of exclusive news, Benjamin was trying very hard to save his drowning marriage.


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Benjamin is trying hard to save his marriage after Natalie discovered that he is cheating on her. The couple got married in 2012 and just got separated last year. But still, they were managing to be together but after this affair, it seems to be breaking.

From certain sources, we got to know that they have not split yet and still working on their relationship.

“They have not split and are trying to work things out,” a source mentioned.

“Ben is doing everything he can to get Natalie to forgive him. He loves her and their family.”


The source also revealed that Natalie is very private with her life and she is just focusing more on protecting her kids from all these problems. Any mother would do that so that it doesn’t affect their children.

Natalie and Benjamin are trying hard to reconcile their marriage which doesn't seem like working out!
Natalie and Benjamin are trying hard to reconcile their marriage which doesn’t seem like working out!

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Some magazines shared pictures of Benjamin and Étienne going to the same office on May 24. The alleged pair came outside 10 mins apart after two hours of spending time together. Even though they were trying hard to hide it but it did not escape the vulture-eyed media. The same magazine also alleged Benjamin of having an affair and spending a lot of time together.

Then in early March, Natalie got to know about her husband’s affair. During the time the actress was in Paris. The connection between the seems pretty off though. Natalie on the side was spotted watching a soccer match between Paris Saint Germain and Clermont Foot 63 at the Parc des Princes stadium.

She was also seen catching up with her friends when they were watching the 2023 French Open. In the tennis tournament, we could see that she is wearing her wedding ring as well.

On the other hand, Benjamin was spotted solo. He attended the movie screening of his first movie “Carment”, while Natalie was not present.

The couple first met during the set of the movie “Black Swan”. And the movie was choreographed by Benjamin. Three years after that incident and they tied the knot in California in 2012. The couple also share two beautiful children, a 12-year-old son Aleph and a 6-year-old daughter Amalia.

More details on the case will be soon revealed by Gossipybio stay tuned for the same.

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