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Winky Wrights
merican former professional boxer who competed from 1990 to 2012. Source: Google

Ronald Lamont “Winky” Wright is a former professional boxer from the United States who competed from 1990 to 2012. He is a two-time world champion at light middleweight and will be the last to hold the undisputed title.

Early life and Family

On November 25, 1971, in the nation’s capital of Washington, the well-known box creator Winky Wright was born. Winky was brought up by his single mother and his maternal grandparents.

Additionally, his grandmother named him Winky because when he was a baby, he used to Link at people. Last but not least, Winky grew up with his uncle Byron, who was two months older than he was.

Not only were Winky and Winnie connected by their nicknames, but also by their hearts.

They were best friends before they could walk because they were raised in the same home.

Sadly, Winky’s grandfather abruptly relocated the family to St. Petersburg, Florida, upending the lives of Winky and Winne.

Wright, who was only 15 years old at the time, was not pleased with the change in scenery.

Winky once wandered into Birmingham’s gym after basketball practice because she was bored.


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Body Measurements, Height, and Weight

Winky Wright is approximately 72 kg and 5 ft 10 in tall. He obviously had and still has a good physique. In a similar vein, Winky had always been very athletic.

Winky also has gorgeous black hair and brown eyes. In terms of his natal horoscope, Winky is a Sagittarius.

Those born under this sign are frequently ambitious, fun-loving, and hard-working.

Wright is a very ambitious and hardworking individual. He wouldn’t be where he is now if it weren’t for his perseverance, commitment, and love of boxing.

Professional Career

Early Years

Winky Wright started his career at the age of 15. He had a record of 65-7 when he started his career.

Even though Winky was a skilled fighter, major promoters initially refused to support him.

Finally, Winky and the Acaries brothers, who are based in France, agreed to a fight against Darryl Lattimore.

It was a pivotal moment in Wright’s professional life. Wright knocked Lattimore to the ground three times during that fight, which ended the action.

Following the fight with Lattimore, Wright engaged in a series of fights throughout Europe. Wright unexpectedly wins eight straight matches in France, Germany, Monte Carlo, etc.


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First Title Match

Prior to 1994, he only engaged in minor fights because he was never given the chance to compete in title fights.

But on August 21, 1994, Wright faced Julio Cesar Vasquez in his first title fight for the WBA light-middleweight title.

Sadly, Winky was unable to prevail in that contest because he had never engaged in a battle that lasted longer than eight rounds.

However, following the match’s widespread viewing, numerous headlines alleged that it was an unfair contest.

According to many, Winky lost the second, seventh, and ninth rounds as well as the twelfth round (twice) by unanimous decision.


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However, after Julio won the match via knockdowns, it raised controversy.

Wright would have needed to score multiple knockdowns to win the match, so Julio will triumph regardless of what happens in the match.

Wright didn’t give up though, and in 1995 he competes for the championship. Fortunately, Winky defeats Tony Marshall in the contest by unanimous decision.

Winning WBO Title

Winky was very active in fighting in Europe in the mid-1990s. Eventually, though, he was given a shot at the WBO light-middleweight title after defeating Andrew’s legal team in 1996.

Furthermore, Winky did well in that match. He defeats Bronco Eckart in a split decision to win the championship.

Wright successfully defended his title on several occasions, including twice in Manchester and three times in London.

But in South Africa, he is defeated by the unbeaten Harry Simon and drops the world championship.

IBF champion

The IBF light middleweight title became vacant when Felix Trinidad moved up to the middleweight class. Wright wins the championship by defeating Rober Frazier.

Wright makes his National Television Las Vegas debut in 2003 and defeats Carlos Canelo in a title match, taking the victory by unanimous decision.

Later Years

From 2009 to 2010, Winky Wright gave it his all in almost every fight and came out on top.

However, things started to alter in 2011. Winky was not doing well in his matches; in spite of his best efforts, he was losing a lot of games.

He finally announces his retirement in 2012 after losing a match to Peter Quillin. This led to a good boxer retiring that day, which saddened many of his fans and well-wishers.


After retiring, Winky considers attempting something novel. He did, however, start working in movies in 2004, so he chooses to keep the glamour industry going.

Additionally, Winky has acted in three films and television shows: The Jury, State Property 2, and Loren Cass.

Winky has also appeared in a music video for Busta Rhymes. His record label is owned by his curettage.

Because of this, his fans can still see him in a variety of projects even though he retired from boxing.

Net Worth and Income

It makes sense why Winky has a large income. The only source of income he has ever received to a significant degree is boxing.

He has appeared in a number of films and television shows in addition to boxing, and he also endorses a number of products.

Winky Wright has a $44 million net worth. He also has a record company called “Pound 4 Pound Records.”

He also supports a number of other companies, including State Property, Rocawear, Vitamin Water, and Reebok.

Even better, Winky runs his own advertising agency called Winky Promotions.

Relationship Status| Married with Children

Winky Wright wed Sayquana Barney, his longtime partner, in 2009. He is currently trying to spend as much time as possible with his wife. He also has a son and a grandson, in a similar manner.

Winky is a private person, though. He would rather keep his personal matters private. As a result, there aren’t many updates on him and his wife.

However, there hasn’t been any word of any disputes among them, so it’s clear they lead contented lives.

Social Media

Instagram : 72K followers

Twitter: 26.1K Followers

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How is Winky Wright currently acting?

Currently, Winky Wrights is very busy running his own company.

Has Winky Wright ever had a grandchild?

There is a grandson of Winky. On social media, he posted a photo of his grandson.

Quick Facts

Name Ronald Lamont “Winky” Wright
Birthdate November 26, 1971
Birthplace Washington D.C, United States
Age 50 Years Old
Nationality  American 
Ethnicity  Multiracial 
Father’s Name Unknown 
Mother’s Name Unknown 
Professional  Retired professional boxer
Total Fights 58
Win-loss-draw Record 51-6-1
Nickname Winky
Height 5 ft. 10 inches
Weight  72 kg
Weights Lightweight, Middleweight, Light Heavyweight 
Stance Southpaw
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Shoe Size Unknown
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius 
Net worth  $8 million 
Achievement Two times Light middleweight champion (undisputed)
Salary N.A
Started Career  1999
Retired  2012
Hall of Fame 2017
World’s best active boxer  #2
Sexual Orientation  Straight 
Married  Yes
Spouse Sayquana Barney
Children  1
Siblings  No
Social Media  InstagramTwitter



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