Kenan Thompson joked that Zendaya was “too old” to date Leonardo DiCaprio as she turned 26 recently! Check out the details!

I mean you’re young enough to play a high school student, but you’re too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio,” says Kenan at Emmys 2022

Kenan Thompson made joke of Leonardo while wishing Zendaya a happy birthday source: First Curiosity

Zendaya attended Emmys 2022 on Monday and the host of the award show, Kenan Thompson trolled Leonardo DiCaprio based on Zendaya’s age. He joked that DiCaprio wouldn’t date her cause she is 26 years recently.

Zendaya recently became 26 years old on September 1. Recently, she attended the award show for her role in the hit HBO show, “Euphoria.”

Kenan Thompson who is the host and cast member of “SNL” joked about Leonardo DiCaprio’s recent breakup with his longtime pal, Camilla Morrone. What did Kenan say? Well everyone is curious to know what actually happened at the Emmys 2022 award show.

Recently, Leonardo broke up with Camilla and the reason for their breakup is assumed to be the age difference. Similarly, Camilla is 23 years older than Leonardo DiCaprio and recently she returned to 26 years old.

So, people joked that Caprio broke up with Morrone after she turned 26. His previous relationship was also with girls who were below 25.


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The Holywood superstar dated Kate Moss, Helena Christensen, Naomi Campbell, Bar Refaeli, Nina Agdal, and Gisele Bündchen until the year 2005. And, when he dated these girls they were all below 25 years.

Therefore, Kenan Thompson wished Zendaya a happy birthday and joked saying,

“Zendaya just turned 26 last week, happy birthday. Twenty-six is a weird age in Hollywood. I mean you’re young enough to play a high school student, but you’re too old to date Leonardo DiCaprio.”


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He said this statement looking at Zendaya who was sitting at his side among the crowd. Well, everyone laughed at Kena’s joke while Zendaya hide her face in her hands awkwardly laughing.

Though, she is currently in a relationship with “Spider-Man: No Way Home” co-star, Tom Holland for years. Their relationship rumors spread in the year 2017 and in the year 2021, the duo was spotted kissing in the car. After that, they confirmed their relationship.

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Wanna Know More?

Zendaya played a role in the American teen drama television program, Euphoria as Rue Bennett. People really love Rue as the character was fighting a battle to find her place in the world. Similarly, the show features dark elements of drugs and trauma.

Due to Zendaya’s hard work, she is the first black actress to win the award twice. As she previously has won Drama Actress trophy. She truly deserves to win the award.


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Going back to Leonardo DiCaprio and Camilla Morrone’s breakup, people tweeted making trolls of them and their age difference. Even, when they were in a relationship, many people used to make fun of them. Likewise, one Twitter user tweeted,

“Leonardo Dicaprio when his girlfriends reach 25 years of age.”

Furthermore, Camilla defended in an interview that the age difference doesn’t matter in love. Moreover, she said,

“There are so many relationships in Hollywood — and in the history of the world — where people have large age gaps. I just think anyone should be able to date who they want to date.”

Meanwhile, another one trolled,

“Maybe Leonardo DiCaprio feels bad for all the women who can’t rent a car until they are 25 and is actually a really good guy. did that ever occur to you.”

However, both are them are enjoying their own company, and seems like they have moved on.

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Written by Keshaa Perry

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